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Crystal Legacy Instance/Dungeon Guide

Till December 14 ,  2012 We still have 8 Instance or commonly we familiar call an instance with Dugeon.
In this Instance when you slay the Boss you will a chance to get Illusive feather ( item to forge wing), Mount Procreation ( item to forge mount) and other item.

Every Instance They have Grade from Regular, Scary and Nightmare. Some times there is an Instance just have 2 grade for example Instance Lv 45 just have Regular and Scary.
1.    Intance Lv 25 -  Location : Dream Valley  -  NPC name :  Mr Chimera
2.    Instance Lv 30 – Location : Grotto  -  NPC name : Stan ( Instance Entrance )
3.    Instance Lv 45 – Location : The Altar of daemon  -  NPC name : The Masked Man
4.    Instance lv 55 – Location : Sacrificial Hall  -  NPC name : Vestige Keeper
5.    Instance Lv 65 – Location : Howling Glen  -  NPC name : Guard
6.    Instance Lv 75 – Location : Whirpool Fantasia  -  NPC name : Wandering
7.    Instance Lv 85 – Location : City Of Eternity  -  NPC name : NOX
8.    Instance Lv 110 -  Location : Hall of Darkness – NPC Name : Nether Guard

Step 1
You have to create a team and go alone or you can make a party with other char
Dont forget dismount before in.

Step 2
If its your first time doing instance and dont know the npc and the map. There is easier way to go to NPC and go in. Just follow my instruction :
For example you want to go to Instance LV 25 but you dont know the location of the NpC.
Just Click EVENT at top right

Step 3
After click EVENT  then click  tab Instance –  Dream Land ( instance lv 25 )
Look at righ top – MR CHIMERA is the NPC just click that. Your char will Running go to that NPC

Step 4
After run  and meet the NPC
Click the NPC and dismount then click. After go in please slay all monster and the Boss

Very easy right?
This tip also you can do to other instance just click the instance tab and the NPC. You char will run to the NpC and you ready to get item you want like Gem, etc
Just reminder for Instance Lv 85 You have to go to Floating City first visit Sky Ladder Guard First then click Event – Instance and NPC name
And for Instance Lv 110 You have to go Grotto Cellar 4 meet Necropolis Guard and go to Necropolis City then click EVENT – intance and NpC name
Happy Farming and Good Luck ^_^

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