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Goblin Keeper Creatures & Upkeep Guide

As little introduction, I'm not English native speaker and at the time I write these lines the game has been up only for 2 months, so feel free to make any comments or correction about what I'm going to post. 

The aim of this thread is to give a help to forecast/anticipate the requirements needed to upkeep some advanced creatures, and with this in mind, get a better "decision making" with dungeons.

Prior to continue, it is important to do a remark about the wiki. This tool is very useful in most of the situations, to check requirements and values, but keep in mind that it was made time ago for the facebook version of the game, and apparently has been "inherited" without any further update. Consequently, even if 90% of the content remains trustable, some errors/mismatches have been found, mainly regarding the advanced aspects of the game, making it not 100% reliable. i.e. creature requirements and upkeeps .

Thanks The Mangler and other users for the references

Why could be important to pay a special attention to creatures:
Rooms, crafting resources and furniture, even if they need to be planned and may require a lot of materials, you do it a single time. Once you have everything you need for the making/crafting, you just do it and it's all, nothing more to worry about. It's a single and punctual event.
Creatures are quite different. In addition to the spawn requirements, they have also a continuous upkeep that requires a continuous supply of resources, every hour, higher as creature levels up. That means that If you spawn the wrong creature in the wrong dungeon, you will spawn also an epic headache, forcing you to trade/buy/raid continuously to cover its upkeep.

To avoid confusions: we can say that a creature has three different cost that will have to be covered in a way or other.

Spawn requirements: means the furniture and the room required, and therefore can be considered punctual/single cost.

Level Up requirements: means the cost to increase the level of the creature. It changes every 10 levels, and may include rare materials, but provide its yourself who decide when you do it, it could be considered also as a punctual/single cost.

Upkeep cost: means the amount of resources that the creature is going to consume automatically every hour (like its "food"). The player don't have any control over it, and for this reason it's advisable in my opinion to match it with the resources produced in this dungeon (or another not too far).

Obviously it's almost impossible to find a dungeon that gathers all the required resources together, but knowing more or less what are you going to need, you can try at least to find a dungeon with some of them, the most uncommon, or near a dungeon with some others.

Here it is a capture kindly provided by Plexson about the Death Knight

Creatures Upkeep Bug Post
It's confirmed that the wiki contains some errors regarding creatures like Balrog, Arch Fiend, Lich, etc... and that's why, following the aim of this thread and the example of Plexson, I would ask to other users to post here in two ways:
- Confirming that "x" information in the wiki is trustable
- Confirming that it's not and providing a capture of the real upkeep/cost of the given creature

Note: Data regarding to basic creatures like warlock, orc, ogre or Dark elf seems to be correct in the wiki
Thank You

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