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My Shops Beginners Guide

How do I unlock new customers?
Build a new shop to unlock 4 new customers
Hit the CUSTOMER icon at the bottom right of the game and check which customers would allow you to unlock a new one
Use love on these customers while they have a heart upon their heads
Unlock new customers!

How do I send free deliveries?
Click on the FRIENDS Tab at the very bottom right of you game screen
Hit the SEND DELIVERIES button with the blue truck icon

My shop's beauty bar won't fill up. What should I do?
Hit the BEAUTY button
Buy expensive items to fill up the beauty bar
Upgrade the size of your shop. Your shops maximum beauty level is equal to your shops size level

Where is my Warehouse?
Hit the BEAUTY button
Click on the WAREHOUSE icon, at the very left of your screen (little red barn icon)
Check out your stored items!

How do I send Rescue Truck/Clean Street/ Catch robbers/ Send Crates?
Hit the FRIENDS Tab at the very bottom right of the game
Pay attention to the icons popping up from your friends pictures
Visit a friend with the right icon above his picture to Send Rescue Truck/Clean Street/ Catch robbers/ Send Crates Icons appears randomly once every morning, the more friends you have the more icons you get.

How do I get links to ask for Collectables?
Click on the COLLECTION button (Chest Icon)
Add collectables to your wishlist and publish it by clicking on the PUBLISH button
Go to your profile
On your wall, right click on "Send Collectables" link and COPY LINK LOCATION
Then Paste it

How do I get links to ask for Factory materials?
Request the material you need by clicking on the ASK FRIENDS button
Go to your profile
On your wall, right click on the link "Send [Material], Get XP"
Then Paste it!

How do I get links to ask for Truck Parts?
Click on the UPGRADE TRUCK button (with the wrench icon)
Request the truck parts you need by clicking on the ASK FRIENDS button
Go to your profile
On your wall, right click on "Send Tools, Get Coins" link and copy link location
Then Paste it!

What are the phone numbers?
Look at the image above and work them out yourselves, or click here to cheat!

How do I put the phone numbers in?

Click "My Phone", click "Call", type in one of these numbers at a time and press the green button to call.

MyShops isn't working, what can I do?

Having issues with MyShops?

First of all, try the following.

1. Clear cache/cookies and internet history.
2. Close and open your internet browser.
3. Log out of and back into Facebook.
4. Update your internet browser.
5. Update your flash.
6. Try closing and reopening the web browser.
7. Try restarting your PC.

If none of this works, try accessing MyShops from a different web browser. There are known compatibility issues of Facebook games and Mozilla Firefox, especially when it comes to friends/neighbours in-game.

Also, look through this forum to see if anyone else is experiencing the same problem as you. If they are, add your problem to their topic.

If you have tried all of this and are still having a problem, please make a new post here including which internet browser you are using (click help on the top menu in browser, then "About Internet Explorer/Firefox/Google Chrome to find this out), and your current version of Flash if you know it (Go to control panel, add or remove programs and you can find that out here).

Also, if there is a known bug within MyShops that everyone seems to be experiencing, please try and keep it all contained to one topic rather than posting multiple topics as this will make it easier for the moderators to feed this back to the developers.

How do I get a S++ in the daily lotto?

You have to earn over 10 million coins in a day, and not have a single unsatisfied customer. [Nimue]
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How do I level my jobs up? / How do I use Energy?
1. Visit your friends' streets.
2. Check their Status bar and/or each of their shops. You'll get the chance to do some jobs for them.
3. Each job will use up some of your Energy (Blue Energy Bar)
4. The more you work for your friends, the more Job Experience you will get

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