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Offensive Combat Beginner's Guide

Offensive Combat Beginner's Guide by Epicstalker

You're pretty well off on the primary you start off with, the Arbiter and Arbiter pro are amazing guns to start off with. Don't bother trying to buy a new primary as quick as you can. I'd suggest buying a new secondary if anything, possibly a shotgun, like the Furrberg, or an SMG like the OP5 (A favorite of players now-a-days). Another thing to consider is saving your coins, you don't have to spend them as soon as you collect them. Most players don't save past 10,000 because most of the weapons only cost 9,000. Now, weapons I would consider, because they are a personal favorite to me is, the Scab-R, the Pee90, the PMD (sniper rifle), the Ferret M82 (also a sniper). Now I wouldn't suggest sniping in the beginning unless you're experienced in First Person Shooters because it can take some time to getting used to. Using Assault rifles and Shotguns/SMG's is a whole lot easier.

Weapon Modificaitons
Now I'll start about mods for your weapons: After purchasing a weapon and clicking it, you'll notice things at the bottom that cost 7,000 a piece, those are mods (or modifications for the long word :P). There are silencers, magazines (what holds your ammo), stocks (reduces recoil), and many others, depending on what weapon you bought. Now these can become VERY handy if you plan on using this weapon a lot. You could have an extra 10+ ammo for shooting a strafing enemy, or you could add more headshot damage to your sniper rifle (I'll explain soon).

For people who want to run around the whole map, always have an automatic weapon out, and try to shoot people before you get too close. If you are forced to be in close combat, try to melee them before shooting (default, the F key) so that your gun gets the XP. DON'T CAMP. That's literally the worst thing to do on this game. They make characters very visible to see, no matter what you're wearing in the game, so if you're camping, either an enemy will spot you, or they'll spawn behind you and then you're dead. When in a shootout with an enemy, strafe left and right, making sure you're moving along with the enemy, and you can jump around (A favorite of First person shooters). For snipers in the game, walk around a little, find a safe spot, look around, if you see an enemy, try to peck them off with a headshot, or maybe just chest shoot them to death xD.  But never stay in the same spot long, only a few seconds, then move.

After you level each time, you earn 3 skill points. now there are 5 things you can spend them on (Head, chest, arms, hands, legs). What you do with these is up to you, whether you melee a lot, throw grenades, or if you just wanna test them out to see how well you do, you can always reset that current body part's skill set with just 300 coins.

Sniper Tips
Now my tip to snipers, if you see someone with a sniper rifle aiming at you, don't try to line up the shot, they may already have theirs lined up. Just quickly get out of scope and move, then retry. And make sure to try and buy the scope for your sniper rifle (or barrel, the PMD uses a barrel) for +5 headshot damage, unless you got the spin that adds +5 or more overall damage. And that's all I have to say, thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Thanks epicstalker! This is such a great tool for any inexperienced player (noob)!

Anonymous said...

An amazing guide from an amazing player. See you in game!