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Crystal Legacy Sky Ladder Quest Guide

The Sky Ladder quest poses a real challenge even to the most daring souls! Yet, this arduous quest rewards enterprising challengers with massive amounts of experience, awesome items, exclusive titles as well as a lasting reputation that will never escape the minds of all worthy Crystal Legacy heroes!

The Sky Ladder quest, as the name suggests, is a long fight, stretching from Level 1 to Level 50 with the next higher level presenting greater challenge than the one before it. Scaling the long flight of Sky Ladder, however, is a highly rewarding experience as players who slaughter all monsters at a level will accumulate massive amounts of experience points designated for that level as well as experience bonus accrued through previous success.

In addition to the experience points, Sky Ladder challengers will also receive an extra Shard of Fate for every 10 levels successfully scaled. Successful challengers will also see their names on the Sky Ladder Rankings, which records all challengers’ historical best and display the top 20.

Last but certainly not the least, challengers can also exchange for exclusive, attribute –enhancing titles from the Sky Ladder Guard NPC with their Sky Ladder Sacred Stones.

Ready for the challenge? Scroll down to learn about how to gain access to the Sky Ladder and other important details.

1.    The Sky Ladder quest is open to players above level 20. The quest is to be taken from the ‘Sky Ladder Guard’ NPC of Tree of Life. Players MUST form a team and dismount before being admitted to the Sky Ladder map.

The Sky Ladder quest begins at Level 1 and climbs all the way up to Level 50, with each next higher level presenting greater challenge than the one before it. (NOTE: NO consumables, including Potions and Health Stone, are permitted in the Sky Ladder map.)

2.    Challenge begins at Level 1 upon click of the players. Challengers MUST kill all the monsters to receive the designated experience points and bonus points. Those who successfully scale 10 Levels will receive an extra Shard of Fate.

3.    The challengers who survive a level will need to look for the Sky Ladder Guard NPC again if they want to get to the next level; those who die in their fight will revive in the city, receiving only the experience points up to the previous level.

4. Angry Savage, an explosive monster, guards Level 27; challengers are warned against getting close to this monster until they want to be blown off.

5.    If there remain monsters when a challenger exits the Sky Ladder map, he (she)will NOT receive any experience points for the current map level. The reward of experience points is to be collected from the Sky Ladder Guard NPC upon exit. (The reward is to be collected on the same day after a challenger is done with the challenge.) The Sky Ladder Rankings will refresh based on challengers’ historical best records. 

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