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Offensive Combat Weapon Guide

Offensive Combat Weapon Guide by Bongin

(If a weapon is not listed here it is because I believe it is inappropriate for use by new players.  Guns not listed may not necessarily be underpowered, but I don't believe they are weapons that are best equipped to teach new players how to play properly.)

Arbiter Pro: The Arbiter Pro is very similar to the default primary in OC.  The main difference is that its base damage is 1 higher than the starting Arbiter, and that it can be upgraded.  The Arbiter boasts a high rate of fire for a primary, and it tend to be a very forgiving primary for new players.  It's biggest downfall is its range.  You may find yourself engaging in long range fights that the Arbiter is not effective in.  Its relatively low accuracy makes it somewhat ineffective at longer distances.  Nevertheless, I believe the Arbiter to be the best gun for new players to be using.  Its high rate of fire makes it extremely forgiving in close range combat.  Its overall DPS penalizes new players less should they fail to switch to their higher DPS secondary in close range combat.

SCAB: The SCAB is another great primary for new players to begin using.  I recommend this gun to any players who have experience in other FPS games.  The SCAB excels at mid-long range combat.  It boasts the highest effective range of any of the Assault Rifles, and has pinpoint accuracy.  This gun makes players a threat at all ranges.  It is my primary of choice, and the SCAB is a gun that will remain viable at all skill levels.  Pick this gun if you want to be a dangerous player at most distances on every map.

PMD: This sniper has high damage, and a very user friendly scope.  It is able to deal 1 shot kills to the head, and two shot kills to the body.  I believe this sniper to be the best choice for new players, and it is viable for use at all skill levels.  This is my sniper of choice.

Ferret: This sniper has a high clips size, decent rate of fire, and average damage.  It is capable of killing players in one shot to the head.  Its main drawback is its inability to kill players with 2 shots to the body.  As such, new players may find it harder to use than the other snipers in the game.  Pick this gun if you are an experienced sniper in other FPS games.  Players interested in using the Ferret should buy the "Vulture" scope, as it will ensure your ability to land 1 shot kills to the head of your opponents.

G-CAMP: The G-CAMP is the best sniper out of the box IMO.  Unfortunately, it begins to be outclassed once other snipers begin purchasing upgrades.  It has the highest damage of any sniper in the game, but it's low clip size and general clunkiness make it difficult to use.  It is capable of dealing one shot headshots and two shot body kills out of the box.  Get this sniper if you have low resources to spend on weapons, and only plan on sniping casually.  The G-CAMP is outclassed by other snipers at higher levels of play.

(If a weapon is not listed here it is because I believe it is inappropriate for use by new players.  Guns not listed may not necessarily be underpowered, but I don't believe they are among the weapons best equipped to teach new players how to play properly.)

Razer: I believe the Razer to be the best secondary in the game.  It boasts a high rate of fire, and awesome DPS.  It also has the longest effective range of any of the SMG's.  The combination of these stats make it an amazing choice for new players looking to excel at Offensive Combat.  This is my secondary of choice.  Close range encounters with this gun will make you a devastating threat on the playing field!

Mode IV: Currently the best pistol in the game.  It has extremely high damage for a secondary.  It has the best effective range of any secondary in the game.  Choose this gun if you prefer pistols to SMGs.  It is a wise choice for snipers, as it will allow them to effectively engage in close-mid range combat.

Plasma: These grenades are everybodies favorite "sticky nades" from games like Halo.  They stick to surfaces they strike. As such, unique strategies can be implemented with them.  They are the easiest nades to use in my opinion.  You will receive two of these for use on every re-spawn.  The main drawback of these grenades is that they deal only 75 damage.  They glow bright green in game, so players may be more prone to noticing these when they are thrown.

Military: You get 2 military nades on spawn, but they are slightly heavier than the default nades.  That means their range is a bit less than what you may be familiar with. They deal 100 damage at close ranges.  Choose these grenades if you enjoyed the default grenade, but want more of them!  These are my grenades of choice.

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