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Boomsky Newbies Guide

Player name:Neo( also known as noob or bully by my legion T.T)
Iam making this guide for the people who were not in closed beta other people also feel free to gain help from it
Types of warplane
best type of warplane for attackers:

Red Baron: this warplane is good as attacker though it has low defense ability.This warplane is a good choice as your first warplane but i advice you to change it as soon as you have enough money to buy a new one.
Powder Keg: A TNT powder keg that blasts the targets away(only one blast so if u miss then its a fail)
Attack Squad: Summon the attack squad to bomb the target point consecutively(Many blasts)

F-10:This plane is a good choice for attacker but your aim has to be quite good or u have to be used to this plane.This plane has a high attack with moderate defense.
3-Load Missile: Launches 3 missiles at the same time, which will be powerful if they hit the targets together(try to get close or above your enemy this way u can easily hit 3 missiles)
Thunder Missile: Launches 1 main missile that will split off a number of bombing missiles after flying for a while(remember to always land the hit on the target rather than detonate it)

Bronco:this plane is probably the best attacker plane available which attacks with can get this plane from a quest which comes at level 12-15 or near that level.
Flaming Spirit: Shoots 1 fire that will split off another one to continue tracking and attacking after the target is hit(very good attack and helpful against mobs cuz even if one mob die it will attack another one near it)
Lava Spirit: Shoots 1 Fire Spirit, generates 1 magic circle and attacks from 6 corners(one of my fav attacks cuz it gives large range attack which can attack 2 or more enemy at same time and even if u detonate chances of missing is slim)

Best speed warplanes:
Gale:One of the best speed type planes and i suggest u choose this or red baron as your first plane.It has high attack with high speed but the defence is low.
Petit Twister: Blows a petit twister from the wings to attack(like red baron if u miss the attack then its a fail)
Violate Whirlwind: Blows a huge whirlwind with wings and absorbs the targets it encounters into the whirlwind(it has a slight large range than other attack but mostly upwards)

Deformable Warplane:It has more speed than gale but the attack is quite normal except the special attack which has high damage and defense is quite poor so i suggest u keep moving in order to avoid hits.dunno how people deform it to strength
Missile Launch: Launches a missile that will explode consecutively at the shot point(many small blasts but not so strong against defense type enemies)
Full Blast: Summons the hero warplane to attack a target with the showers of bullets(powerful attack)

Best defense type warplanes:
Frigid: by far the best defense plane and my fav warplane.It has high defence with above average attack and moderate speed.its attack freezes the enemy which disables movement a very good ability
Cold Effect: Shoots ice cubes to attack(some chance of freezing enemy and high attack but like red baron if miss its a fail attempt)
Deep Freeze: Bombs a huge magic circle that freezes all warplanes within(amazing attack that freezes enemy and is like bronco special attack)

flying container:dunno about this plane. never fought it during closed beta and never bought it but from what i have heard its suppose to have high defense.
Scissors: Throw a slipper that will stick on the enemy after hitting him/her
Cell Phone: Throw an iphone  that turns into a cell phone after flying for 2 seconds
(dunno about these attacks)

1.when attacking try to be above the enemy becuz there might be times u cant shoot the above enemy cuz of limitations of angle.
2.whenever your fighting a person with full name it means they r computerz so dont get frustrated if they shoot u everytime.
3.always remember the angle and speed of your shoot so u can increase or decrease speed according to the enemies position.
4.use your enchantment stones after joining legion to have extra success rate.(if u have equipment that gives less than 70-60% success rate if its near 100% use it)
5.whenever u see the name Neo in fight run as far as u can  just joking

The attacks i copied are from the original website(the brackets text is my opinion)
IF u have anything to add just tell me or post it.
please say it gently  if i made any mistakes so i can correct them and make sure that information is authentic
i know my guide is not good enough  but this is my first guide and also i only played this game for 4 days.
sorry for my English  

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