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Dragon Nest Wind Walker Build Guide

Dragon Nest Wind Walker Build Guide by Misuki

[Requested] By Choco! Enjoy this everyone needing it. Will update this as well alongside my Tempest guide. This was a rushed guide (possibly 1 hour of research total, 1-2hours of skill simulating).

Tempest and Wind Walkers follow the same skills. They differentiate with Spiral Kick Vs Kick Shot. Also, some other skills are increased such as Eagle's Dive, Somersault Dance later.

Lv1: None
Lv2: None
Lv3: 1 Willow Kick
Lv4: 1 Piercing Shot, 1 Moonsault Kick
Lv5: 1 Pin Wheel, 1 Multi Shot
Lv6: 1 Somersault Kick
Lv7: None
Lv8: 1 Multi Shot
Lv9: 1 Willow Kick
Lv10: 1 Tumble, 1 Power Tumble
Lv11: 1 Multi Shot
Lv12: 1 Willow Kick, 1 Wisdom of the Owl (Your choice to get this skill. I find it very useful for that extra "boost".)
Lv13: None
Lv14: 1 Multi Shot
Lv15: 1 Willow Kick

Lv2 Piercing Shot
Lv4 Multi Shot
Lv4 Willow Kick
Lv2 Tumble
Lv1 Everything else that you have either already had or put 1 into.

Same as my Tempest/Kick Acrobat Build.

Archer (Lv15-Cap)
Lv15: None
Lv16: 1 Aerial Evasion
Lv17: 1 Multi Shot,
Lv18: None
Lv19: None
Lv20: 1 Tumble, 1 Multi Shot, 1 Power Tumble, 1 Mental Mastery, 1 Health Bolster
Lv21: None
Lv22: None
Lv23: 1 Multi Shot
Lv24: None
Lv25: None
Lv26: 1 Aerial Evasion
Lv27: 1 Mental Fortitude
Lv28: None
Lv29: None
Lv30: 1 Tumble, 1 Power Tumble, 1 Attuned Mind
Lv31: None
Lv32: None
Lv33: None
Lv34: None
Lv35: 1 Fury of the Owl
Lv36: 1 Aerial Evasion
Lv37: 1 Attuned Mind
Lv38: None
Lv39: None
Lv40: 1 Tumble, 1 Power Tumble

Acrobat (Lv15-Cap)
Lv16: None
Lv17: 1 Spirit Shot, 1 Eagle Dive
Lv18: 1 Kick Shot
Lv19: 1 Marionette, 1 Chain Tumble
Lv20: 1 Spiral Kick, 1 Eagle Dive
Lv21: 1 Kick Shot
Lv22: 1 Marionette
Lv23: 1 Eagle Dive, 1 Spiral Kick, 1 Blooming Kick, 1 Chain Tumble, 1 Spiritual Focus
Lv24: None
Lv25: 1 Binding Shot
Lv26: 1 Blooming Kick, 1 Ring Shot, 1 Somersault Dance
Lv27: 1 Chain Tumble, 1 Spiral Kick
Lv28: 1 Spiritual Focus
Lv29: 1 Ring Shot, 1 Counter Ring Shot, 1 Blooming Kick, 1 Spirit Boost
Lv30: 1 Somersault Dance, None
Lv31: 1 Chain Tumble
Lv32: 1 Furious Winds, 1 Blooming Kick, 1 Cyclone Kick, 1 Ring Shot
Lv33: None
Lv34: None
Lv35: 1 Furious Winds, 1 Ring Shot, 1 Cyclone Kick, 1 Shortbow Mastery, 1 Chain Tumble, 1 Spindle Tumble
Lv36: 1 Shortbow Mastery
Lv37: None
Lv38: 1 Furious Winds, 1 Ring Shot, 1 Cyclone Kick, 1 Somersault Kick
Lv39: 1 Chain Tumble
Lv40: 1 Quakes Barrage, 1 Shortbow Mastery

This next part goes into detail on what the extra SP can/should be put into. I did not include Lv32 because when trying to add other skills, it conflicts with the max SP limit when you add other skills.

@Lv40 Extra SP will be spent on Spiral Kick.
Get it to Lv7. (Limit limits you from going higher)

Archer Lv50:
Add these skills once you've hit Lv50!
Lv5 Power Tumble
Lv5 Twin Shot
Lv12 Multi Shot

Acrobat Lv40-50+: (Refer to Lv50 Tree)
While leveling, these skills will be raised for future skills/damage.
Lv9 Spiral Kick (Lv7 previously)
Lv7 Somersault Dance (Lv2 previously)
Lv7 Eagle's Dive (Lv3 previously)

Wind Walker Lv40-50+:
Lv45: 1 Showtime
Lv47: 1 Spiral Kick EX
Lv50: 1 Rising Storm

Lv32 Tree Example:|113$197$0&ifr=windwalker.html
0 SP Remaining

Lv40 Tree Example:|117$250$0&ifr=windwalker.html
33 Sp Remaining

Lv50 Tree Example:|144$310$45&ifr=windwalker.h tml
2 SP Remaining!

In action!

My apologies for the last part of the build. It was a bit jumbled up. Hope this helps at all. When I have more time, I will make this guide look much smoother and more detailed.

Like I said, I will update this guide when I have more free time. I had to rush this for Choco. Stuff came up! Any mistakes and whatnot please leave comments.

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