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Feudon Level 10 - 20 Guide

► Newly Added Resources
► Level Limit
Highest Senatus level in this Area: 20
► Area
Level 20
► Enemy NPC


When you have defeated Spartacus in Apennine, you are able to relocate your City to Rome where City can be upgraded to level 20.

When you are in Rome, first, upgrade Senatus to level 11. Then you’ll have University where you can study technologies to remarkably enhance your military power.

Second, reserve more Crops. When the Senatus is upgraded to Lv 10, you’ll have the building of Granary and a new resource---Crops which you rely on to employ Soldiers. You are suggested to reserve plentiful Crops from now on for Soldiers will be consumed in fights after the Senatus has achieved Lv 15. Get yourself prepared for that!

Third, about fighting NPC. Remember to upgrade both Equipment and Heroes in the course of fighting NPCs. This helps you move quicker. There are 3 recruitable Heroes in the map of Macedon, of which Biblus is a must to have. Biblus’ troop is an Engine Unit which has high Offense and Critical Hits. Other two Heroes are equally useful. Recruitment is upon your own choice.

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