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Arcane Legends How To Make Gold

Arcane Legends How To Make Gold by Zaonabiuibil

Ever feel like you can't get enough money to even feed your pet? Wish you could buy potions without breaking your bank? Read on, and learn how to have enough money to do anything you wish!

Now you could always buy gold with platinum, but not everyone is rich, eh?

There are a few key points I will be focusing on now, which I will edit and expand on as rhe game progresses.

Before you do anything else, always remember to be kind towards players. If I saw someone insulting someone else, I KNOW I wouldn't do any deals with them. Just remember, the person you insulted yesterday may have the dream deal you need today. Also, don't spam. People don't respect the constant repetitive seller who is relentless in their selling messages.

You have a limited amount of space. Liquidate that which you don't need for quick money. Then you can sell the rest using...

3)The Consignment Store:
*The CS (also known as the auction house) is the area in Kraag City and Traveler's Outpost where you can sell your goods to other players without having to spam the base looking for buyers.

*Remember though, there is a fee for listing items in the auction house!!! This means it is a great way to get rid of the little items, like in the 20k range, but when making big sales, try and use the chat feature, but again, don't spam the chat windows!

*Get a feel for the items. See the different fluctuations of the items. See which lower and increase in price, and base your sales off that. Remember, knowledge is power.

*Just wait. Be patient. Merchanting will be time consuming, but it pays off. Refer to the above, wait and watch prices. Then figure out if you should save or sell.

*S&D. Supply and Demand is a KEY part to the auction house. A low demand and a high supply = low prices. Don't bother with those. A high demand and a low supply? SELL IT.

*Undercuts. As stated earlier, the CS gets a cut of your money, so competing to have the lowest price isn't always the best thing. Bide your time.

*Snatch-ups. Always look at the CS, there might be a great deal for you to scoop up.

4)Using the chat system:
The chat system can either be your best friend, or your worst enemy. It is a great way to sell items without the CS fees and cuts. Good right? Not always. Be careful, using the chat system means no CS buying and selling for the price you wanted. It involves tough negotiations, and remember, be respectful, but also try and get the highest price possible for your goods. Say what you're selling, then wait a minute. Repeating your sales won't make anyone jump and buy them any quicker.

As you read this, you may think, "what the heck is farming? We have to farm on an action game!?" No no, I made the same mistake the first time I heard it as well. Farming is running maps for gold/items. If there are no good deals, try and farm! Always try for the best items, but remember, all items are good items!

There are multiple levels of rarity. Common (white), Rare (green), Epic (dark blue), Legendary (pink). There might be Vanities (light blue) in the future, in which case I'll have to update this. As of now Legendaries are the rarest. Try and go for those.

Pets are the companions that fight for you, and pick up your loot. Just remember, you have to feed them, or do you? When your pet is running low on energy (happiness meter), put them in the stables and let them recharge. It saves a lot of money that you can use for merchanting. Also, in the CS, you can buy pet eggs. If you have to buy eggs, try and get them cheap. But! Before you do any of that, make sure you can't do a quest to get that egg first!

No events have happened yet, but assuming there will be an AL holiday event, I'd recommend you farm the event items, then just hold them for a few months. Everyone will have the items they want, and there will be few items left in the CS. This is when you would sell. Patience is key in event selling. If you don't want to farm, buy during the later days of the event. The prices will be low due to the fact people have farmed up everything and have extras. Stockpile those, then sell them much later for a lot of profit.

I hope this guide helped, and it will updated as much as possible! Feel free to leave your feedback or other merchanting suggestions!

Thanks and good luck,

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