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Castlot Arena Guide

Here you can test your strength and strategy.

In the Arena interface, you will find five main subjects: Arena, Battle Report, Equipment, Description and Intro. You may click to open the Description tap to read the guide of the Arena first.

You can find six categories here: Race Up, Challenger, Rival, Duelist, Fighter, Dragon Rider.
1. Race Up: the place to challenge NPCs from a low level to higher levels. Before you challenge the NPC, you can compare your ability displayed at the lower left with that of the NPC showing in a line to assess the situation. When you move the cursor above the small icons in the columns Weapon, Desc and Tactics, you will get the specs of the weapon the NPC is using, the weapon he fears and the tactics he is adopting.

2. From Challenger to Dragon Rider: You can challenge other players here 20 times a day to get scores. You can get scores through challenging or being challenged. If you succeed in a challenge, you will get certain scores. Otherwise score will be deducted.

Classification: There are 5 Grades according to the scores, ranging from low to high as follows:
a. Challenger: Scores ≤ 999
b. Rival: Scores between 1,000 and 4,999
c. Duelist: Scores between 5,000 and 19,999
d. Fighter: Scores between 20,000 and 49,999
e. Dragon Rider: Scores ≥ 50,000.

Before you start a challenge, you'd better activate your Valiancy, Tenacity, Faith, Perception and Pugnacity right below your HP bar, the first three of which can boost your ability, while the last two can increase the scores you earned. At the same time, make sure you have adopted the best tactics, just to secure the best chance to win and get as many scores as you can.
3. Peace Mode: Peace Mode can protect you from being challenged. During this period, you cannot challenge other players; otherwise Peace Mode will be canceled. You can enable the Peace Mode for 2 hours once a day for free.

Battle Report:
All the challenge events are recorded here with specific details. You can replay or show the challenges, or even delete them.

After you have defeated NPCs of certain level, you can spend some Gold to buy corresponding equipment to help you defeat certain higher level NPC in Race Up. The higher the level of the NPC you have defeated, the more equipment you will be allowed to buy. The Arena equipment can just be purchased once.

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