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Pockie Ninja 2 Social Restrain

Restrains actually weaken the attacks of the restrained ninja while in a Restrain, like if said ninja were rendered incapable of moving for one turn but was still able to attack during this turn.

As of right now, it is only useful against taijutsu ninjas.

The users of restrain skills are weapon ninjas, and they will typically automatically target either weapon or ninjutsu ninjas because of the damage modifier.

Skills Involving Restrain:

Minato Namikaze
Flying Thunder God (Passive): Attack +10%, Moving Distance +1, Attack
Distance +1, 15% chance to restrain the target for 1 turn.

Gold Konan
Ultima Sacred Paper Emissary (1 Try): Deals enemies in the square area 110%
attack and restrain them for 1 turn.

Weapon Profession- Shadow Collecting

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