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Feudon Hero Rage Skill Guide

A detailed guide to each NPC hero, which can be recruited by beating them on the NPC maps.
Explanation of Terms:
RS = Rage-Skill = powerful attack released by the warlord upon reaching 100 or more RP
RP = Rage-Points = the points needed for the RS-attack
Miss = the chance to evade an attack; the enemy heroes have a chance on missing their attack on this hero
Block = the enemy hero will deal no damage with his attack, rather your hero will strike back with his physical damage only!
Troop Count = the ‘HP’ of a hero.
Traits = the leadership (LS) / bravery (BR) / intelligence (INT) stats of the heroes upon recruiting them

Mid-Game NPC Heroes (Carthage through Armenia)

Hasdrubal (RS, Carthage): His RS is “Ambush”, working like a fusion of “Total Attack” and Pompey’s stun. It damages every enemy hero, and has the chance to stun them for 1 round. His damage is mediocre, but his RS in itself makes him a formidable secondary RS hero for any setup. A cavalry unit with good miss and decent block.
Hannibal (RS, Carthage): His RS is “Instigate”, one of the most nasty skills out there. He deals high single target damage, and heals himself for the amount of damage he dealt with the attack. He is the best mid-game counter to any engine build out there, but his damage starts lacking in the late game making him inferior to other heroes. Still worth the pick up as a support or tanking RS hero for any line up. He is an Urban Cohort, a unit that should be remembered, since its innate ability is to reduce any damage dealt to him, aside from tactical damage. He also has decent block.

Jugurtha (RS, Numidia): His RS is “High-Spirited”, allowing him to deal high single target damage, and setting his Rp back to 100 after each attack. It is the first so called “repeating RS” you can recruit, and is one of the few repeating skills that do not need a weapon to amplify the damage (making it quite cheap). He has a good mid game, and a fun time against any engine line up. Contrary to all other repeating RS you will encounter later on, he needs no weapon to increase his damage output, which, on the down side makes his damage lacking in the later stages of the game. A cavalry unit with very good miss. However: his low troop count and traits make him inferior in the late game. Until you get your family version of High-Spirited, there are a few other single target power houses to pick up.

Gauda (RS, Numidia): His RS is “Attached Attack”, which allows him to attack a single target once, twice and sometimes even three times, completely luck dependent. It seems like an improved Double-Hit, and also needs a weapon and a horse to deal damage. Since only the first hit is sure, and the rest is pure luck, his damage output varies greatly, making him not worth the money and time to pick him up. A cavalry unit with decent miss

Mithridates (RS, Pontus): His RS is “Collide”, a high damage, single target attack, combining the damage of his weapon and his horse. It is one of the most powerful single target RS attacks, but really expensive, especially in the mid game. In the late game however there will be better alternatives to Mithridates, since his traits totally suck. Cavalry with decent miss.

Philip (RS, Rhodes): His RS is “Sacrifice”, which allows him, as the name implies, to sacrifice a part of his own troops to deal an unholy amount of damage to a single target enemy, in most cases one-hitting them. Sacrifice itself is one of the more tricky skills so here some tips:
1. level up your shield to decrease the sacrifice cost
2. increase the bravery traits to maximum, since Philip’s standard traits are mediocre
3. Philip’s ability to tank is quite bad, so he is best used as a ‘glass-cannon’ in the back of your array.
4. sacrifice, being the most powerful single target RS skill in the game, is not a skill made for long fights; either you one-hit your enemies, or you loose! Upgrade your horse accordingly
5. Only Philip in your line up is not recommended. Use him as switch out hero, or as secondary RS.
Cavalry unit with good miss.

Artaxias (RS, Armenia): His RS is “Anger”, which is the polar opposite of Sacrifice. Your hero starts with mediocre damage, hitting a single target. The lower your hero’s HP though, the higher the damage will become, making him a beast in drawn out fights. For Anger to work, your hero needs to be tank, so you can survive a lot of hits, and decrease your HP, but not die. Artaxias’ traits suck though, which makes it hard to successfully run him. Cavalry unit with good miss.

Late Game NPC Heroes (Parthia through Selucid)

Arsaces (RS, Parthia): His RS is “Testudo”, a repeating RS, putting Arsaces into a state that reduces any damage dealt to him by 50%, except tactical damage. He needs a weapon and a horse to deal damage, but for anyone who is inclined to pick him up, damage is not important. His tank abilities are outstanding, making him a perfect support RS hero for a hybrid setup. Testudo is the best counter for high damage single target abilities such as Anger or Sacrifice. Infantry unit with mediocre block.

Michael (RS, Thrace): His RS is “Speech”, which allows him to increase the RP of all the RS heroes in your array by +100, even stacking the RP up to insane numbers. He is one of the most powerful supports one can have in a RS line up. He deals no damage, so there is no need to level another horse, or weapon for him, making him an insanely cheap support. Infantry unit with unholy innate block. His traits are mediocre, but since he doesn’t need to deal any damage, that can be accepted.

Louise (RS, Italy): Her RS is “Shield Wall”, allowing her to block close to 100% of physical attacks coming her way, making her the best counter for any full engine setup. Also Shield Wall amplifies the block returning block damage. She is also one of the exceptions: repeating RS, but only a horse needed to deal damage, though a weapon increases the block damage, and allows her to take enemy engine set ups apart by herself. The only valid way for an engine set up to counter her is a tactical unit, or a high damage RS unit, which is very hard to come by, until the very end of the game. Infantry unit with even higher innate ability to block than michael. Her traits are decent, but her main focus lies on blocking, making her traits rather unimportant.

Temuchin (RS, Mongolia): His RS is “Repeating Instigate”, which already lets bad memories of Hannibal resurface. He needs a weapon and a horse in order to deal any damage at all, and in order to make him killable he only heals himself for 50% of the damage dealt to his opponent. I’ve never tested him, but I heard from others who did, that his damage was incredibly low, so he is supposedly not worth the money needed for a horse and a weapon. From what I have seen in test fights, that is true. Infantry unit with mediocre block.

Anitochus (RS, Selucid): His RS is “Repeating Collide”, allowing him to deal insane amounts of damage to single targets. Also the repeat in the skill name finally makes collide worth its money, making Antiochus one of the major damage dealers for RS users in the late game. His troop count, like all heroes of the late game is on par, or even higher, than most family heroes, and also his traits are the highest I have ever seen. He is a Gladiator unit, increasing his damage even more, and giving him a slight chance to block attacks. Infantry unit with mediocre block.

(IMO) Repeating RS hero's will be the best to chose and hope people dont end up taking low cost hero's to level 100+ thinking it works.

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