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Chrono Tales Pets Guide

In Chrono Tales, you can have 3 pets at the same time. Every pet can be put into three different kinds of usage: Fight, Mount and Merge.

Fight: Help you fight and take some damage for you.
Mount: You can mount your pet and have a higher movement speed.
Merge: Pet can be merged with you to give you some attribute bonus.

Every player can raise 6 pets at most but only 3 of them can be used at the same time, with one for each usage.

Free Gift
Every character will be given a free pet after character creation,

Quest Reward
Some quests will reward pets.

Pet Merchant
Pets can also be bought from some merchants (NPC). The first pet merchant you will meet is Gucci in Keepers' Tribe.

Pet Introduction
PetRequirement for MountRequirement for FightRequirement for Merge
Spirit Wolf Spirit WolfNoneLevel 10Level 15
Lion LionLevel 10NoneLevel 15
Leopard LeopardLevel 10NoneLevel 15
Phoenix PhoenixNoneNoneNone
Magna Dragon Magna DragonNoneNoneNone

You can find more fantastic pets in Chrono Tales.

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