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King's Bounty: Legions Beginners Guide

King's Bounty: Legions Beginners Guide by LordDestructo

Royal Shop Items
The way to the Royal Shop is described above as well as the process of buying units for the army. Apart from units the Royal Shop also sells auras and licenses, gold and stamina. Auras and licenses don't mention the gold can be obtained by completing quests, but you can always buy some more if you need more.

Auras and licenses are bought for a period of time: one day, three days or a week. All the purchased (or obtained) auras and licenses in case of their activation will be displayed on the panel under the progress bar. You'll find out the remaining time of their duration by pointing at them.

You need your friends’ assistance in order to fight against the criminals. When you press the “invite” button, you’ll see the list of friends that may help you. After you select the required amount, the requests will be sent. As soon as your friends accept the requests, you’ll get the opportunity to start the battle.
If you haven’t got enough friends, you can hire some mercenaries for Crystals. And if you win the battle, you may get prizes of great value, such as immortal and legendary units.

You may ask for help one and the same friend only once a day. Remember, that the more friends you have, the more opportunities you’ve got!

Another NOTE!
If you send a help request to a player with more than 100 unaccepted requests, s/he won't be able to help you unless and until the moment s/he accepts some of the old requests.

Royal Patrol
If you're out of time you can spend playing the game or you're just out of stamina, you can send your army out to patrol. It will continue cleaning up the in-game world from dark forces independently. You can do it by pressing the following button:

In this menu you can choose duration of the patrol mode, but your choice will be limited if you don't have any licenses. During the patrol your army will conduct several battles and in case of victory will bring an award in the form of gold, experience, units or treasure chests.

And remember that while your army is fighting, you're taking rest and your stamina is getting restored.

An army that has just returned from patrol can be sent out to it again no sooner than in 10 minutes.

You can perform various actions with your friends with the help of Friendboard.

When pointing the cursor at your friend's avatar three buttons will pop up: chat, fight or send a gift.
The first two buttons are active only if your friend's online. You can tell this by the color of the circle where your friend's level is indicated: green means online, grey – offline. The battle will start only if your friend agrees. You can send one gift to one friend a day; all gifts can be received through Royal Mail.

One cannot have more than 50 unopened gifts. You won't be able to send gifts to a person with more than 50 of them.

As mentioned above PvP gives you good bonuses of units, gold and experience. You can get such bonus only by fighting random opponents through matchmaking. Victories bring you not just awards but also add on to your rating. Higher rating promotes you to higher grades and eventually transfers you to a stronger legion.

Move Village Location
If you wish to leave one location in order to move to another, you should press the following button , which is down to the right. If you're playing in the full screen mode, you can leave the village by pressing the small cross in right upper corner of the screen (just like normal window).
If you wish to return to the village, you've got to press the button that is right in the place of the one you used to leave it (or you can click on the image of the village) .
If you're currently in this location, you'll enter it at once. If you need to move there a system message will appear and if you agree to it the journey will start. In the World Map mode, your current location can be learnt by the red banner above the place.

When moving from one location to another you spend your stamina. You can find out the amount of stamina required for the trip from one location to another from a pop-up system message.

Campaign & Missions
Various quests are waiting for you straight away from the start. There are two types of quests: storyline quests and daily quests. Storyline quests provide you with an opportunity not only to help people inhabiting the world, but also discover your own story. By completing storyline quests, you'll have a chance to visit locked locations and will get ample awards. Storyline quests can be completed only once while daily quests are available every 12 hours.

Where do I Get Missions?
All the quests, except for those in the tutorial, are provided by the NPC's that can be found in the left upper corner in each location. They look like this:

They have several signs that will make your understanding of what's going on much easier. If you see a yellow exclamation mark next to an NPC, it means, that there's a quest available for you! If you see a grey question mark, it means that the NPC is waiting for you to complete the quest it has given to you previously. If the question mark is yellow, it means that the quest is completed and you should deliver it to the NPC to get the award.
If there's a palm-tree leaf right next to an NPC (just like in the picture), it means that this very NPC gives you quests for getting the Medal of Honor in this location. You have to select and accept a quest in order to start completing it.
In order to find out when another daily quest is available you need to press the NPC's image and see the information about the time remaining.

How do I Know What to Do?
All the quests you accept get into the Quest Journal. It opens if you press this button:

The list of the quests waiting for you to complete them is on the left. If you don't remember the main point of the quest, you can always refresh it in your memory with the help of this journal. Each quest has the information about the one who gave it to you, what is to be done, description and lists the award for completing it.

As mentioned above, you'll gradually lose stamina while playing. But don't get upset, it will gradually restore itself. If you don't want to wait, there's a chance that some stamina will be in a gift from your friend or you can complete quests and get stamina in award. Besides, you get a full stamina refill when you reach another level.
If it's still not enough, you can always pop in the Royal Shop or press the "+" near your stamina bar.

It will call the Stamina refill menu with potions available.

If you've got a bottle in the inventory, you can drink it and your stamina will be refilled. Otherwise, you can always buy the desired amount.

Even if your stamina is full, you can drink a bottle to increase its amount. In this case you'll have more stamina than your level allows. The only difference is that the excess of stamina won't be restored automatically. It will look like this:

The spells that you've bought get to the Spell Book. You can open the Spell Book by pressing the button at the main panel.

You can find all of your spells in the Spell Book:

After opening the Spell Book you can see all the spells you've got including their amount (on the left side of the icon), the possibility of upgrading a spell (on the right side of the icon) and the number of already made upgrades (at the bottom of the icon). Pointing at a spell you'll see its detailed description.

In order to use spells during the battle, you should move those you need to the fighting panel at the very bottom of the book. Three slots are initially available for spells, but you'll have a chance to increase this quantity in future. Spells can be upgraded just like units. Press the button on the right side of the spell icon and the upgrade window will pop up.

If you've reached the required level and you've got enough money the only thing that remains to be done is pressing the "Upgrade" button. You get spells in reward for some quests. They can also be sent to you in a gift from your friends. In case you cannot wait any longer and need them right now, you can buy them in a location shop. But you cannot buy everything you need at once: you may have to visit other locations to buy all the spells you need.

Army Units
Initially you're given a small army that will be growing as you complete quests: additional units will be given to you in reward.
You can face a lack of units after a difficult quest or you can suffer big losses among the mortal units (Immortals and the Legendary can be resurrected from the Ward). In that case you can refill your army. There are several ways to do so:

– complete daily and storyline quests where you get units in reward;
– complete reputation quests (you'll get new units in reward);
– take part in search for criminals (Wanted);
– buy new units in location shops for in-game currency;
– buy a squad in the Royal Shop.

Buying an Army
There are two types of shops: royal and regular.

Clicking on the shop button will open the local shop and among other stuff you'll see units there:

The price is listed in in-game currency per unit. Having pressed the price you'll be able to choose and buy the desired amount of troops. They will appear in your reserve. If you're buying the same units as in your active army, the troops will be automatically added to your army up to the current limit.
In order to raise an adequate army, you'll need units of various classes. You may have to visit several locations before you find everything you need. Remember that you'll find only mortal units in regular shops. If you're looking for immortal and legendary units, you'll have to drop into the royal shop or complete special quests. You can also get some immortal and legendary units for accomplishing Wanted quests. You’ll find more information about it below.
You can enter the Royal Shop from any location or even while travelling between them. All the purchases are made for Facebook credits here. Press the "Royal Shop" button in order to enter the Royal Shop. Choose the "Units" tab to buy units:

As described above, all the units are subdivided into races. The picture above provides options of purchase for two races Chaos and Ancients. You do not buy units directly, but rather a whole squad that would contain various units of the race. There are three types of squads:

– Simple squad. It will contain a unit of the second tier (at least one, max. 20-30% of your leadership). Two other will be the units of the first tier in the amount of 90-110% of your leadership.
– Skilled squad. It may contain units of the second tier (90%) or the third tier (10%) in the amount of 30-60% of your leadership. And there also may be units of the first tier in 90-110% of your leadership.
– Elite squad. You'll surely get a unit from the third tier with 30-60% of your leadership and units of the second tier in the amount of 30-60% of your leadership or the first tier (90-110%) in the other slots.

Having bought a squad, you'll be offered to open it and then you'll see the units you've got there. After you summon them to your army they'll appear in your reserve.

Upgrade Units
Any unit can be upgraded to be more damage-proof, faster or stronger. There are several upgrade levels. The more upgraded units you have, the stronger your army is. All upgrades are made for in-game currency.

Army Management
All manipulations with your army (but for unit purchase) are done in the «Army Management» menu available at this button.

Then the Army Management interface will appear:

At the bottom you have five slots of your army (marked "1"). You can assign one unit to one slot. To do so just move a unit from the reserve (marked "2") to a selected slot. Units get to the reserve as remuneration for accomplished quests or in the result of your victories and of course immediately after you purchase them in a shop.

There are three tiers of units in the game: the Mortal, the Immortal and the Legendary. This is reflected in the units' structure in the reserve. The Mortal are in the bottom tier, the Immortal occupy the second one, the third tier is for the Legendary.
You can assign mortal units to any slot. The Immortals can be assigned to three center slots, the Legendary – just to the central slot.
Mortal troops killed in action are lost forever but you can easily find them in location shops. The Immortal and the Legendary have more unique abilities but can only be purchased in Royal Shop. However, you can always restore lost Immortals and the Legendary resurrecting them from the Ward (see mark "4" in the picture).

Four races of units are currently available in the game: Kingdom, Chaos, Beasts and the Ancients. It's your choice who to play and who to master you commander's skills with. Each race has its own tab (see mark "3" in the picture above).

Another vital parameter for a unit is its class. Your success in a battle is largely determined by your ability to select units to an army by their classes. To the right of your troops, under your avatar, you can see the pentagram (marked "5") which displays advantages of each class of units over other. Every unit has its class marked in the left bottom corner of the avatar: a sword for Warrior, a bow for Archer, a palm for Support, a shield for Defender and a wand for Mage.
You can also see your leadership value. Leadership increases as you develop and influences the number of troops you can assign to one slot of the army. Total army weight (right bottom corner marked "6") is also determined by the value of your leadership.

Unit Tooltip
Unit tooltip appears on the right whenever you place the cursor on a unit's icon.
Click on the small question mark in each unit's icon to see full info. The full Unit Tooltip also allows upgrading a unit. 

If you've lost an Immortal or a Legendary in the battle, you can resurrect it from the Ward by pressing the resurrection button on the unit's image. A dialogue will pop-up and you'll have to select the amount of troops you want to raise from the dead.  Each resurrection will require certain amount of stamina (3 stamina points). Cost will depend on the number of troops you revive.

Battle Tactics/Strategies
Not only is the quantity of your army and spells important but also their designation.
All units are divided into five classes: Warriors, Defenders, Archers, Mages and Healers. The pentagram above displays that every class has an advantage over ones and loses out to other. It's essential to form one's army in the way it could stand up to any army or to a definite army. This way you will have a better chance to win any battle.
The same applies to spells. No doubt it's nice to have attacking spells in your armory but if the army lacks a healer (or healing spells) your units may not survive hard times they may encounter at battle.

Some other important battle hacks:
– If you approach an Archer or a Mage face to face it won't be able to damage units at distance, just those close to it. Otherwise it'll have to step aside.
– Sometimes it pays off to delay your turn so the enemy would get closer and you'd be the first to attack. The turn will get back to you before the end of the round.
– You'd rather not gather your troops around some units as they can damage not only their target but also other units nearby at a time.
– Knowledge of your enemy is the halfway to success, so don't forget about recon.

If you haven't had experience with turn-based games before, the closest analogy of what takes place on the battlefield is chess or other board games. In a few words:
•    A battle consists of Rounds. Rounds consist of turns (or moves). At one round you can make one move with each unit of yours.
•    Sequence of turns is determined by the amount of initiative your or your enemy's units feature.

The battlefield is divided into hexagons the same as chessboard into squares. All units can move only within these hexagons. Every unit has a "Range" parameter and moves according to its value.
The unit with its turn to make a move is highlighted with a shining aura.
Shaded hexagons indicate the range available for the unit movement. The unit will move to the hexagon you click. Apart from moves you can make other actions at your turn.

1) If you don't want to make a move you can transfer any unit to the "Defense Stance". It will increase the unit's resistance to damage (see mark "1" in the picture above).
2) If you don't want to move before the other side makes a move you can "Delay Turn" by pressing the button marked with "2" in the image above. Your turn will get back to you later this round.
3) You can also use spells selecting one from the pop-up menu that appears when you press the button marked "3".
4) In case everything is too bad and you've changed your mind to fight or decided that it's better to avoid the battle rather than lose your troops, you can always press the running man button ("4") and run away.

Each unit has its own combat abilities and can have from one to four of these. Abilities can be attacking or defensive.
Pointing at an ability with the cursor will display its description.

You can address to spells by clicking on the "Spell Book" when at battle.
A selection of available spells will emerge. Having selected one, you need to place the cursor at the target unit and click the left mouse button. The spell will be applied. Spells can incur damage, heal, accelerate units or add on to their armor.

Starting a Battle
First you need to decide who to fight with. You have three options:
1) against an army of monsters controlled by the computer (when you're completing quests or just for exercise);
2) against another randomly selected player;
3) against your friends.
If you need to complete a quest or fight with monsters or a random player you've got to press the big green "Army List" button available inside any location.

Against Monsters
By pressing the big green button you'll open the "Army List" menu.
The first button called "Monsters" lists the armies controlled by artificial intelligence. You can select an opposing army that matches your level and strength. Provided that you have a Scout's License, you'll be able to see who exactly you're going to stand up to. The armies you need to defeat in order to complete a quest can be easily identified: they're signed as "Quest" and the quest title is written next to them.

Against another Random Player (matchmaking)
If you press the second button called "PvP" (Player versus Player), you'll be able to start a battle against a player who is currently online.
If you are prepared for the battle all you have to do is press "Start Battle". The system will automatically find an enemy matching your level and strength. But you can also use the leadership adjustment function. It reduces the amount of your (or your opponent’s) leadership as well as the spell power so that you can fight with players whose level is lower or higher than yours on equal terms. Tick the place marked by 1 to enable this function. When the opponent has been found you are notified and the battle starts.

If you decide that you need to change your army for a PvP battle, you can go to Army Management from this very dialogue by pressing the relevant button. In this tab you can also see your success, number of victories and defeats, your Title and Legion. Naturally, the more you win, the sooner you get a higher title or join a more prestigious legion.

Against your Friends
You can start a battle with your friends at any moment provided they're online and you aren't in the middle of another battle. All you need is to select an opponent from the Friendboard.
When you place the cursor at your friend's avatar you're offered three options: send a gift, challenge to a duel or start a chat. Hereby you need the button "Fight" that's right in the middle. A request will be sent to your friend after you press this button, and if s/he accepts it, the battle will start.
You can challenge only those of your friends who are online and aren’t in another battle at the moment. You will know this by the color of the circle round the indication of a friend's level. Green color means that your friend is online. You can filter those friends who are currently online by pressing the button in the right upper corner of the Friendboard (See the "1" mark in the picture above).

Any battle against monsters takes five of your Stamina even if you change your mind and decide to flee the battlefield. PvP battles take 1 of your Stamina.

Another NOTE!
At battles (PvP and PvE) you lose not just stamina but also troops if they're killed.

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