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Joy Kingdom Tree Spirits Guide

Tree Spirits are used to craft materials that are used throughout the game for things such as opening totem gates, empowering animal statues, and completing quests. There are 4 Tree Spirits available to purchase in the shop using Mana : Spirit of Alchemy, Spirit of Magic, Spirit of the Ancients, and Spirit of Harmony. You can have a maximum of 3 of each of the Tree Spirits in your Kingdom. Some quests require you to grow a Tree Spirit, so we recommend not to purchase more than 2 of each tree.

All items crafted at the Spirit of Alchemy cost Mana to craft them. The items at the other 3 Tree Spirits require you to gather material to craft them. All of the items that are needed for crafting at the Tree Spirits can be found by clearing your land. If you can not find enough materials from clearing, requests can be sent to your neighbors for the items needed. If you are low on Mana, you can send requests for these materials and sell them from your Inventory to get more Mana. Please visit our Downloadable Excel Documents page for downloadable spreadsheets of the items that can be crafted by the Tree Spirits.

The Giving Tree is found in the second area of the game, behind Stella the Pink Giraffe. Heart Gems collected by giving Joy are used to craft the 3 items on the first page. On the second page, there is an item that, when crafted, goes to help animals in the Real World.

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