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Cyber Monster Pet & Monster Guide

Players can click the Monster Guide  on the upper right corner of the interface
to check if there is any monster you encountered. Defeat the monster again and you can summon the monster as the pet!

The higher the sigil level, the stronger monster you can summon as the pet. Click Summon to get your own pet! There’ll be a cooldown after each summoning.

Pet is undoubtedly important in the battle. How to use the pet stats well is crucial to developing the pet with high Talent.

Name: Pet’s name in the game
Level: to symbolize how powerful the pet is. The higher the pet level, the stronger it is
EXP: Train the pets by letting them battle and do quests. The more battles and quests they do, the more EXP they’ll get. When EXP accumulates to a certain extent, the pets will level up automatically
Display: is to let other players in the same channel see the pet.
Release: discard the pet
Change Name: is to rename the pet
Stats: includes HP, ATK, DEF, SPD, AVD, CRT.
Category: Pets can be divided into 5 categories based on the features: elf, animal, monster, dragon, humanoid. They are restricting each other:
Elf beats humanoid, animal
Animal beats humanoid, dragon
Monster beats animal, elf,
Dragon beats monster, elf
Humanoid beats dragon, monster
Skill: each pet owns the skill that is in line with the growth. Skill will increase with the pet level. Skill is unlocked at Lv.20. Released by the SPR, the skill can be divided into 4 kinds by the target number:    Single, Line, Rank, All and into 2 kinds of the effects: healing and damage.
Skill II is unlocked at Lv.40. Apart from the original effects, the skill can also cause the extra effects, including the armor break and stun, etc.
Skill III is unlocked at Lv.60. Different from the skill II, skill III can greatly raise the proc rate.

Revive: is divided into Normal Revive and Crystal Revive. Just refresh the pet growth to revive, but it will level down the pet to Lv.1.
Normal Revive randomly refreshes the pet stats while Advanced Revive raises the pet Talent.
Enhance Cap: is to raise the Talent cap.

Pet Signet System
Pet signet system is used to seal the useless pets and transfer them into the signets that can raise pets’ ability when equipped. Besides, signets can blend each other to raise the effects.

The signet slot unlocks as the pet levels up. 1 signet will be unlocked at Lv.30. Every 10 levels up will unlock 1 signet. The pet can only wear 1 signet of the same kind.
How to EnterSeal Interface: click Signet button to enter its interface where you click the Seal button

There’re 2 sealing methods to choose from. One is pet seal. The player selects the useless pet to seal. The pet vanishes after the sealing.Higher level seal can get the powerful signet. The other is magic seal that won’t cost pet but 20000 Gold.
Signet grade varies with the seal cost. The odds are shown in the outcome forecast.

Click one-click-synthesize to synthesize the signets. You can choose the synth type beside the one-click-synthesize.

Click one-click-seal to synthesize the signets in all slots. Each signet costs 30000 Gold.

How to wear the signet: click signet button, choose the pet and drag the signet to the signet slot. Another method is to click one-click-equip on the interface and then equip all signets to the pet. Click one-click-detach to take down all signets on the pet.

Raise Pet
Pet’s Talent Cap increases by 5% ~10% as the pet levels up by 20. Players can click the button beside the Talent Bar to add the pet’s Talent, which costs items as shown below.

There are 4 types of the items: Low Growth, Mid Growth, High Growth and Rapid Growth, four of which grow the Talent differently. Low Growth raises the Talent by 1; Mid Growth by 3; High Growth by 10; Rapid Growth by 30. Players can spend Goupon buying the items or get them from other events
Enhance Cap
Click Enhance Cap to enter the panel.

Click Enhance to enhance the unsatisfying Talent. Each Enhance costs the Potential.
To get the Potential, you have to buy the Coupon or absorb it from other pets.
Absorption can be done up to 5 times every day. The pets with higher sigil levels carry more Potential. '

Monster Guide
The monster that players have defeated while doing the quests or killing monsters may appear in the Monster Guild. If so, player can re-challenge and summon it as your pet if you win and meet the requirement on the sigil level. Summoning the pet costs Coupon and time. Click Summon to claim the pet. There’s cooldown for summoning. Please re-summon it after the cooldown is over.

Elite Coliseum consists of 8 floors with 6 Bosses each for the first 7 floors and 5 Bosses on the 8th floor.
Lv.45 players and higher can challenge Elite Coliseum once and have 1 chance for revival every day. Next day, players start to challenge the 6 Bosses prior to the historic highest floor (i.e., the previous floor of the historic highest floor) and refresh the chance for revival.

Buy Revive button will appear after the revival chance is used up. Players can continue to challenge the boss when reviving. 1 Revive costs 20 Crystals. There’s no limit on how many Revives you buy.

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