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Crystal Legacy Natal Traits

Natal Traits & Cruxes of Soul
The Natal Chart is to be accessed by clicking the ‘Natal Chart’ button on the right-hand side on the character attribute interface.

The Natal Chart

The Natal Chart displays the development of different layers of your soul; there are in total 6 layers, beginning with the 1st layer, Frosty Crux, followed by Fierce Crux, Empty Crux, Crux of Light, Crux of Passion and the one hidden deep inside, the Crux of Divinity.

The development of each Crux will see the corresponding attribute of your character greatly enhanced.

Types of Crux

There are 6 Cruxes, namely Frosty Crux, Fierce Crux, Empty Crux, Crux of Light, Crux of Passion and Crux of Divinity, you can develop to improve the attributes of your character. There are many aspects of a Crux that you can develop; you do not need to work on all; rather, select those that will improve attributes most desirable for your chosen job class.

The Natal Trait of your character is mapped by colour dots (grey when dormant), representing the 6 Cruxes, connected by white broken lines.

There are a total of 40 Natal Traits (5 of Crux of Divinity and 7 of the other 5 Cruxes); the level of a Natal Trait is restricted by the Crux Level with which it is grouped.

Crux Upgrades

All Cruxes, initially, are greyed-out. They only turn into different colours after being activated and the more advanced a Crux gets, the brighter the corresponding dots on the Natal Chart becomes.

To activate a Crux, you also need the relevant Shards. Various Shards are randomly dropped by the LAST Boss monsters in Instances of Level 30, 45, 55, 65 and 75. Shard of Fate is available for purchase in the Mall or you can forge it yourself.

An activated Crux will greatly enhance your attributes, and if you manage to develop a Crux to its full capacity, the attribute increase is truly exceptional!

Natal Trait Activation &Upgrades

The Natal Traits are initially represented as empty circles; they turn into gray when the required Crux level has been met. When the dot becomes gray, it means the Natal Trait it represents is ready to be activated. When activated, it becomes the same colour as the Crux it is grouped together and it is of Level 1. Activated Natal Traits greatly benefit attributes of your character. When they upgrade, your attributes will further improve.

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