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Chrono Island Survival Island

Survival Island consists of 13 floating islands. You can shuttle among these islands and attack others freely. However, if you were killed, you will be teleported out of the islands. The final player staying on the islands will be the winner of the event.

As the event goes on, islands will be closed one by one, so there is no way to avoid fighting for the whole time. Every participant will get rewarded and there will be extra excellent prizes for the top 3 players. In order to win, you need effective tactics and even some luck besides strength.

Available at Level 20

Event Time: 18:00 daily

How to enter Survival Island:
1. After Survival Island opens, every eligible player will be given 10 minutes to prepare for the event. There will be a notification displayed on the screen every 30 seconds. You can click [Go Now] to enter Survival Island directly.

2. After the event begins, you can find portals near Rebirth Points in every town, through which you can get to Survival Island too.

3. During the 10-minute preparation, you can also find the Survival Island event in [Recommened Event]. Choose the event and click [Enter] to participate in this event.

Try your best to survive in the islands. Because if you were killed in Survival Island, you lose the competition. Once you are killed, you can choose to stay and watch the competition or leave the island.

How to win:
The last one who remains on the islands will be the final winner.

No. 1: Courage Badge x10 + 10 Gold
No. 2: Courage Badge x5 + 5 Gold
No. 3: Courage Badge x3 + 3 Gold

In addition, every time you kill an opponent, you will receive 1 Courage Badge Shard and 5 Silver.

Players who stay in the islands will gain extra Exp every 20 seconds.

Rewards will be delivered by system after the event ends.

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