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Crystal Legacy Marriage Guide

All New Marriage/Wedding System
How to Tie the Knot

I. Engagement

1.    A male player and a female player, both of Level 30 or above, after attaining 100 Friendship points
, form a team to take the related task from the High Priest NPC of Starpolis.

  Friendship: It represents how close two players are; marriage is possible only when both have attained the required Friendship points.

  Friendship can be enhanced by sending each other related items such as ‘Letter’, ‘Snack’, ‘Gift’, etc. on the ‘Friends’ interface.

  The Friendship enhancing items can be obtained through dungeon tasks of corresponding level.

2.    They need to click on the High Priest separately to accept their respective task.

  The male player needs to possess the ‘Engagement Ring Box’ to take the ‘Propose’ task; his female partner is to accept the ‘I Do’ task.

The male player needs to possess the ‘Engagement Ring Box’ for his female partner to take the ‘I Do’ task.

3.    Both have to accomplish their tasks to be considered engaged and establish their couple relationship.

The couple will each receive the title ‘XXXXXX’s Lover’

II.  Wedding Hall Booking

1.    Time: 12:00 – 13:00 every day
2.    Venue: Booking is to be made at the High Priest of Starpolis.
3.    Booking successfully made will be announced by the system and the players concerned will receive the ‘Wedding Banquet Selection’ task.
4.    The players need to click on the High Priest to obtain information about the three types of banquet, Regular, Premium and Deluxe Banquet, before picking one for their wedding ceremony.
5.    After they have selected their banquet, they will be given the ‘Awaiting Start of Ceremony’ task.

III.      Wedding Ceremony
1.    They can send Wedding Cards to invite friends to their wedding.
ü  Time: 19:30 – 20:00
ü  No more Wedding Cards can be sent when the ceremony starts

2.    The Ceremony
ü  Time: 20:00 – 22:00
ü  The Wedding Hall opens at 20:00. The Bride, the Groom and all the guests will be admitted.
ü  The Chaplain NPC *isters the wedding ceremony for the Couple Team.
ü  A Bride Snatcher will appear after the Couple take their marriage vow. The defeat of the monster will earn the Couple blessing and players around the Chaplain Experience points for some time as well as seeing the ceremony concluded with their husband and wife relationship established.
l  The Couple’s relationship will be announced on the local server.

l  Guests can use the ‘Fireworks’ item during the ceremony.

ü  The newly-wed then need to accomplish the task taken from the ‘Marriage Officiant’ to start their banquet.
l  Regular Banquet: The Couple will be rewarded with Experience points once.
l  Premium Banquet: The Couple will be rewarded with Experience points, Equipment, and Mall items for 3 times.
l  Deluxe Banquet: The Couple will be rewarded with Experience points, Equipment, Mall items, and advanced items at a random rate for 3 times.
ü  All attendees will be free to go their separate ways after the conclusion of the banquet.

3.    Exit the Guests
ü  Time: 22:15 – 22:30
ü  When the banquet is nearing the end, players will be automatically teleported outside the banquet hall.

IV.    Divorce
1.    Wedded players can file for divorce at the High Priest of Starpolis after purchasing the ‘Divorce Certificate’.
2.    Upon divorce:
?  Mandatory Divorce
1)      Love points drop to ‘0’.
2)      Couple titles will be deleted.
3)      Wedding Rings drop to Level 1

?  Consensual Divorce
1)      The husband and wife team, with either as the leader, files for divorce, followed by confirmation by the other half of the team.
2)      Love points drop to ‘0’ while Friendship points remain unchanged.
3)      Each will receive a ‘Diamond Engagement Ring Box’
(Vacant Backpack slots must be available for the delivery of this item.)
4)      Couple titles will be deleted.
5)      Wedding Rings drop to Level 1.

V.      Marriage Bonus
1.    Both husband and wife will receive 1 Love point for accomplishing the ‘Aura Bath’ task once.
2.    Both will receive Love points using Mall items.
3.    The Couple can upgrade their Diamond Wedding Rings with Love points at the High Priest of Starpolis.

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