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Joy Kingdom Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are minions, and how do I defeat them?
Minions are animals that have been tainted by the shadow. The Shadow has infested Joy Kingdom, and it is altering poor animals into mindless minions! You defeat them buy clicking on the with your wand, as of 1/1/13, there are 3 different minions.

They are as follows, they all drop random items, sometimes it even drops energy:
Shadow Minion: takes 8 click
Shadow Flunky: takes 4 clicks
Shadow Sprite: takes 2 clicks

2. How do you make things grow?
Plants and trees can be grown to maturity by collecting its required items. Click on the plant or tree to see what materials are needed to grow it.For Example: Grass needs 6 Minerals and 6 Seeds. Minerals can be found in Rocks and Ore. Seeds can be found in Grass, Bramble, and Vines. If you don't have enough materials, requests can be sent to your friends to get them (you can only send requests once to a friend in a 24h period) You can also mouse over the image to find out what can be cleared in your Kingdom to get the items needed.

3. What is Mana?
Mana is your currency in the game. All plants and trees produce Mana, which allows you to purchase items from the Shop.

4. How do you Attract Animals?
Similar to the Grass, you need to find specific items in order to attract animals. For Example: To attract the Squirrel you need 6 Seeds. You get Seeds from Shadow Brambles, Vines and Grass. After you've attracted an animal, you can collect its Joy.This is the most important part of restoring Joy Kingdom because it will help us awaken the Spirit Animals! If you don't have enough materials, requests can be sent to your friends to get them (you can only send requests once to a friend in a 24h period).

You can also mouse over the image to find out what can be cleared in your Kingdom to get the items needed.

5. How do you empower statues?
You need to ask your friends to empower animal statues for you (you can only send requests once to a friend in a 24h period)

6. How does Joy work?
Each Spirit Animal is tied to a project in the Real World. As you give joy to the Spirit Animal, it is transferred to its project, increasing the amount of Real World help it receives.By clicking on the Spirit Animal (Showing the Monkey), you can view updates and information concerning the project, as well as give Joy to it. The more Joy you give, the more powerful the Spirit Animal will become.

7. How do you get more energy?
You can only carry a maximum of 25 energy. Energy replenishes 1 energy every 3 minutes. Visiting neighbors is one way to get more energy. You can also ask friends for energy, learn more about that by going here.

You can also spend your skill points to be able to carry more energy, learn more about the different skills here.

8. How many item requests can you send per day?

You can send a request once per friend in a 24h period. That includes asking for empower, ask for energy and requesting materials.

9. How many gifts can you send per day?

You can send 1 gift per day per neighbor and you can request energy from neighbors once in a 24h period.

10. Do I need neighbors to play the game?
Neighbors are very important to have in the game. They can send you energy, materials and visit your kingdom to save your own energy for something else. You can also ask them to send you materials, and most important, they are needed to empower Animal Statues, or else you have to use acorns.

Also, when you visit a neighbor, each thing you click gives you different things which will help you in the game:

After collecting 5 items from your neighbor.....You get 1 Fairy, 1 energy and 10 Mana as a reward
Harvesting Crops.....You get 10 Food
Harvesting Plants/Trees.....You get 1 Joy and 30 Mana from each
Collecting Joy from Animals.....You get 10 Joy from Collecting
Clearing Shadow Terrain.....You get from Rocks/Ores - 1 exp and 1 mineral and from Grass/Brambles/Vines 1 exp and 1 material
Smiting a neighbors Minion....You get 1 XP, 100 Mana and 1 Slime per whack

11. Why can't I attract an animal if I have less animals than it shows I can have?
Each animal requires animal population points to be available before they can be attracted to your Kingdom. You'll notice each animal has a different requirement. For example, the Squirrel requires 2 population points. The numbers represents the amount of animal population points of a Animal Statue. For example the Squirrel statue number is 5, so you can have 2 squirrels from 1 Squirrel Statue and you will have 1 population point remaining. Learn more about Animals by going here.

12. Why is an item in the shop still locked if I need it for a quest?
Some items will not be unlocked by quests. You need to level up to get items unlocked or you have to buy them with acorns to unlock.

13. How many in game Characters are there and what are their names?
There are currently 7 Non Playing Characters in the game. Amani, Kai, Stella, Honu, Spike, Albert and Zelia.
Amani, the Wise Spirit Lion
Kai, your in game guide Fox (and Shadow Kai)
Stella, the very fashionable Giraffe
Honu, the know it all Turtle
Spike, the eco-friendly Porcupine
Albert, the smart Dodo Bird
Zelia, she's one classy Zebra

14. What is Shadow Slime Used for?
At this time, Shadow Slime is not used for anything, so it can be sold from your Inventory. You will receive 100 mana for each shadow slime.Back to top

15. Do crops wither?
Changed November 14th 2012.
As of right now, the ripe version of the crop will give the full amount shown in the shop. Crops stay "ripe" for the same length of time as it takes for the crop to grow. After that period, it becomes an unripe/normal version of the crop, and will yield roughly 17% less food (but that's it... it won't wither).

16. What rewards do I receive for sending Joy?
When sending Joy in Joy Kingdom, your rewards are experience, mana, and heart gems. Heart gems are used to craft goods at the Giving Tree.

10 Joy Sent
100 Joy Sent
1000 Joy Sent
1 XP
10 XP
100 XP
10 mana
100 mana
1000 mana
1 Heart Gem
1 Enchanted Heart Gem
1 Glowing Heart Gem

17. What are Runestones?
There are 5 Runestones that can be found throughout Joy Kingdom, each of them in a different area. You'll need to unlock the area that they are in before you can access them. The 5 Runestones are Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart. They need to be restored and can be harvested every 5 minutes for a mote. Currently there is no use for the motes, so they can be sold for mana from your inventory.

18. I've run out of Acorns. How do I get more?
You start the game with 25 free Acorns, you have to use 3 Acorns during the Tutorial, but they're free.Be very careful with your Acorns, if you run out you either have to pay with Real Money to get more or wait until you Level Up.You get 1 free Acorn every time you Level Up.

19. My Daily Impact Window will not go away, I put my postal code and it's not accepted. How can I get rid of this?
Usually this happens to players that live outside the US. Out of country zipcode/postal code is not accepted at this time. You have to use a US zipcode to get the window go away and earn food. (I've given people my zipcode 03301 or you can search for another American one)

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