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Feudon Level 40 - 60 Guide

►Newly Added Resources
►Level Limit
Highest Senatus level in this Area: 60
Level 60
►Enemy NPC
Egypt & Britannia


After defeating Ballomar from Germania, players can relocate to Lv 60 Areas in which Commerce and Area War will be open.

First, about Commerce. When the Senatus is upgraded to Lv 41, you will have the building of Vomitorium in your City and from there dispatch Caravans to other players. This is called Commerce and both parties get Silver revenue from Commerce. With the help of Commerce, players can be more financially capable to upgrade Equipment and entrust dealers for superior Equipment.

Tips: Do not upgrade Vomitorium too high for once. Commerce is refreshed upon every upgrading of Vomitorium, so upgrade it only when the Commerce in it is finished. In this way, you can make full use of Vomitorium at every level.

Second, about Area War. There are 2 Lv 60 Areas in each Family. Players in one of them can start Area War against a Lv 60 Area of other Families, while players in the other Area cannot. When the Area War breaks out, which usually takes place in autumn, players in both Areas can join in and will be rewarded with plentiful Prestige either winning or losing the war. But the defeated side will lose 20% of its Family share in that Area.

Third, about fighting NPCs in Egypt and Britannia. Egypt leads to Lv 80 Areas. There is a saying that is like “Come to Egypt for the sake of Cleopatra”. You have a reason to recruit Cleopatra because her troop, the Harpers, can increase the Rage Points of all of your Heroes and practically enhance their strength. Besides, she is so beautiful. Who could turn down a beautiful woman?

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