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Totem FAQ

Totem FAQ by MasterLotus

Question: Is this a free to play game?
Answer: Yes its free browser game.

Question: Is this a Pay To Win?
Answer: No, you can get all sort of things, without spending real money.

Question: What is max level in this game?
Answer: 50 level is max.

Question: How long it takes to win the game?
Answer: If you gonna play daily and will use 2 different EXP scrolls, it will take like 30 days to get max level. You can still improve your army further.

Question: What is a difference between races choice?
Answer: There is none, your starting race choice will not change anything.

Question: What is the differents between units of different races?
Answer: Tulaans have faster attack speed, but less damage and their summon cost is lowest; Orcs have strong attack and medium attack speed; Humans have strong physical armor and medium attack speed. Some units have slow attack speed, for exemple - Humans Cannon.

Question: What is the best units combo?
Answer: Good combos are: Cannon + Steamsmith to heal Cannon + Chief with Mock skill to switch enemy focus from cannon.
Also good combo is Bloodzerker or Bloodwolf + Dawn Priest since they can heal out a lot + Sapper. But you can make your own perfect combo.

Question: What is the best spells?
Answer: The most usefull spells are: Root, Teleport, Ice Cell, Freeze, in late game Enfeeble.

Question: How to get guild quests?
Answer: First you must find and join guild, to participate in quests. You cant do same quest twice per day. If you will pick some quest and finish it in another day - you will not be able to pick another one of same kind untill next daily reset.

Question: I have a guild and my level is 15+, but i cant see blue Guild Quest button.
Answer: Thats because you have comleted all guild quest for today.

Question: Can i move my items inside inventory?
Answer: No, but you can arrange them.

Question: When is daily reset of game stuff?
Answer: Server time is GMT-8, all things reset daily (once per day).
9-PM (21:00) is reset time for: Guild Quests, Get Coins, Rewards, Booty Cards, Totem Exchange, Arena Honor Bonus, Experience bonus.
12-PM (00:00) is reset time for Arena Daily Champions.
5-AM (5:00) is reset time for Daily Quests, Amplification and Free Store.

: What are "Stone" and "Magical Stone" for?
Answer: You can use them to increase your points gained from amplification.

Question: How can i get Naga or Undead units/race?
Answer: You cannot get them right now, only NPC mobs (non player characters) have those creatures.

Question: Where should i spend my Tokens?
Answer: The best way is to buy additional inventory and "Mystery Shop" slots. Also, you can spend them for "Totem Exchange" to get some coins per day, first three daily clicks are cheap.

Question: How many inventory slots i can expand?
Answer: As many, as you want.

Question: Where can i get blue/superior, pink/epic and orange/legendary units?
Answer: Superior and Epic units can be brought from "Guild Shop", "Mystery Shop", "Store", won in "Guild Lottery" and you can win them in conquest (Blue box stage 35+, Pink 60+, Orange 90+). Legendary units can appear in Mystery Shop with very little chance.

: What will happen if i fail fusion?
Answer: You will lose ammount of coins required to fuse, regardless of result, also your units are safe upon fail.

Question: What will happen if i fail Skill Swap?
Answer: You will lose unit with sacrificed skill, regradless of Skill Swap result, but your main unit will be fine (main one, is on the left side).

Question: How can i level up my unit skills?
Answer: You cant do that - but you can swap strongest skills from another unit to the current one. You can swap only between units of same type. One unit cant have two skills of same type.

Question: What is Honor?
Answer: Its your arena battles reputation. The more you have - the more coins you get from "Get Coins" daily.

Question: What is Medals?
Answer: Its a guild experience, used to upgrade guild level. Upgrading guild - means making more free slots for newcomers as well as increasing your daily guild "Get Coins" salary.

Question: What is Guild Reputation?
Answer: Its special points needed to increse your relationship with current guild. When you reach certain point - you will increase your relationship level. The bigger is your level - the more "Lottery Spins" you can get per day and the more "guild shop" things will be available.

Question: What is Favor?
Answer: Its special guild currency, you can spend it to buy items in "Guild Shop", to participate in "Guild Lottery" or to exchange them for "Guild Reputation".

Question: What is Cyphon?
Answer: You can find this red button under "Units" tab near "Arrange" button. 3 Times per day you can use Cyphon to sacrifice units in exchange for gold - white units will bring you 2000 gold per Cyphon, green units 3000.

Question: What is Booty Card?
Answer: Those cards will increase your arena PvP gold income (1 card per battle, regradless of win/lose result). You will get much bigger rewards for 2vs2 if you still have Booty Cards. You will gain 12 cards per day. If you havent used all cards from previous day - they will just "burn" upon daily refresh, you gonna lose them.

Question: What can i get from guild lottery?
Answer: You can get: EXP, Coins, Scrolls, Potions, Unit Souls, Booty Cards, Stones, Gems, Tokens, also you can get Units (after you reach friendly reputation rank - you will get Superior units only).

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