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Village Life New Player Guide

Village Life New Player Guide by Karolina Korniak


There are many people asking same questions again and again. Somene wanted to make a guide some time ago, but there is no progress of it. So, with your help, I want o make something that might help all those people having in game questions.

If you have any suggestions about the things that should be put here or any questions - post. Me and people that decided to help me with it will be gladly to help you.
Also, I'd be happy if you provide me with some pictures.

Newborn, crawls around, can produce happiness if you provide it with special items for babies.
Child, can't help (yet) with your tasks, but when happy (less than 2 "want" big bubbles) they will produce happiness for you.
Teen; this is when your child come of age and you can decide on skill that your child will have (they inherit villager's skill of their mother and father). Also this is when you can start using your villager for work.
Adult. Fully developed villager.
Elder. Villager stop working.
This is when you can move your children in to a house. But you have some time before your child will demand it.

1 year in game = 24hrs of our real time

Coming of age
When your child grows up and reach age of 13, he or she will come of age.

When you click OK button, there will be another pop up box for you to decide on a skill for your teenager.

As you can see, your villager is having 2 skills already. Blue is inherited after his/her father and pink one after a mother. How you can predict what skill your child will have? Look at the skills your adult villagers have. Blue and pink taken after their parents and orange one - villager skill - is the one that was chosen on their coming of age "ceremony".
So, now you have to decide what is the best for your village. Do you need someone who can do 3 different jobs, but with time shorten by 25% or maybe someone who can do it in a half of a time (which is 50%, deciding on a skill that was inherited from the parents)?

From left to right you have skills:
Foraging - collecting fruits (trees and bushes)
Farming - working on the fields
Forestry - cutting tries (and working on it)
Mining - working with all kinds of stones and minerals
Each skill helps you to work faster on a specific job.

There is a chance to make a perfect worker. But it takes a while and determination. For now there is no chance to see what skills are having potential matches for your villagers. All you can do is to find an owner on facebook and ask about villager skill. If you find someone who has the same skill as your villager - match them.
When they have a child it will inherit their villager skills (already 50% as they both are having the same skill) and then all you have to do is to give that child the same skill when it come of age. This way you recive a villager with 75% of that skill (f.e. if you have work that would take 1hr to finish, a villager like that would make it in 25mins - makes a difference?).

When your villager reach age of 18, he or she will want to date.

If you see an empty box it means that a ) your neighbours do not have any single villagers (oposite gender) at the moment; b ) you don't have any friends and you need to add more to find a match for your villager.
Either way you have to add more people (on facebook) to find a partner for your villager.

You can search for a date on your own - click on that heart bubble and there will be a pop up box with the list of all available singles (oposite gender to your villager). If there are no matches, then it means your neighbours are having no single villagers at the moment. What you can do now is to add more neighbours (visit Add me section on this forum, please).
When your villager reach 18, your neighbours will see it as well (when they search for a match for their own villager). And when they send you a dating request, you can accept it or reject it.

Accepting means that your villager is promised to that specific villager and they might marry.
Usually dating lasts for 24hrs.
It's easy to recognize villager that is dating - you can see red hearts floating above his/her head and they might be blushing too.

You can not date or marry your own villagers, period!
Dating and proposing to your neighbour is the best part of this game, remember.
Yes, in the begining you can be sad, because of your villager moving out with their new spouse. But only in the begining. After some time you'll pray for them to leave, so you can get some more room for babies.

After at least 24hrs of your dating, your villager might want to marry.
When you see ring bubble, click on it and there will be a pop up box that will let you to ask your neighbour about marriage of your villagers.

There is no time limit for it. It just depends when your neighbour accepts/rejects it.
When you are the side that is asked for a marriage, you will be the one to accept it or to reject it.

Rejecting marriage
When you reject your neighbour's marriage proposal it also means that dating is over and your villager is free to date another person.

Accepting marriage
When you accept your neighbour's marriage proposal, there will be an animation with a wedding vow. You will be able to see your villagers and your neighbour's villagers gathered together.
And this is what bothers all of us (mostly those that did not reach cap limit of 12 villagers yet). Something must lose so other can gain.

(It is not confirmed yet, but there are rumors that you would be able to see all those villagers that already left your village - for example on picture above I see those that are gone for a long time already)

Probably it's random - one of the neighbours will recive a newlyweds while other one will recive (be specific here, best if picture).

After newlyweds decide to stay in your village you need to give them some time. It might take a day... or even 7 for them to want a baby. There are rumors that people are waiting for longer than that, not sure what makes them to want one.
When your couple (it might be one or both partners) want to have a baby, you will be able to see a bubble with baby - Maybe baby.

When you click on it, you will recive a message

Usually after 24hrs you will find out if they conceived or not

(an information about baby being born and failed conception)

If they conveived you have to wait another 24hrs to get a new baby. If not, then there is a high chance for them to want another baby immediately after you get a message of a failed conception. But again, it's random.

When a female is pregnant, she will hold her tummy. And she is unable to work. So do it wisely, otherwise you might be short on workers.

There were rumors saying that a female can be pregnant only till her 40. One of the forum members' villager denied to that rule - she got pregnant while being 48 (if I am correct)

Your couples can conceive only till you reach cap limit of 12 villagers. 12 is confirmed by Administration (Chris)
This rule do not apply to villagers that marry into your village (there are pepole having 17 villagers, but they can't have more babies).

After 24hrs of a pregnancy (there are known cases when a female is pregnant for more than 24hrs, do not panic if she is not giving birth after that time, you will have to wait another 24hrs. If she's still pregnant... then you can panic and ask support for a help) your female villager is ready. In your inbox there will be a message

When you click on it, your couple will hide in a house and then female give birth to a baby. A girl or a boy - it's random.
Straight after delivery female is ready to work. And a newborn will be crawling around, useless for a year.

When it comes to names, it's you who decide if you want to give a specific name (chosen by you) or pick a random one. I bet everyone has a rule to that - mine is naming first generation starting with "A", their children will be named with "B" etc.
You can change your villager's name anytime. All you need to do is to click on that villager's name (under their head) and a box for a name selection will pop up).

Getting older
When your villagers reach 40 years old, there are visable changes in their appearance: getting bald, changing chair color etc.
I think changes depend on youv villager's look.
(pictures to confirm)

Population limit
As far as we know, there is a population limit: 12
You can't have more villagers than that. You can't have villagers... that are born in your village. Which means when you reach 12, your couples won't be having "maybe baby" bubble.
BUT! You can have more people than 12! It is possible when your villager gets married and her/his spouse decide to stay in your village.
There are known cases, where people are having 17 villagers in their villages.

Which one baby is mine?!
For now we do not have a family tree or any other way to determine which one baby belongs to couple A, B or C (depends on how many you have).
But! There is a way, takes some time but it's rather simple. You will need a paper and a pen, it will also help you to keep a track on them later.
As you could read above, every adult villager is having 3 skills: blue (inherited from a father), pink (inherited from a mother) and orange (villager skill, you select one on coming of age). And orange one is the one that is important for you now.
Let me make you an example.
Villager A and villager B are married. They have 4 children.
Male is skilled in farming and female with mining.
Their children will be: blue - farming, pink - mining. Plus there will be one empty - till they reach 13.
Each baby of that pair will be having the same skills inherited from their parents.

It is impossible (if you are not keeping a track on it from the begining) to guess which baby belongs to who... if couples are having the same villager skills. You could try with hair color, but we know it's not a rule to inherit the same as their parents (brown hair parents had a black haired daughter in my case for example).

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