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Feudon Level 30 - 40 Guide

► Newly Added Resources
► Level Limit
Highest Senatus level in this Area: 40
► Area
Level 40
► Enemy NPC
Germania & Hispania


When players have defeated Ariterix from Gaul, Lv 40 Areas will be open. In Lv 40 Areas players can entrust businessmen to get more advanced Equipment, mainly Horses and Shields.

First, about the new function---Entrustment. When the Senatus is upgraded to Lv 30, Entrustment panel will be open in the section of Armory. Players are suggested to entrust dealers to get Orange Horse with which NPCs will be easier to pass.

Second, about upgrading Senatus. There is one thing players must know: Bugle will not be consumed if players fail to defeat a NPC before he reaches Lv 35. After that, however, a defeated fight with NPC will also cost Bugle. Remember this and be more careful when battling NPCs if you are already at Lv 35.

Third, about fighting NPCs. 2 maps for this stage, of which Germania has the access to Lv 60 Areas. Germania has the Heroes of Engine Unit with high physical offense, of Engine Unit with single Critical Hit, of Engine Unit with high single Damage to recruit. Hispania has the Hero of Engine Unit with line offense. Recruitment depends on players’ interest.

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