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Castlot Scrolls Guide

Scrolls are unique and innovative functions in Castlot. The effects and bonuses induced by using scrolls can greatly influence the development of your city.

Open the Scroll panel by clicking on the small scroll icon.

There are five kinds of scrolls in the Scroll panel: Production, Attack, Defense, Training and Ultimate Scrolls.

How to use scrolls
You can see that your city is divided into nine little squares in the Scroll panel. Those little squares are locked before they are activated. To unlock a square, you need to use a card. Click on the My Cards button to see all the cards you have. Click on one of your cards and then click Use in the little pop-out panel to unlock the corresponding square on the scroll.

But what you have done is just unlock a square. To acquire the scroll effects, you still need to deal with a few things first. Take the Production Scroll for example. To achieve one of the Production Scroll effects, you need to activate 3, 6 or 9 Production Cards at the same time of the same color. Let's see how to get the Green Scroll (3) effects.

Step 1: click on the Production Scroll icon to tick off the Production Scroll. Click My Cards to open the Production Cards panel and then click on three different production cards to unlock three different squares on the Production Scroll.
Step 2: check out what buildings are supposed to be on these three unlocked squares. And then go back to your city, move those buildings onto the proper area.
Step 3: click on the Default button on the upper left corner to set Production Scroll as the default scroll.
By completing these three steps, congratulations, you have successfully applied Production Scroll and increased production and defense of your city.

How to Synthesize a Card
You can get a better card that can be used to generate greater scroll effects by synthesizing. It is also a card enhancing process. Click on the card you want to enhance and then click Synthesize to open the Synthesize panel. Choose five cards as the auxiliary cards, press the Synthesize button and then you will get a higher-level card. Please note that Purple cards (the highest-level cards) cannot be synthesized.

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