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Chrono Tales Astrology Guide

In Chrono Tales, every player can obtain a zodiac and then use the astrology function to obtain Soul Stars with different attributes, which will activate different types of Star Fortunes. When Soul Star gets stronger enough, it will arouse the Zodiac Vigor unique to each zodiac.

Available at Level 12.
How to use the Astrology feature:

1. Obtain a zodiac: Press "R" on your keyboard or click the Astrology icon at the bottom of your screen to open the zodiac panel. Click "Obtain" to get a zodiac. If you are not satisfied with the zodiac you get, you can click "Change Zodiac" to get a new one.

2. Begin Astrology: After obtaining a zodiac, click "Go to Astrology" to open the Astrology panel where you can click the Crystal Ball I on the lower right to begin astrology or click the "Activate" button to activate Crystal Ball IV to obtain Soul Stars.

3. Types of Soul Stars: Soul Stars are divided into 5 qualities: White, Green, Blue, Golden and Orange (from basic to best). The better the Crystal Ball you use, the better Soul Star you may get. White Soul Stars can only be sold while other colors of Soul Stars can be equipped into Soul Star sockets.

4. Equip Soul Star: Right click on the Soul Star to equip it. Once a Soul Star is equipped, its attributes will be added to your character. You can spend some coins to unlock more Soul Star sockets.

5. Activate Star Fortune: Some combinations of Soul Stars may activate Star Fortune. Each character can have three pieces of Star Fortune at most. You can click "Check all Soul Star Combinations" at the left corner of the Astrology panel to check all the combinations for Star Fortune.

6. Activate Zodiac Vigor: When four orange Soul Stars are equipped, you can activate the Zodiac Vigor of your character. Higher-level Soul Stars will generate better effects.


You can obtain a random constellation from the 12 zodiacs. Each zodiac has its own different attributes. You can become stronger if you get a zodiac that matches your development direction.
Soul Star
Players can have up to four Soul Stars at the same time and each Soul Star will add one attribute. The better and the higher level the Soul Star is, the more attribute bonus it can offer. Improve Level of Soul Star: Soul Stars can devour each other to improve level. Improve Quality of Soul Star: Click the first Crystal Ball, and you will have a chance to activate the next level of Crystal Ball. A higher level Crystal Ball is more possible to generate a high quality Soul Star.

Astrolabes can be activated by any two Soul Stars. Different Astrolabes have different attributes.

Star Fortune
Certain combinations of Soul Stars can activate Star Fortune. Each player can have 3 pieces of Star Fortune at most. You can change your Soul Stars anytime to get new Star Fortune.

Zodiac Vigor
Four orange Soul Stars can activate the Zodiac Vigor, which will bring great attributes bonus to your character.

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