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Wartune Guide for Non-Cash Tank Knight

Wartune Guide for Non-Cash Tank Knight by LostLimit

Since there hasn’t been any guide for the Knight class, I thought I’d give it a try. I’m a non-cash player knight and as I have only been playing a tank knight up to now, this guide will address the basics of a tank knight and its pros and cons. Following this guide will not guarantee domination in arena or dungeons.

Stats Boost Per Lvl:
+2 Strength (1 Str = 4 PATK and 1 PDEF)
+2 Endurance (1 Endur = 20 HP)
+1 Armor ( 1 Armor = 4 MDEF and 4 PDEF)
+10 Charisma ( 1 Char = 1 Troop Count)

- High health points (HP
- High physical defense (PDEF)
- Very tanky because of Agoran Shield Skill
- Fare quite well against archers since they do physical damage

- Low magical defense (MDEF)
- Does not deal as much damage compared to other 2 classes
- Finish dungeons quite slow.
- Weak against mages due to low MDEF

Stats To Focus On:
As a tank knight, I focus mainly on the following stats in accordance of importance:
HP > PATK > PDEF > MDEF. Since knights have more base PDEF than MDEF, I usually equip MDEF astral or gems for some extra MDEF, if needed. However, since the majority of monsters and players deal physical damage, it is more important to stack on PDEF. It is also very important to focus on having high HP since it goes well with Agoran Shield.

You can also choose to raise your block, sacrificing some of your defense for higher block rate.
Something to think about - having more defense will reduce the amount of damage taken, however, you must decide whether you want more PDEF or MDEF. Your passive Divine Blessing will give you an extra boost in PDEF.

On the other hand, if you decide to go for high block, you are able to dodge both physical and magical attack with a certain success rate. I believe its 3% dodge for every 100 block. Upon having a successful dodge, you can restore 4% of HP from your Enhanced Block passive skill.

It is important that you have multiple different astrals to switch off for different circumstances. In team arena, I usually go with the following astrals:

lvl41 astrals.png

Overlord Battalion lv5 = +720 PATK
Lucent Life lv4 = +1600 HP
Chaos Shelter lv4 = + 576 PDEF
Element Refuge lv3 = + 432 MDEF

For dungeons/PvE however, I switch off the PDEF or MDEF for Saliora’s Light lv3 (Reduce all damage values by 120), depending on what monsters I’m facing. The 120 damage reduction will save you tons of HP throughout the entire dungeon. If you don't have an orange astral, substitute it with a purple/blue, and it'll still work nicely.

Knight Skill List:
This is a skill list description copied from with a few minor changes. Skills only deal PHYSICAL, NOT magical damage.
Knight Skill List.png

What Skills To Take:
There is no “right” way to build a tank knight. I’m sure there are other tank knights out there who have a different build than I do. However, my build seems to work well for the most part. I will list how many points I invested into each skill and reason behind it. Since I have reset my skill tree to try out DPS knight, I cannot post any pictures of my old build . Please refer to the skill list link for full descriptions of each skill.

Slasher – Mandatory at start of game. I only put 1 point into it since upgrading it more will only increase dmg by a little. No extra rage increase after lv 1. However, you will be using this skill a lot to build up rage so it’s up to you whether you want to upgrade or not.

Ultimate Slasher – Only 1 point into this so I can target enemy squishies (easy to kill target). You can put 2 points for the QTE +25% bonus if u wish.

Divine Blessing – Max asap. Very essential skill for a knight; makes you tankier.

Heart of Rage – Max asap. Very useful passive to gain rage quicker.

Delphic Destroyer - you can put 1 point into this if you wish but as a tank, you will mostly be using reflect or shield. I put 1 point into this only for World Boss.

Agoran Shield – Max asap. One of your main important skill as a tank.

Combat Master – Max it because it’s a great overall passive. Even as a tank, you still want to be able to dish out some damage with slasher and ultimate slasher.

Enhanced Block – Max this to fulfill the prereq. for reverse damage. It’s also a nice passive for end game when you have high block rate.

Shadow Thrasher – Max asap. A great offensive skill that adds bleed for extra bonus damage. At max stack, it deals 120 dmg per tick. Also needed as a prereq. for Tenacity.

Whirlwind – None invested. The damage is mediocre. Waste of points to invest in this.

Intercept – 1 point into this. A great PvP skill that reduce your enemy rage.

Reverse Damage – Max asap. Basically, your other bread-n-butter skill as a tank knight. The reflected damage is exact, meaning it cannot be blocked or reduced by PDEF. Duration of the battle also increases its reflected damage. For example, at lv 1 it reflects back 200 damage. When duel timer reaches 0 and damage is increased by 50%, it will reflect 300, (50% of 200 = 100). At 100% damage increased, it will reflect 400. Agoran Shield + Reverse Damage combo usually won me most of my duels.

Enhanced Delphic Destroyer – 0 point invested. Since you’re going the tank build, you won’t have enough points to invest in this, unless you get to really high lvl, but this guide is assuming no one has passed lvl 50.

Tenacity – Max asap. An excellent passive for a tank knight and a must have. Also required for prereq for Apollo Shield.

Apollo Shield – Max asap. Currently, the only skill that allow for the knight to “protect” his/her allies. It is also the last important skill on the tree, so a definite must max.

Formation/Strategy in Team Arena:
Formation is not as important right now in team arena since all classes have skills that can target the back row. However, it does play a small factor when versusing other knights. Since knights can only target front row enemies, aside from using Ultimate Slasher to target lowest % HP, it is best to place yourself in the front row to tank as much damage as you can against enemy knights.

If you do not have 3 of the arena set to provide 30 rage at start of battle, you will always start out with using Slasher to build up your rage. When you start a team battle and before the loading screen even finished loading, spam your Slasher skill immediately. This will give you a better chance of striking first. If you are familiar with the gears of every class, try to take a quick inspection of them.

If it looks like the enemies are weaker than your team (by that I mean under-geared), don’t bother with agoran shield. Instead use Ultimate Slasher and Shadow Thrasher to take them out fast and save battle time.

If you think they are on par or stronger than your team, then this is where your timing and skill choosing becomes important. Again, this is assuming you do not have 3 of the arena set. If you have followed my guide and max Heart of Rage, then you should’ve gain 15 rage by your second turn. At this time, you can either use Ultimate Slasher to target one of their squishy, if your ally has already damage one of them or you can save up 30 rage. Timing is very important when using Ultimate Slasher. You do not want to use the skill immediately if you know that it will not hit the target you wanted. Try to aim for the enemy that can die the fastest. In team arena, if you can quickly take out an enemy and make it a 3v2, the odds are in your favor.
Now let’s assume that you’ve save up for 30 rage, now what? Assess the situation. If up against at least 1 enemy knight and your teammate has less HP than you, don’t cast Agoran Shield. The other enemy knight will most likely target your squishy member using Ultimate Slasher so instead use Intercept, if you have it. If not, cast reflect or attack with Slasher. Only cast Agoran Shield when you really need it (when you have considerably low hp or is being targeted by other knights). Otherwise, you will waste rage and the skill itself as it last only a few turns. Remember, you should always have reflect up as soon as you can. The reflected damage can actually serve as a great tool to lower their mage/archer HP so you can target them after.

Formation in MP dungeon is the same. You always want to be in front row as the monsters will target you for the majority of time.

This is my first time making a guide. I hope it will help beginners have a feel for the class and how to build their knight. Constructive criticism is always accepted .


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as you get higher in level and also for most of the catacombs you face more magic damage then physical damage.

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thank you very much sir!