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Dungeon Rampage Beginner's Guide

Table of Contents
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First post
Common Questions Asked
Is this game fun?
Which hero is the best? (there is no best)
How to make coins fast?
Where do i farm exp?
Where do i get weapons?
When do I open chests and at what level?
How to get gems?
How did someone I didn’t friend joined my ‘friends only’ dungeon?
Why buster no work? (aka flinching)
Vintage weapons?
How to add friends on Kong for Dungeon Rampage?
Ranger or Rare chest?
Rampagers Code of Conduct when entering a friends higher level dungeon
Guide to those Un-wanted leechers
Playing Solo Vs Playing with Friends
Brief Introduction to Classes
Berserker (serk, zerks)
Ranger (archer, ranger)
Sorcerer (sorc, mage, wizard)
Chef (cook, chef)
Vampire hunter (vh, vamp)
Ghost samurai (gs, samu)
Pyromancer (pyro)
Second post
Pets R Us
Unlimited pets
Limited Edition
Weapon Modifiers
Normal Mods
Character mods/ Legendary mods
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ COMMON QUESTIONS ASKED ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Is this game fun?
Yes, this game is rather enjoyable, but if you’re rather skeptical try it out yourself
Which hero is the best? (there is no best)
It all depends on what your favorite playing style is, whether it’s killing from afar or up-close and personal.
Also all heroes have dungeons/monsters their strong against and those they have no effective attack against.
How to make coins fast?
There are three really popular farming dungeons in this game, best to pick the dungeon you can farm the fastest:
Papa Yeti (by killing all the enemies, not just the boss) on Rookie League (~700 coins / run)
~ PKB ~
Prisoner’s Keep Boss on Gladiator League (750-850 coins / run)
~ VH ~
Dark Barrows Boss on Champion League ( ~1.2k / run)
Note: Leave before the dungeon ends, you don’t really need the exp bonus just the coins
Where do i farm exp?
~ Frostgaard ~
Frostgaard boss in Gladiator League, ideal for range classes (archer/ vampire hunter)
~ Save the Chef ~
Cretaceous Park boss in Gladiator League, ideal for melee classes
Where do i get weapons?
There are only two places where you are able to receive weapons
1) Shop
2) Chests (not boss battle chests)
When do I open chests and at what level?
(0 mod) Common 1-100 (because of its non-weapon drops i.e. potions e.g. 2x xp or coin potions, health bombs etc.)
(1 mod) Uncommon 10~50
(2 mods) Rare ~50+
(2 mods + 1 char mod) Legendary 100
Note: Equipments from chest will always be at the same level or 1 level higher of your equipped hero
Opening rare chests as late as you can in-game will save you lots of coins for the future (ex: instead of opening rares at level 50, but at level 60, or even level 70)
How to get gems?
Well its either you pay with real money or open a chest, wishing for the best. []
Common = 25 gems
uncommon = 25 or 50gems
Rare = 25 or 50 or 100 gems
Legendary = 25 or 50 or 100 or 200
How did someone I didn’t friend joined my ‘friends only’ dungeon?
This is a case when someone on Kong (Kongregate) has added you from the chat, then refreshed once or twice. Then they have the power to join your dungeons public or not, although it’s easy to fix just by blocking them.
Why buster no work? (aka flinching)
That is when your class gets hit at the start of using their buster, when they get hit the class ‘flinches’ therefore not doing anything. Although there are a few classes that the busters work even if they have been flinched. An example is vampire hunter (vh), when she flinches her garlic bombs (buster) still drop without the pretty animations. Pyromancer (pyro) when flinched his/its buster will still work, but without animation and the surrounding enemies just die.
Vintage weapons?
“Vintage weapons are weapons/scrolls that players already possessed when we introduced a new weapons system a couple of months ago” (ex: a samurai using a healing scroll). 
– quote by Dr_Celerity – 
There is no way for current users to obtain vintage items (don’t worry they usually have weak stats anyway)
How to add friends on Kong for Dungeon Rampage?
1) Click on the name of your friend in kongregate chat
2) Select [add friend] option
3) Refresh your browser 1-3 times until you see their name on your friends bar on dungeon rampage
Ranger or Rare chest?
Well if you aren’t lvl 50 or higher with this problem, it is better to just buy the ranger class. You are basically wasting money by opening rare chests early on at the game, because you can level up rather quickly. In doing so 20k you end up spending becomes redundant, but if you bought ranger or chef (40k) it’s not as useless.
Rampagers Code of Conduct when entering a friends higher level dungeon
You should all now be aware that the more players there are in a dungeon the harder the dungeon gets enemies will have more hp/def, damage and numbers. So it is recommended that before joining a dungeon you request permission first.
Your friend may be trying to accomplish a goal i.e. looking for chests, intent on finishing the dungeon or farming xp/coins.
When entering a high level dungeon and you are too weak to kill enemies do not go off on your own attracting mobs and then running to your higher leveled friend, some people don’t appreciate using healthbombs unnecessarily. Stick together and support however you can and collect and above all do not leech you are benefiting from your friends hard work so at least try and make yourself useful instead of a burden.
Guide to those Un-wanted leechers
If you have someone that leeches of you (joins your dungeons, but does nothing) there are two main ways to deal with them..
Step 1:Block them and refresh once the dungeon ends
Step 1:Get a mob of enemies
Step 2:Run back to your pesky leecher
Step 3:Leecher dies (does not get coins anymore, but still can get exp)
Step 4:Laugh at him
Step 5:Laugh at him some more
Step 6:Then either finish the dungeon, block him afterwards or leave the dungeon
Playing Solo Vs Playing with Friends
Playing solo is when you make a dungeon with the friends only option checked, in this way random people who aren’t in your friends list cannot join your dungeon. Sometimes people in your friends list may accidentally join in your dungeon if your still at the spawn area and their doing the same dungeon. Playing solo has its benefits when solo the enemies are weaker with less hp and defense and sometimes even less attack power, playing solo does not increase the amount of gold or xp you earn because they are shared EQUALLY AND NOT DIVIDED. Playing with Friends or other players is fun but sometimes the dungeon can be VERY hard for instances like when your all units that can only do reduced damage and worse yet have low-level equips and are underleveled e.g. (All berserker team in PK dungeons).
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO CLASSES ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Each hero has access to special skills and equipment that makes using them greatly differ in gameplay.
Most can do:
MELEE damage(Axes, hammers, swords, katanas etc.) 
(Medium Katanas charge AoE effect seems to do magic damage as it deals regular damage to armored monsters while heavy katanas charge attack does range damage)
RANGE damage (Bows, Crossbows, Boomerangs, Throwing Knives, Shurikens)
MAGIC damage (Debuff Scrolls, Sorcerer Equips, Pyromancer Equips)
Note: You only get 78 skill points to assign so assign them wisely
BERSERKER (serk, zerks)
The starting hero, The Berserker excels in melee damage dealing, hp regeneration and high hp. It can deal effective damage to monsters vulnerable to melee attacks with its axes and AoE (Area of Effect) hammers. It also can equip boomerang/rock to deal with monsters who are weak to range, sadly its boomerangs lack the range (distance) of shurikens and throwing knives.
BERSERK – It’s buster is also quite useful by giving it and his nearby teammates temporary invulnerability, increased attack speed, increased attack damage (melee, range and magic attack) and slight increase in movement speed for only 12 seconds. The effects do not stack together however, so it is better to activate another berserker buster after the first ones effects end.
Buster gives invulnerability (for 12 seconds)
high hp and health regen
Good melee unit
Low mana (slow regen)
Shortest range on range weapons (boomerang)
RANGER (archer, ranger)
Effective range attackers, one of the most common classes, has access to range, melee, healing and buff and debuff scrolls. Has trouble with Tikihead monsters (but can cover with swords) and Armored monsters, but are effective on most flying monsters, ice cavern beasts. Rangers have the one of the highest power (2nd to Pyro) on a 1 versus 1 from the heavy bows. Therefore making boss dungeons (like: ice troll, Papa yeti) ideal for ranger
ARROWSTORM – Fires three rounds of Piercing wide range shots that does decent damage, each volley can be redirected once by changing directional buttons. ( The Mods on your bow seems to have no direct effect with the buster)
Group/self buffs and heal
Does lots of damage
Doesn’t depend on mana (except scrolls)
Easy to kill (low def)
Mana usage (depletes fast from scrolls)
bows only hit 1 target (not ideal for battling mobs, unless bow has a pierce mod)
SORCERER (sorc, mage, wizard)
Sorcerer is a hero that specializes in immobilizing his enemies and it’s buster serves to keep enemies away from him while he attacks them from a distance. Although not as powerful as the pyromancer it has access to healing, buffs and debuffs scrolls. Unlike Pyromancer the magic attacks don’t burn the enemies (only stun) making it more vulnerable to mobs that have magic resist.
VOLT SHIELD – Summons 4 lightning Balls that form a barrier enemies that are too near will be pushed back and stunned, Volt shield is stackable meaning you can activate another buster and you will have twice as much lightning balls.
Better Mana regen than pyro
Access to scrolls
Its dungeon buster can stack multiple times enabling you to make more orbs that revolve around you(time & hit limit)
Magic coverage only
Bad staff charge attacks
Low def/hp
CHEF (cook, chef)
They are the tanks of the game able to heal itself and his teammates, buff and debuff with pots with its unique ability to make food/soup. Chef is also better than berserker at handling ice beasts and flying monsters due to its access to better throwing weapons, and mana regen. Although they have no effective attack against most armored monsters.
MEATEORS: Summons Flaming Cows that will leave hamburgers in the immediate area. Doesn’t do too much damage but heals for a great deal, that and it looks funny _
Poison food (debuffs) for enemies
Makes food (hp)/soup(buffs) for group
Repeater attacks
Good buster (makes food too)
Best Tank ( A unit that can take a lot of hits to kill is called a Tank )
Average speed
Weak melee attack
The Vampire hunter is basically a range unit, although it lacks the movement speed of ranger and access to scrolls for healing herself/others. She has more ways of debuffing enemies with its mine traps, she also has higher hp/def and mana regen. With the effects of its selection of crossbows it can deal high damage per second with its repeater bows, shoot corners with its homing arrows and shoot arrows in a wide arc. Like the ranger it can deal effective damage to enemies weak to range with its bows and deal effective melee damage to monsters weak to melee attacks, it has no effective attacks for armored monsters.
GARLIC NUKES – Surrounds herself with Garlic Mines that damages and stuns enemies on contact it does a considerable amount of damage and each bomb has a small aoe affecting multiple enemies at once.
Variety of crossbows (heat seeking, repeaters, fun fun..)
Mana regen
A bit tanky (better to use swords with compared to ranger)
Better DPS (damage per second) compared to ranger
Unique ability to make traps
No healing
Average speed
Best melee damage and the only melee attacker to have access to deal regular damage to armored units with its demon katanas (the charge attack) and potentially the fastest moving melee fighter. It can cover ice beasts and flying monsters with the charge attack from its heavy katana or throwing knives and shuriken.
IRON LEGION – Summons three clones that will attack your enemies, the clones will always stay within a short distance of the samurai, non-stackable.
High attack output
The only melee based hero that can deal effective damage to armored monsters
Its buster is an effective decoy maker, also making great meat shields for you to attack relatively undisturbed.
No access to healing, debuffing and buffing skills
Katana’s charge attacks can be mp heavy unless your lucky enough to get mp cost reducing mods
Is the best mob killer in the game with most of its charge attacks and especially its buster AoE effects. Its main killing power though lies in its burn status damage. Where it does lots of per second damage even to enemies who are resistant to its regular attacks, it is common for many pyromancer users to prefer burn mods on their equipment. Pyro’s Regular attacks do not do too well with skeleton monsters or lizards but its burn status damage makes up for it, just avoid being surrounded by them.
Note: best PKB farming class, due to its AoE attacks
FLAME VORTEX – Pulls in enemies, explodes and pushes them back to hit them with meteors (not meateors) Arguably one of the best Busters in the game. It looks awesome too.
Best mob killer/control
Has the ability to attack enemies through walls (Firewall, Blast Runes)
Most of its damage resides on the burn (DOT)
No access to buffing skills and healing
Average speed
Low Hp
(Coming Soon Rampagers Code of Conduct when entering a friends higher level dungeon)

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