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Joy Kingdom Skill Book Guide

The newest addition to Joy Kingdom as of the end of December 2012 is the Skill Book. The Skill Book is where you spend Skill Points that are earned with each level we gain in the game, with a maximum of 30 Points earned at this time.

At the bottom of your screen, next to your experience bar, there is a little orange square with a + in it. Click on that icon to open the Skill Book.

There are 8 Skills that you can spend your Skill Points on. Each Skill has 8 levels, with the benefit of that specific skill increasing with each Skill Point you spend on it.

Each level of each Skill costs mana to unlock. Once you unlock a level, you can not change your mind, so decide how you want to spend your Skill Points wisely. Each level costs 3 times more mana than the previous level to unlock. For example, Joy Bringer Level 1 costs 2000 mana to unlock, level 2 costs 6000, level 3 costs 18000, level 4 costs 54000, etc. To unlock each level, click on the green square with the + in it next to the skill icon that you want to spend a Skill Point in.

The 8 Skills
Energy Battery increases your maximum on hand energy. Everyone starts with 25 on-hand energy. By spending your Skill Points in this skill, your on-hand energy will increase by 1 to 8, for a total of 26 to 33 energy that you'll have on-hand permanently.

Rapid Ranger increases the walk and harvest speed of your avatar by 115% to 220%.

Joy Bringer increases the amount of Joy that you harvest from all of the Animals in your Kingdom by 105% to 140%. For example, if an animal by default gives 100 Joy and you spend 1 Skill Point in Joy Bringer, then the animal will now give 105 Joy each time it is harvested.

Crafting Genius will give you a chance of producing 2 items while crafting at the Spirit Trees instead of 1. Each Skill Point spent on this Skill increases the chance of this occurring.

Mana Finder increases the amount of Mana that you harvest from all of the trees and plants each time they are harvested. The amount is increased by 105% to 140%. As with Joy Bringer, if a plant by default gives 100 mana and you spend 1 Skill Point in Mana Finder, then the plant will give 105 mana every time it is harvested.

Statue Builder increases the animal population points that each Animal Statue is worth. The Animal Population points can increase from 101% to 108%. For example, if an Animal Statue increases maximum animal population by 100 and you spend 1 Skill Point in Statue Builder, that Statue will now increase the maximum animal population points to 101. This increase will affect all Animal Statues in your Kingdom.

Spending Skill Points in Shadow Slayer increases your chances of 1 hit counting as 2 when banishing Shadow creatures. So if a Shadow creature takes 8 hits to banish, there is a chance of it taking only 7 hits with this skill. You will still receive the same amount of dropped items with 1 less hit as you would if you were using all of the usual hits to banish the Shadow creatures.

Prim Reaper will increase the amount of food that you receive when crops are harvested by 105% to 140%. If a crop by default gives 100 food and you spend 1 Skill Point in Prim Reaper, you will receive 105 food for each plot of that specific crop that is harvested.

Remember to spend your Skill Points wisely, as once you spend them, you can not change your mind. Currently there is a maximum of 30 skill points that can be earned since the maximum level we can reach is 30

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