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Cyber Monster Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: How many kinds of resources are there in the game?
A: There are 4 kinds of resources in the Cyber Monster: Gold, Element, Crystal and Coupon. Gold and Element are attainable in Daily Quests, Mind Quiz, Monster Kill, etc; Crystal is attainable in the in-game activities and shop; Coupon is attainable in top-up and events.
2. Q: Can the 4 resources convert to each other?
A: They are convertible except Coupon. For example, you buy a gear with Gold. Then, you use Crystal to dismantle the gear and finally get Element. In this way, they convert to each other.
3. Q: What can 4 resources do respectively?
A: Gold can be used to attend the in-game activities, repair gears, buy items and dismantle gears; Element is mainly used to level up gear, pet and raise the guild donation; Crystal is mainly used to access high level functions, e.g. the revival of pets; Coupon, as the in-game currency, is mainly used to buy shop items and quickly raise rare pets.
4. Q: Can I trade my resources in the game?
A: No, to ensure the gaming fairness and secure the account, none of in-game resources is tradeable.
5. Q: How many Coupons can I exchange for 1$?
A: Currently, the exchange rate is 1$=30 Coupons.

Q: How many in-game events in Cyber Monster?
A: Currently, there are a number of events in different periods, respectively:

Turnip Match:
Name: Turnip Match
Opening Hours: 10:00~11:00
Requires: Lv.20

Guild Arena:
Name: Guild Arena
Opening Hours: 15:00~16:00
Requires: Must be guild members

Run Run Monster
Name: Run Run Monster
Opening Hours:All day
Requires: Lv.35

Arrest Warrant
Name: Arrest Warrant
Opening Hours: 16:00~17:00
Requires: Lv.20

Faction War
Name: Faction War
Opening Hours: 20:00~21:00
Requires: Lv.20

Name: Competition
Opening Hours: 10:00~21:30
Requires: Lv.25

1. Q: How to create a guild?
A: You can create or join a guild when your character is Lv.20 higher.
2. Q: How to quickly level up the guild?
A: Recruit more guild members, actively attend in-game activities and donate.
3. Q: What benefits can I get from the guild?
A: You can get Daily Sign-in Pack and use Guild Technology, Guild Mount, Guild Beast, etc.
4. Q: What’s Guild Beast? How to get it?
A: Guild Beast is the special battle pet that the guild leader chooses when creating the guild. Players can spend Guild Donation to worship and summon the beast that will help you in the battle in 1 hour.
5. Q: What is Guild Technology? What can it do?
A: Guild Technology is what each guild is devoted to developing. It can boost the guild strength and increase the profits of all members in in-game activities with the varying Technology Tree. In the current version, only guild leader and elders can level up Technology Tree.
6. Q: What can I get from the Guild Quests?
A: You can get plenty of Guild Donation and Gold by doing Guild Quests, only a part of which are available to complete every day.

1. Q: How many kinds of pets are there in the game?
A: There’re 6 kinds of pets in Cyber Monster: 1. Humanoid Battle Pet; 2. Elf Battle Pet; 3. Animal Battle Pet; 4. Monster Battle Pet; 5. Dragon Battle Pet; 6. Boss Battle Pet
2. Q: How to get a pet?
A: Go to Monster Guide, defeat any monster or Boss you defeated on the journey and summon it to be your pet.
3. Q: Is there any difference among pets of different kinds?
A: Of course, they have differences. Humanoid battle pet is much faster with SPR in the battle; Elf battle pet is good at dodging; Animal battle pet excels at the physical attack; Monster battle pet is skilled in dealing magic damage; Dragon pet bears high initial stats and growth; Boss battle pet has overall strong stats, but is very hard to get.
4. Q: What other options do I have to get the pet besides summoning?
A: You can attend the in-game activities to get the pets or just buy them in the shop, as a wide range of interesting and powerful pets are available in the in-game activities and shop, such as Kung fu Panda and superman. Meanwhile, such achievement pets as Cupid and Bahamut are also attainable in the game.
5. Q: How to raise my pet?
A: You can level up your pet to increase its basic stats. Besides, you can use Element, Crystal, and Coupon to redeem the pet growth or buy some items to raise it.
6. Q: Will a pet die?
A: In the current version, pet will stay alive even if it dies in the battle. If it’s your wish to make it disappear for good, you can seal the pet and get 1 powerful signet meanwhile.
7. Q: What kind of signets does the pet have?
A: Like the pet, the signet is divided into 6 kinds: humanoid, elf, monster, dragon, animal and Boss. Pets with different signets restrict or benefit each other.

Basic Questions
Q: How to collect Monster Guide?
A: Monster Guide will be automatically collected after the monsters are defeated.

Q: How to summon Pet?
A: Click “Monster Guide” and defeat the defeated monster again to summon it, but summoning costs the gold and time.

Q: What is mop-up for?
A: Mop-up can be used for auto-play. The system will recommend the characters to someplace for auto-play.

Q: What is the use of Mind Quiz?
A: From Mind Quiz, you can randomly get a certain amount of gold and elements.

Q: What is the use of Divine?
A: From Divine, you can have a chance for time-limited item or crystal, etc.

Q: What is good for upgrading formation?
A: You can expand the max positions in the formation by upgrading. Besides your character, you can get up to 4 pets into it.

Q: When can I join a guild?
A: At Lv.20 can you join the guild without full recruits.

Q: What’s the benefit of joining a guild?
A: You can get gold from it.

Q: What is the use of doing guild quests?
A: Doing guild quests can reward you crystal.

Q: How to give the pet a nice name?
A: Open the pet tab and the pet, choose the arrow on the right of name.

Q: How to get the companion?
A: After purchasing the pet in the shop, choose “Follow” in the pet tab on the character interface.

Q: How many gear grades are there?
A: There are five based on the quality, respectively (White), (Green), (Blue), (Purple), (Gold).

Q: How to improve the gear grade?
A: You can enhance it on the bottom right corner to improve the grade.

Q: How many gear stats are there?
A: 4. Fixed Stats: all gears have the fixed stats, including: Attack, Defense, Strength, Agility, Constitution, Intelligence, Spirits, etc.
Random Stats: all gears stand a chance of randomly having the multiple great stats.
Upgrade Stats: all gears can raise their stats by upgrading via special equipment.
Embedded Stats: all gears can raise their stats by being embedded with the special gems.

Q: What if the gear durability turns to 0?
A: In that case, you can spend gold in the craftsman shop to repair it, recovering its durability.

Q: How many kinds of shield are there? And what can they do?
A: There’re 5 kinds of shield: Helm, Cloth, Shoes, Gloves and Belt. They can all raise the character’s defense.

Q: How many kinds of accessory are there? And what can they do?
A: There’re 5 kinds of accessory: Necklace, Earring, Pendant, Ring and Cloak. They can all raise the character’s stats.

Q: What’s use of “Cheer” in Turnip Match?
A: “Cheer” can raise your pet’s speed.

Q: What can I get from the activities?
A: Different activities vary with the rewards. Some give Gold, EXP while some may grant pet EXP.

Q: Can “Rest” restore HP?
A: No, but it can restore the character’s Energy.

Q: How to level up the signet?
A: Kill the monster.

Q: What is the use of guild stud farm?
A: Guild stud farm can give your pet EXP. Besides, you can clean it to get random returns.

Q: How to consign gear and pet?
A: Click “Consign” on the upper right corner and put in the item you wish to consign.

Q: How to get medal?
A: You can get medal by defeating BOSS, enemy guild and winning faction war.

Q: At what level can I attend Arena?
A: At Lv.30

Q: Where to get the Mount?
A: Claim it at the stud farm on the guild panel.

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