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Senatry Persia Guide

Recommended Heroes: Calenus (Julii), Scipio (Scipii), Brutus (Brutii), Michael, Spartacus, Roscius and 3 Harpers.
Early work: Hero levels and Equipment levels being above Lv 115, Troop levels being above Lv 130, Trait Points of Heroes being nearly full, the Offense Card, Defense Card and Soldiers Capacity Card being put into use, Betterment Cards being applied on the major Equipment.

I’ll elaborate the points in passing Persia with 4 examples of Julii against NPCs.
Scout I
Scout I has all his offense and defense force centralized in the right wing and both the offense troops shoot the rage skill of Repeating Sweep. In this case we could use W array with Spartacus and Calenus settled in it. Spartacus resists much of the damage for he’s capable of the Guard skill while Calenus is an excellent shooter.
Notes: Consider the formation of the array ahead of its special bonus when necessary.

Elite NPC—Bardiya
Bardiya has 4 RS heroes. We shall use a RP Burn hero—Roscius to take care of them and order Calenus to take them down.
Notes: Harpers are suggested to be placed beside the main attacking forces to sustain their lives.

Main Force I
There are 3 Repeating Sputter heroes in his troops which could possibly be balanced by Calenus and more than 2 Harpers from your side. Priest, as the secret weapon of his, should get your particular attention and be wiped out at the first time.
Notes: Bulls and Priests should be got rid of as soon as possible in all cases.

Main Force III
This troop has a Repeating Sputter hero and 3 Harpers, so his damage is unimaginable. But still there is a way to cope with that. We’ll use V array with Spartacus settled in the middle. Therefore, the great Repeating Sputter will hurt Spartacus only. But you know, Spartacus is a born shield…
Notes: Always remember to avoid the enemy’s heavy attacks.

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