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Spiral Knights Dark Festival Guide

I will be answering your questions about anything in the dark festival. They must related to it. So if you have any questions, please comment below and Ill add them.

The Dark Festival
The dark festival is a party that celebrates Halloween and Haven changes. It happens in October and you can buy items from the strangers for a limited time. You can buy a temp costume or get a permanent one which will cost 75 pieces of candy. You can get candy from the Punkin King. There is also a new mission where you can get candy daily. Only once per day. You can also find him in a arcade run.
1) What is the difference between a paper and replica mask?
Nothing. They both expire when the festival ends because it eventually breaks and doesn't last forever. If you would like a good and perm mask, you should get the one with good graphics, but it will be very expensive. It costs 75 pieces of candy. Best part, it's permanent!

2) Why can't I do the new mission for the dark festival?
It's because you either played it already or you aren't in the right rank. You need to be higher than rank 4-1. The only thing is, Tier 1 will give the fewest amount of candy while Tier 3 gets the highest amount. So reach as high as you can. Also there was an exploit a few days ago where you could redo the new prestige mission for the dark festival as much as you wanted, and that was a bad thing. Because rich people with lots of energy could redo it and get everything in 1 day.

3) Whats the difference between Tier 2 and Tier 3 in the Dark harvest when it's only harder and the same amount of candy?
There IS a difference between the tiers and what rank you are in. The higher you are at, the more candy you get. The more harder it is, the more candy you recieve. It will be easier to get items when you are in Tier 3.

4) Where can you find the Punkin king?
You can find him in the daily prestige "Dark Harvest", but you can also find him in the arcades. You can have lots of chances in recieving candy. Look for the icon with the gears. "Deconstruction Zones" will not have him at all, but in a clockworks place like cooling chamber, blast furnace, etc... you can find him in more than those. No, they aren't in the missions section.

5) What is the difference between Trick and Treat?
Trick is a bad thing, so you should cross your hands and hope for treat. You will be getting treat a bit more often than getting trick. When you get trick, the PK will launch his pumpkin head around and you have to hit it. There will also be spawners where the enemies come and explode. There will be lots around and lots of their explosives will be out. So it will be hard. Hit the pumpkin as much as you can. You will have 2 minutes to hit it. Nobody can master it easily. Treat is a good thing, because the PK instantly gives you treats. They give candy based by what tier you are doing.

6) What does PK stand for?
It stands for Punkin King. It's a short way in saying his name

7) Any tips for the Punkin King when you fight him as trick?
Some times I can give you. Find a big space where there isn't any explosives and if you see the pumpkin there, you can hit him with something. I can list the tips here.
-Big space like what I said. You need big space with nothing in your way to get a chance in hitting the pumpkin
-Follow the PK around. If you can't hit him, just run quickly and hit him. You should put strong defense and have a full party if you can't go beat him
-Make a party member distract them while you go and hit him.
I will list more tips, but if I need to list some more, I will add it. I might even consider changing some.

8) Are there other kinds of tricks from the Punkin King? -Answered by Darrke
Yes. There are two versions of trick. One is greyish gourdlings that cause stun, which slows you down if you get a hit. The second, more vile one IMO, is when the gourdlings are reddish colored and explode much like blast cubes, leaving bits that explode later. There is no easy way to predict the Punkin Kings movement. I can say after you hit him a few times he will bounce to the next adjacent side of the room. So from a parallel side to perpendicular, and vice versa, sides that are CONNECTED. So if he moves(jumps), run at an angle to the next connected side, and he should be there if not, he's opposite of you. Just keep moving after him, you'll hit him eventually. Its better with party members, more angles of attack.

9) Why can't I find Punkin King?
There are lots of ways to find Punkin King. There is the arcade clockworks with the gear sign, but it's a chance that you can't get him. It is suppose to give you a big chance in getting him. More details will be added.

10) Is there any way to preview halloween armor without wearing it?
Yes. For the dark harvest, when you look at the masks, you can press preview on it. You can view others at the auction house. If you have a Halloween costume that you would like to preview, go to the dark harvest stranger, and click preview on the costume you want. You can actually preview it!

11) If trick means the punkin king's head flies around, how long do we have to hit it?
You have at least 2 minutes to hit his head. You should also accompany a full party to help. No, there is no unlimited time until you hit the punkin king the maximum you hit him. It's always 2 minutes. If you don't get any candy, the clock does not extend. If you don't get any, you don't get any. It is based on how much you hit him. It's also how lucky you get from him dropping candy.

12) How much times do you need to hit him for him to drop a candy?
I suggest you would just go crazy and spam your weapon to hit him. He goes all over the place so you should just hit him as much as you can. Every 2 hits I do with the hammer, he drops a piece of candy. I usually get about 4 or 7 pieces of candy. If the PK is gone when you hit him so much, then he probably had no more candy and exploded. If you hit him in the right amount of hits, you can finish Trick easily and it will feel like treat
This is also a place to discuss.

13) Are you able to keep the candy forever or will they be gone?
Well, dark festival is coming to a end, so it means that around November 7, every player will not have the candy. It will stop the abuse in the next Dark festival from players spending all their previous candy and buy stuff easier.

14) When will the Dark Festival come?
It will come every year in October to celebrate October. It's like a party and you can get items such as the Dark Festival prize box. If you want to get Dark Festival items, you can go farm the Punkin King. He is the king that gives candy or sends enemies. There are lots of things to do in the Dark Festival.
Thank you Darrke, for helping me answer question 8. Your name will be placed at the question.

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