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Totem Review

 So I've played Totem for a few days now and it is a pretty well made strategy game. There are a variety of game modes including Conquest, Adventure and PvP (1v1 and 2v2). I struggled a bit around levels 18 and 19, but currently I am at level 22. If you want to play an in-depth strategy game with a low time commitment, you should give Totem a try. Here are some things I learned while playing this game.

#1. Save Your Soul Cards
The Soul Cards in Totem are Human, Tula'an and Orc Cards. Soul Cards are used to create Unit Cards that you obtain as you play Totem. The rarer the Unit Card, the more Soul Cards you will need. For example, Basic Units require 1 Soul Card, Magical Units require 6-8, Superior Units require 12 and more powerful Units require even more souls. You can get these Soul Cards from PvP, Special Events, Quests, the Mystery Shop, the Store and Adventures.

#2. Get Your Coins

Coins are used for buying things at the Mystery Shop, Upgrading Units, Forging/Enhancing Gear etc. You can get more coins by completing quests, adventuring, totem exchange, click "Get Coins" at the top of your screen, selling unwanted items etc. Make sure to take advantage of the daily freebies at the top right of your screen. I didn't realize this until a few days in of playing Totem.

#3. Focus On Leveling Up If Stuck
As I mentioned before, I was stuck and couldn't get any further through the game at level 18 and even level 19. However, I replayed lower level adventures for more EXP and once I reached level 20 I got a superior unit as a quest reward. The next superior unit I got was at adventure level 35 when I got a Superior Unit Box as a random reward. In order to progress, you need to Fuse rare Units with less rare units, Forge/Upgrade Equipment and keep leveling up and keep obtaining better unit cards.

#4. Low Time Commitment
You can actually simulate adventures and conquests by Raiding. You just have to spend energy (Gained at a rate of 5 energy every 30 minutes) and you can Raid while you're offline. Rewards will be given to you after the Raids have been completed. Usually the Raids take 30 minutes to an Hour depending on how much Energy you choose to spend.

Thanks for reading!

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