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Legacy of Heroes Megabrawl Carries Guide

 Legacy of Heroes Megabrawl Carries Guide by Dyllan

So, as a lowbie, you want to be carried, at least for the MegaBrawl. It's your best chance to reach whatever point goal you have. But, you also don't what to be useless when you are. Here are some tips on how to avoid that (for tips on how to get carried, scroll to the bottom of this post).

First, lets define a few things, for the purpose of this guide:

Lowbie: Anyone who, when paired with 4 others of equal power level, would lose MegaBrawl battles at least one fight out of 10.

Carry: Being included in a MegaBrawl with higher level characters who will do most of the work for you.

Tempus: Previous card set. Tempus cards cannot currently be obtained (except for those which can be forged), but will be back in a few months.

Train: A group of 5 players playing repeated MegaBrawls together in order to quickly earn MegaBrawl points.

Certain cards work well when carried, the first category of these are what I call "helper cards." These cards help the other players (those carrying you) do a better job killing the MB. Helper cards should be used regardless of what class you are, and you should use as many of each as you can.

Helper Cards:

Bathe in Light - gives you 2 WC, and heals everyone by 2. This is essential. When your highbie gets nuked while holding his big attack card, you play this. He gets back up and kills the MB for you. These can be forged from drops from the Pyrotechnique brawl .

Tag Team Up - If you have 2 WC when you play this (you can get those from Bathe in Light ), expend them and the next attack anyone (you or an ally ) plays does double damage. When you draw this and have 2 WC, tell the person going after you "ready to play TTU - tell me when." You save this until they have a nuke ready, doubling the damage they do. This card is the only reason to play Bathe in Light when no player has 0 cards in deck. It is a unique drop from Sunder brawl .

Do as I Do - The next attack played by each other member of your team is a critical strike . This card I'd suggest playing the first chance you get. Holding it for a nuke is rather unnecessary, as odds are one of the four other players will have a good card to play for it. It can be forged using drops from the most recent set of league brawls .

Welcome Wagon - Event , opponent gets no shield next turn. Deplete this, and everyone gets to beat on him, hard. It drops from Abyss league brawl .

Stop Shooting Yourself - Your opponent's next threat deals no more than 2 damage (and he takes 2 damage for each card he plays next turn). This will protect whoever he attacks next, as it doesn't say "next threat played against you." This is a legendary that was available in a lunchbox and in draft/LC packs.

Grip of Fanaticism - While this is the ultimate helper card, it isn't for lowbies. You need a level 10 Psych badge to make it's helper effect work. If you have that, the MegaBrawl boss skips his next turn, letting everyone play another turn. If you somehow CAN use this, use it while his shields are low. It drops from Dr. Tessera: Devolved brawl .

As a lowbie, your job isn't to kill the Megabrawl. That job belongs to the highbies. What you want to do, is survive. Helper cards do this, by making sure the highbies kill the Megabrawl faster. But there are some other cards you can include to increase your odds of playing those helper cards. I call these, survivor cards.

Survivor Cards:

Trick or Trick - Event , next threats that hits you does no more than 3 damage. This was forged from the Halloween event of 2012. If you don't have it, you're not getting it. If you do, play it.

Shadowplay - Next two threats do no more than 5 damage to you. Was available in Tempus, again, if you don't have it you won't be getting it soon.

Step Aside - If the next threat would do more than 4 to you, it does 1. Another Tempus cards.

Freeze Frame - Recover 5, if the next threat would do more than 5, prevent it. This is a card forged from pack crafts. If you've bought a lot of glory packs, you might have one of these. If you do, use it.

Healing, Any - Any healing cards help you survive longer. Don't use too many of these, as they're worthless if the MB Boss hasn't attacked you yet - and in any case, they don't usually heal enough to make up for the hits you'll be taking.

So, surviving is good, and helping is good, but you can do SOME damage. Obviously, if you have any nuke cards (anything that has the potential to do massive damage), use those. I won't go over all of those here. If you have those, you know it. Here's some other ways to do damage, without having to worry about shields (assuming your Welcome Wagons haven't removed them).

Firewall - Next attack that hits you hurts him first. Only lasts one round, so it's a bit of a gamble. Also, it requires at least 1 in your Sculpting badge , so Acolytes in particular may not be able to use it at low levels. Still, if he nukes you after you play this, it can win the brawl - what other card do you have that can do that? It drops from quite a few different Brawls , as well as in draft. If you don't have this yet, you need to do more brawls .

Helios: Genesis - Crafted from issue 8 drops. If you have this, you're on the high end of who this guide could be used for, and honestly probably could figure most of this out yourself. It works like firewall, except only if an attack does 8 or more damage, and it lasts until triggered. Once you play this, you just wait for the nuke and watch the pain. Also, if depelted it does 2 damage to your opponent - the first of the retribution card. It can be crafted from issue 8 drops.

Abyss: Genesis - If you attack with it, it puts 3 sleeper agents in your opponent's deck - 1/1 allies who do damage on deplete . This not only causes damage (eventually), it also could result in wasted turn. When you draw this card, it is your next play (unless TTU is called for or you can Bathe in Light someone with 0 cards). On deplete , it puts 1 sleeper agent in his deck, so it's more retribution damage, sort of. Another Tempus card.

Splash Damage - Event , Mentioned for completion sake, but if you're a lowbie, you don't have this. It was from the first Megabrawl. Does 3 damage on deplete .

Collateral Damage - Alternative to Splash Damage . Does 2 damage on deplete . Can be forged from EFL tickets (only available to those over level 75)

Big Stick - Memento , does one damage when you are attacked. Forge items for this were previously available as pack drops, and in the last Megabrawl.

Additionally, you can do guaranteed damage with anything that banishes or depletes X cards from your opponent, or anything that's unstoppable . I won't list all the cards that do this, just check what you have.

There are also a few cards you should NEVER use in a MegaBrawl (or regular Brawl ). These are the banned cards.

Banned Cards:

Not So Fast - This ploy banishes your opponent's entire deplete . Since most Highbies will be using Painful Memories as a nuke (does damage equal to cards in opponent's deplete ), this will get you kicked out of trains. It makes it harder for the highbies to kill the MegaBrawl.

Evenly Matched - This is even worse. It banishes EVERYONE'S deplete , and removes all Willpower Counters . Just don't use it.

Now you know what to put in your deck to be carried - how do you GET carried?

You can look for public brawls with high level players in them. Many high level players will host public brawls with no level restrict to help lowbies out, especially after they've already reached 10,000 points themselves. Or, you can ask to be carried on a train - sometimes that happens. Don't be afraid to jump from chat room to chat room looking for help (if you're on Kongregate, I know only has one chat room, and I'm not sure how Armor Games chat rooms work). If you ARE playing on or directly on facebook, I strongly suggest merging accounts with a Kongregate account and playing on Kongregate, at least for the Megabrawl. It's much easier to find help here, as there's a much bigger player base.

But the best way is to invest in the Ludicrous speed convenience upgrade and drive the train yourself. Highbies hate driving, because they tend to have long friends lists, so a lowbie driver will be appreciated even if he contributes nothing to the actual fight . Of course, you'll be doubly appreciated because you do help with your deck.

How do your drive? It's easy. Find four other players to train. Add them all to your friends list, then create a Ludicrous speed Crisis Megabrawl, set to invite only. Invite each of them, kill the Megabrawl, and repeat. The goal here is speed. Don't make anyone wait longer than they have to. If someone shows as in a battle when you try to invite them, it probably means they're lagging and haven't gotten out of the last one yet. If it happens a few times, tell the entire group it's time to refresh browsers. This will keep everyone's lag down. Of course, it's possible that member just has a slow computer - in which case you should keep refreshing every 5 or so brawls , but otherwise you just have to put up with the lag (invite them last to give them more time to finish the last fight ).

Hope this was helpful. Feel free to add any suggestions.

Dyllan (IGN)
Dyllan42 (Kongregate name)
Member of Revengers
Kongregate Chat Room 1

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