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Chrono Tales Divinization

When you reach the level cap (Level 70), you can access the Divinization system, which includes Divine Level and Divinization. Open your character panel and click "Divinization" under your character, then you can enter the Divinization panel.

Divine Level
There are totally 100 Divine Levels and every time you upgrade to the next level, you can obtain 3 free attribute points. After you reach the level cap, all the Exp you gain from grinding, questing and other activities will be converted to Divine Exp automatically. In addition, every time you try Divinization, you can gain Divine Exp equal to 1% of the value of your Divine Level. As your Divine Level upgrades, you will have higher chance to get golden/orange equipment from grinding, instances or equipment forge.

After you access the Divinization system, you will be given 12 chances each day to try the system at the cost of Gold or Diamond. If you succeed, you will obtain some Divine Attribute Points. However, if you fail, you will lose some Divine Attribute Points.You can also spend some Diamond to reset your daily Divinization chance. It is allowed to reset the Divinization chance up to 3 times in a day.
The basic success rate of Divinization is 20% and you can increase it by completing quests listed in Helper. Each Helper quest you complete will increase the success rate by 3%. In addition, if you team up with someone who has the same gender and number, you will obtain a success rate bonus of 5%.

Divine Reward
The obtained Divine Attribute Points will be automatically transformed into free attribute points the next day.

You can obtain Divine Exp equal to 1% of the value of your Divine Level from every Divinization no matter whether it succeeds or fails.

The higher your Divine Level is, the more possible you can get high-quality equipment.

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