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Social Empires Attacking Enemy Empires

To attack enemy cities and the AI-controlled trolls that roam around, you will need to build yourself some military units. These require a building to train them in, and population space - so ensure you have enough houses free for them. Below are the most basic buildings for training military units, which can later be replaced with upgraded versions as you move through the levels. Ranking up will provide the ability to train Swordsmen, Long Swordsmen, Medium Archers, Heavy Archers, Medium Knights, Heavy Knights, Catapults, Rams and Cannons.

To train Spearmen, you need to build barracks. Barracks are currently upgradable to Level 6. All these require Wood except the top version, which needs Gold.

To train Archers, you need to build an archery range. Archery Ranges are currently upgradable to Level 5. All these require Wood except the top version, which needs Gold.

To train Cavalry, you need to build a stable. Stables are currently upgradable to Level 5, while you can also construct Archery Stables. Elephant Stables are now available too, but are only purchasable using Cash. All these require Wood except the top version, which needs Gold.   

With the Training Stables, you simply need to place an infantry unit inside it, at which point it will be trained to become a mounted unit, as long as you have enough horses. Put a Heavy Archer in there to make a Heavy Archer Knight, for example. Doing this increases unit attack damage by 2 points, with the horse adding power to your attacks.

You get Horses in the same way as cows and sheep - send a unit to them to capture them from around the map and then lead them back to the stables.

Dragons form a crucial part of Social Empires. You begin the game with a Dragon Breeding Nest, and are allowed one free dragon to get you started (older players have to build the Breeding Nest, but the principle is the same).

From then on, all you have to do is enter the Dragon Breeding Nest and press 'Take Care' once every six hours. If you do this enough times to fill up the progress bar, you will then get another dragon to add to your army, completely free! Dragons are immensely powerful, and in fact can pretty much take on the first few Troll Camps single handedly.   

More powerful dragons and some different types can be purchase using Social Empires Cash in unit collections, while others come as rewards for progressing through the game and as part of various promotions.

Dead Dragons:
You may well get attached to your Dragons, especially the first one that you get. It is possible to get them back if they are killed in battle, by purchasing a Graveyard. You should be able to see your lost dragon there and can then purchase its revival for 3 Social Empires Cash or 2 Potions. If you cannot see your slain Dragon in the Graveyard, unfortunately it will mean that there is no way to get it back.

As well as using the Graveyard to revive your Dragons, as mentioned above, you can also revive units, heroes, and get reinforcements by resurrecting them via the Graveyard.

You can find the Graveyard in the build menu under Miscellaneous.

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