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Boomsky Beginners Guide

0. Guide introduction
1. BoomSky!
2. Getting started
   2.1 Sign-up
   2.2 Character creation
   2.3 Tutorial
3. Gameplay
   3.1 Interfaces
   3.2 How to play

This guide will guide you (roughly) through the whole game. I've created this guide because the main website is lacking a clear and useful guide. If you have any suggestions to this guide or any things you think I should add, don't hold back to send me a PM or to post in this thread.

BoomSky! is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game maintained by Game321. It is currently in Beta-status.



To play BoomSky! at Game321 you have to sign-up. I will describe the different steps you have to take to sign up.
Firstly you have to go to

When you are on the Game321 Website, click 'Register' in the upper right corner or in the menu bar on the website.

You will be taken to a page called 'Passport Managment'. Fill in all the required information and read and agree with the End User License Agreement (EULA). After that, click register. Game321 will send you an e-mail to confirm the activation of your account. Click the activation link in the e-mail and violà! You have signed up to Game321 and all their games. You can now acces the game by clicking on the 'Start game' button on

You will be taken to the world select screen. Currently , there is only one world available. Click 'Eaarth Planet' to acces the game.


First you will have to decide whether you want to be a boy or a girl in-game.

Secondly, decide what your in-game name will be, and click 'Enter Game'. This should take you to the tutorial.


The tutorial explains the fundamental gameplay mechanics. This section is under construction.
This part is still under construction



a) World interface
The world interface should look like this:

'Top up': you can purchase Gold Beans here to gain acces to premium items
'Shop': you can purchase all kinds of stuff (warplanes, outfits, items, etc...) here
'Character': the character customization screen pops up when clicking this icon. Here you can Customize your character and its stats, use and view your items, etc...
'Warplane': clicking this icon will take you to the 'warplane customization' screen. Here you change your warplane and customize it with different items.
'Missions': clicking this icon will display all sorts of missions you can complete to gain rewards like experience, gold or items.
'Friends': you can acces and manage your friends by clicking this icon
'Email': You can send, read and receive messages here
'Settings': customize sound and gameplay experience here

Your main objective is to eliminate all enemies on the map. You do so by shooting enemy warplanes down. To shoot, adjust your angle and direction in which you wish to fire by pressing the up and down arrow keys or by scrolling with the mouse wheel to adjust angle and the left and right arrow keys to change direction. Hold the spacebar to power up your attack (more power means your shot will travel further and in a different curve).

When fighting your opponent you can make use of different skills you have unlocked by leveling up and completing missions.
Warmblood: Cost 25, timelag 10. Increases cannonball attack next turn, does not apply to blast weapons.
Supply: cost 15, timelag 10. Fuel tank +1 (instant)
Ironwall: Cost 28, timelag 10. reduce a certain amount of damage for 1 turn
Double Strike: cost 30, timelag 10. Fires twice next attack with 50% reduced damage, does not apply to blast weapons.
Cutthrough: Cost35, timelag 10. Reduces enemy's defense next attack, does not fall below 0. does not apply to blast weapons.
Teleport: Cost 60, timelag 30. Warmblood+ironwall. Self-explanatory.
Recoil: cost 20, timelag 10. Bounces you off next firing. The greater the launch power, the further it bounces you off.
Courage: cost 50, timelag 20. Doublestrike+warmblood. Self-Explanatory.
Hope: cost 50, timelag 20. Cutthrough+Ironwall. Self-explanatory.
Raid: cost 50, timelag 20. Warmblood+ironwall. Self-Explanatory
Miracle: cost 70, timelag 20. Warmblood+cutthrough+Doublestrike. Self-explanatory

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