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Wartune Battlegrounds Guide

Battleground Guide:

You can enter the battleground by clicking on the battleground button on the top of your map by world boss

This is a 2 fold objective map and is only accessible by players level 30+

1) Collect more crystals quicker than your opponent. First one to 5000 points wins the match
2) Kill your opponents to prevent them from farming crystals.

Here you see the staging of your battle team on the level 30 - 39 map ( i used my alt to grab this shot )

Here you see the staging of your battle team on the level 40-49 map. Not sure if they plan on opening another one for 50-59.

Ok as you can see here you notice that there is an interface on the right hand side of your screen. Here it shows your
star points, honor points, and current number of team crystals collected.

from this interface you can elect to use 200 star points to refill your health if you won a close battle and are low on health
since you can't use potions in BG. You can also see where you stand in the rankings of the current battle by clicking on the rank
button which brings up the rank screen

Caution - Use of star points lowers your ranking on the map and may cost you the MVP award.

Ok so at the start of the map everybody rushes to the center of the map trying to grab crystals since that is the way to win the map.

There are 3 different types of resources that you can collect and they are all random.

Superior gives 30 starpoints, 3 battlefield chest pieces, and three Honor points.
Normal gives 20 starpoints, 2 battlefield chest peices, and two Honor Points
Inferior gives 10 Starpoints, 1 battlefield chest peice, and one honor Point.

Now once you have collected the crystals at the center of the map you enter into the transport phase. you have to transport
these resources back and turn them in to the resource recovery officer.

On maps for 30-39 You turn them in here

On Maps for 40-49 You turn them in here

Once you click on them it will bring up this notice which again you have to click to turn in

Also on the way out of your home base you will notice there are guardians that protect your base. You can gain honor and star points
by defeating the enemy guardians but be aware they are very tough bosses and you will lose star points if you lose to them.

Here is one of the bosses for level 30-39

Here is one of the bosses for level 40-49

Now during duels in which you fight enemy players all rage built up in previous fights stays with you however your health does not recharge
unless you use star points to refill. During battles you may use runes but again you can't use scrolls or potions in the battleground.

Once either team collects 5000 resources your team wins and battleground is ended. Here is a shot of your rewards and the final rankings
along with the MVP marked. Not sure what the MVP reward is as I have not received it yet.

Now I will be updating this guide with specific numbers once i can capture these but this is revision 1.0 of this guide.

Honor Ranking

Private - 2000 Honor ( thanks greyhatter )

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