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Crystal Legacy Unseal Gems

When a Gem is unsealed, a specific percentage of its stats will be changed to form part of the basic stats.

Gems for Unsealing
1.    Only Grade X and Grade Heaven Gems can be unsealed.
2.    At present, the following types of Gems can be unsealed: Antlia, Ara, Scutum, Pyxis, Sagitta, Vela (Grade X and Grade Heaven)
3.    Both Bind and Unbind Gems can be unsealed.

How to Unseal Gems
Click on the ‘Backpack’ or the hotkey ‘B’ to open the Backpack; then click on the ‘Compose’ button to select ‘Unseal Gem’.

The ‘Unseal Gem’ Interface

1. Select ‘Unseal Gem’ or ‘Unseal Gem (Bind)’ on the interface.
2. Select the type of Gem to unseal.
3. Select the grade of Gem to unseal.
4. Check if all required items of the required quantities are ready.
5. Check if the required amount of Gold is ready.
6. When all is ready, click on the ‘Compose’ button to start unsealing the Gem.


Antlia (Grade X) is employed in this example to illustrate the benefits brought by unsealing Gems.

If remaining sealed, Antlia (Grade X), when socketed, grants 452 Bonus (Strike) points.

After being unsealed, the Antlia (Grade X) will have its name changed to ‘Antlia (Grade X) -10%’ where the ‘10%’ marks represents the unseal rate with which the Gem changes its initial stats to become part of the basic attributes. This transferred stats can stack and the higher the unseal rate, the faster the basic attributes grow.

When unsealed, the Gem’s stats break down into two parts: Strike (45 points) and Bonus (Strike) (407 points). The 45 basic attribute points can stack with those granted by mounts, genies, natal trait development and so forth to improve the character’s abilities. 

Unseal Rate: This is the percentage with which the Gem changes its initial stats (452 points) to become the basic attributes (452 X10% =45).

The Formula for Calculating the Gem-Conferred Stats

Basic Stats = Initial Gem Stats X Unseal Rate

Take Antlia (Grade X) as an example, the basic stats conferred is: 45 (452 X10%).
The 2 screenshots below show the different sets of stats between the sealed Antlia (Grade X) and the unsealed Antlia (Grade X):

Note: The maximum unseal rate is capped at 10% in this patch.

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