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Feudon Level 20 - 30 Guide

► Newly Added Resources
Prestige (for Promotion)
► Level Limit
Highest Senatus level in this Area: 30
► Area
Level 30
► Enemy NPC
Gaul & Greece


When you’ve defeated the boss in the map of Macedon, Lv 30 Area will be open to you. Before you relocate to a Lv 30 Area, you have to choose and join a Family.

First, about Family choosing. The 3 candidates--- the Scipii, the Julii and the Brutii---have different battling features which can be seen from their Prestige Heroes. The Scipii feature column offense and physical offense, the Julii plane offense and the Brutii row offense and single offense. They have similar property of territories and differ just in fighting modes. Players often choose a Family out of personal interests.

Second, the new resource Prestige is a key factor in your development. Prestige is supposed to decide your Noble Rank in your Family. A high enough Noble Rank is the only way to get the Prestige Heroes exclusively owned by your Family. So higher Prestige, more Prestige Heroes.

Third, about NPCs in Gaul and Greece. Defeating the Gallic NPCs is the precondition to entering Lv 40 Areas. Stronger NPCs will show in the map of Gaul, such as the column offense Heroes and plane RS offense Heroes. NPCs in Greece have two important supportive units---Medical Corps and Priestess and a dreadful RS Hero---the Hero of Total Attack.

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