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Goblin Keeper Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?
Well, that is a weird question, but this is a game, in case you didn’t know. What kind of game you may ask. Goblin Keeper is a multiplayer strategy game, where you will play an evil, grumpy, ambitious, and merciless overlord trying to conquer the world. Does your evil inner you feel tempted already?

How do I get started?
Well, first of all you are going to need an account, of course. You can register one here.
After registering you will receive a confirmation email to validate your address, click the link you received and you’ll be ready to play!
Important links: Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy - Rules and Guidelines

I’ve read all that already, now what?
Are you really sure about that? Did you read it? I knew it, go back to read!

Ok, now I’ve read it! What’s next?
Then, overlord, is time to begin your evil deeds and conquer the world! Well, basically that, yes, but it’s a little bit more complicated than that. You will need to recruit minions, build up your dungeon from scratch, find new resources, form an army, go to war, expand your dominion, and become more powerful! (Right now, you don’t look powerful or scary at all...)

Anyway, back to our business. You will get your first dungeon as soon as you join and with it, a little minion that will guide you through the first steps. C’mon, even an Orc would be able to do that...

At the beginning you will get some goals that will help you to know how to navigate through the options in the game. Yes, these are easy, but don’t get too confident, conquering the world may take you a bit more than that, and probably other overlords with the same goal will try to ride roughshod over you. So you better get in action already, grow you dungeon and make them respect you!

So, is this for free?
Yes, you can play for free! However, you will have the option to acquire premium currency and get some pretty neat bonuses for your dungeons to speed up things a bit. Some overlords lack the patience and can’t stand to see their lazy minions taking their time to upgrade a room or to mine resources. Patience is not everyone’s gift. Well, this bonuses will make dealing with incompetent minions much much easier! As effective as shocks, whips, forced and merciless labor technologies, with this your minions will be more productive and efficient.
Hey, the dungeons won’t maintain themselves, you know?

Let’s say I’m one of those impatient kind of overlords, how do I get those bonuses?
I saw it coming already, you weren’t even patient enough to read the terms and conditions, so my guess was you wouldn’t be patient to raise your dungeon either. Well, first of all you will need to get Goblin Marks, this is the premium currency. To do so, you can click on the [Buy Goblin Marks] button on the top right. Once you have those, you can visit our shop, located next to the button you just clicked (how convenient) and decide what you want! You will find different kind of bonuses with different durations to help you on your way to world domination!

I want more help!
Hm, I saw that one coming too. You can get some more help in different ways. You can get help ingame when you join an alliance, player with other people and having trustful allies can be really helpful. Who would have thought than a grumpy overlord would be social? Strange, but it seems they have. You can also visit our boards, there you will find guides and some more FAQs, and if you don’t find what you are looking for there, then you can ask yourself and get help from the other users or the members of our team. Still not enough? Well, you can also contact our support, especially if there’s something broken in your dungeon. You can also find other useful information in our Facebook page, where there will be also contests, events, and many other fun things!

How do I get more goblins and other creatures?

In order to get more goblins for your dungeon you will need to some research or upgrade some rooms. The Minion Binding technology, for example, grants you 1 extra goblin in all your dungeons, or a level 4 Den, which grants you a new goblin for that dungeon. There is also a goblin boost that you can acquire from the shop in a temporal or permanent way.

Also, while you level up you will get some rewards. Some of them grant you an extra goblin or an extra creature slot for all your dungeons. The rest of the creatures have their own requirements. In order to get them, you will have to research a specific technology, build a specific room and place specific furniture. Once you have met these requirements and if you have enough space in your dungeon (check in the creature tab, on the top left it will say how many creatures and how much space you have) the creature spawning counter will start.

How do I get more tiles?
There are certain technologies that you can research to get more tiles, like Lesser Stone Binding, Stone Binding and Greater Stone Binding (under Dungeon Mastery) which grant you 25 extra tiles. Certain levels reward you with some tiles too. You can also get up to 4 packs of 25 tiles per dungeon from the shop.

How do I get a second dungeon?
In Goblin Keeper you can handle up to 10 dungeons, which will get unlocked while you level up. To claim your first expansion dungeon you will need to reach level 10, research the Underworld Control technology and finish the Vengeance questline against your Nemesis. You will be able to pick any dungeon to occupy, it doesn’t matter if it’s in the same mountain or not, the only exception will be the “Heart of the Mountain” which requires a high level technology research. In order to make your decision, it’s recommendable to use the Survey function to find out which resources are available in each dungeon.

Why can’t I access the Overworld?
In order to be able to go to the Overworld you need to complete the main quest line at least until the quest “Go to the Overworld”.

How do I gain experience?
Experience is gained through the completion of quests. But also, after reaching level ten, you will get experience from the XP rate your dungeons generate per hour through the different rooms and upgrades.

How can I increase my production rates?
You can increase the rates of each room by:
Upgrading the room
Placing special furniture
Assigning task managers
Adding extra tiles
Getting a boost from the shop

Additionally, in the case of the research rate, you can also increase it by adding more Warlocks or Liches (be aware that there’s a maximum number of researchers depending on the level of the room), training them and/or shocking them to increase their efficiency (this will also decrease their happiness, so be careful).

How do I train my creatures? (Level them up)
At the beginning you will need a Training Ground room to do so. Once you have it, you can go to your Creature Tab and start training them. Of course, each level will consume certain resources depending on what kind of ferocious monster you are training. After level 10, each creature has specific furniture that you will need to place in order to increase the level cap.

Why my mine doesn’t work?
There are three requirements for the mine to work. You need to activate the node, there should be at least one goblin in the dungeon, and there should be at least one mine tile in a 3 squares radio of the node so resources can splash (except for gold, since it does on the vault). Some nodes need a specific technology to be researched in order to be activated.

What happens if I don’t pick up the resources from the ground?
At the beginning they will start stacking until they reach the maximum stack capacity available and there are no more free tiles to spread to. When the limit is reached the production will stop until you collect them. You can increase the stacks size by adding special furniture. Also, your trusted friends can pick up the resources of your dungeons for you.

Where can I change my nickname?
You will be able to change your nickname once you’ve progressed with the tutorial and reached the quest “Rename your Overlord”.

I’ve heard about a shop item but I cannot find it listed there…
Some items which are sequences won’t be listed all at once. For example, the extra tiles packs are shown one by one, once you purchased the first one, the second pack will appear in the shop. In other cases, items can be acquired through different tabs. For example, the option to survey a whole mountain is only available at the mountain overview, or the option to unlock a dungeon slot earlier, which can be purchased through the dungeons overview in the overwold.

I can’t train my creatures pass level 10, why?
To be able to train them beyond level 10, you need to place special furniture that increases the training capacity. For example, a Trophy Holder will increase the maximum level of an Orc by 20.

Why I can’t create an Alliance?
You need to be at least level 14. You’ll see the option to create one at the bottom of the alliance tab, however until you reach the level it won't let you create one. Another possible problem is that the alliance window doesn’t fit in your screen. Try zooming it out by pressing ctrl - and you should be able to see it.

I’ve sent goblins to buy something from the Regional Market and they didn’t come back.
Sometimes the Player doesn’t sync correctly. So you should wait a bit and reload the game. Your goblins may have found a tavern in their way back and having a drink, but they will return with your stuff!

I can’t abandon a dungeon; it says there are active tasks.
Make sure you don’t have goblins transferring stuff from or to that dungeon, that you don’t have any remote mining going on. If you still can’t abandon it, it may be that someone has sent a spy attack on your dungeon, which you can’t see, and prevents you from abandon it until it’s completed.

I have a quest to attract certain creature, but it doesn’t spawn.
As stated in a previous FAQ, creatures require specific technologies, rooms and furniture. For example, to attract a thief, you need to research the technology “Ways of Subterfuge” and place a trapdoor in your lvl 3 tavern. You can check the requirements of each creature in the WIKI

For how long does the starter protection last?
The protection lasts for 7 days after you defeat your Nemesis. This protection applies only to your starter dungeon and only to other players. If you raid a settlement it will be able to retaliate against you. In case you attack another player before your protection expires, you will lose it.

I can’t transfer my creatures to another dungeon, why?
The ability to transfer your creatures to another dungeons is unlocked at level 29. You should make sure that the receiving dungeon has a free population slot for that creature, and the necessary room with space for its bed to be placed. Also, goblins can’t be transferred.

Where can I get leather?
Leather can’t be produced. You will get it by raiding settlements of elves or you can buy from the regional market.

The game doesn’t load, the Flash Player stucks/crashes.
Delete your flash cache. You can find how to do it here.

I can’t see other players’ dungeons, why?
These players might be located in a different region. In order to see their dungeons and to be able to interact with them you will need to research the “Stonegating” technology, which allows you to travel to other regions through the Regional Gate.

I want to play closer to my friends.
You can relocate your starter dungeon closer to them. When you find a free starter dungeon, you can select it and you’ll be asked if you want to relocate it here. Keep in mind that this option costs Goblin Marks.

My quest book is jumping all the time, how do I make it stop?
The quest book jumps whenever there’s something new, this could be recently finished quests awaiting for collection or freshly new quests which you haven’t checked yet. Click on all the quests marked in green (finished) to collect the rewards and blue (new) to acknowledge them. Once you have no quest marked in these colors your book will stop bouncing.

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