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Offensive Combat Gameplay Tips

 Offensive Combat Gameplay Tips by Bongin

General Gameplay Tips:
(Offensive Combat is a fast paced First Person Shooter.  The gameplay in the game is similar to that of other popular FPS such as Quake, Unreal Tournament, and Halo.)

Players should be constantly moving at all points of the game.  Standing still is a quick way to get picked off by enemy snipers or SCAB users.  Spamming jump in close range fights can throw off the aim of your opponents.  Familiarize yourself with tactics involving jumping at the different distances.  Your own aim needs some adjustment as well when you are spamming jump, so the sooner you start doing it the sooner you will learn how to compensate for this tactic!  Monitor your sprint meter so you can dart in and out of high threat zones quickly.  Always sprint when traveling long distances.  It is much harder to hit a player who is sprinting than one who is just walking.  Remember, scoping in will significantly reduce your movement speed.

Health Regeneration
It is important to remember that you regenerate health after not being hit for a period of time (5-10 seconds).  If you are low on health from a previous firefight, it may be wise to stay in a safe area to regen health before running around again.  It is always better to engage a fight at full health than half health!

Kill Times & Cover
Kill times in Offensive Combat are longer than many other games.  What this means is that effective use of cover at medium-long ranges can frequently deny your opponent a kill.  If you are getting low on health, it may be beneficial to dart into a building or behind a rock.  This can deny the player shooting at you for a kill.  Utilizing this tactic in conjunction with your knowledge of the Health Regen mechanic can save you from a lot of deaths.  When doing this, BEWARE OF NADES.  Players will often followup their shots with a grenade toss if they lose line of sight.

Secondary vs Primary Weapon Usage
Secondaries in this game generally provide a higher DPS than their primary counterparts.  This is a unique gameplay mechanic to Offensive Combat.  Don't think you are gimped at close ranges because you are using a secondary.  In fact, think exactly the opposite!  If you know you are going to be engaging in a close quarters battle it is probably smart to switch to your secondary weapon.  Do this effectively and watch your opponents HP melt!

It is crucial to any FPS game that you become familiar with the map as quickly as possible.  Try to move around as much as possible any time you are playing on a new map.  This will allow you to learn the basic layout of the map more quickly!  Pay attention to where your team is, listen for gunfire, and watch the kill feed!  If you see that your team is dying in a certain area and still hear gunfire coming from that spot there is a good chance an enemy is there.  Use your knowledge of where he is and go kill him while he doesn't know you are coming!  Wearing headphones or a headset can greatly improve your soundplay.  I suggest new players always do this when playing new games!  Look at the minimap frequently!  If you know you are in a safe spot, looking at the minimap for red arrows will let you know where the enemy team is.  Blue arrows are your team mates!

Last Ditch Effort
There are many instances in Offensive Combat where you are pretty sure you are going to die.  There are two different mindsets in how to deal with these situations.  Many players simply run away and hope they don't die.  I am here to tell you that this is not a good habit to get in.  Sure, you might get away once in a while, but you will still die the majority of the time and accomplish nothing along the way.

I prefer to use a move of desperation in these circumstances.  My go to move is to throw a grenade at the feet of the person running towards me.  A decent amount of the time the person will continue running forwards and the grenade will peg them killing them instantly.  Doing this to an enemy demoralizes them, and it is one of the most satisfying things to do as a player in OC.  Another strategy would be to use movement as much as possible in an attempt to get close and knife them.  Landing a knife hit while the other player doesn't can instantly change the tide of a gunfight.  I suggest doing this when you are in close ranges.

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