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Legacy of Heroes Beginners Guide

I have updated this guide to include spoiler tags. Click on these buttons to show the contents. Hoorah for readability.

Issue-1 The Tutorial
On joining the game, you will be taken through a very brief tutorial and will see what brawls feel like. (yes we have allies in the quests or missions now)

Note the starter pack, the red one. You must buy this for 50LC, it will be your first LC purchase if you are smart since you get 100 LC back after purchase. Do note that free players can eventually purchase this pack too!

Eventually you'll be fighting 4 of the different types of classes in this game, pay attention to what they say and perhaps examine the badges . (They look like a small circle below them) Mousing over these badges will give you a brief idea of what the strengths of each class are. To summarise, the main classes work as follows:

The Classes

Strongharm    These are the balanced attackers and defenders. While they do not hit as brutally as Sculptors, they gain shield which means less need to recover . If they do need to recover however they have some great ones to start off with, such as Endure and back on your feet , both of these gaining their innate damage bonus and chance to shield .

Later on they will branch into Sculpting cards where they will enjoy an increase chance to score critical hits with them and eventually, a small chance to cause cards to hit through shields and to play random allies from their decks.
Good damage.
Both offensive and defensive.
Powerful in PvP.

Less effective against brawls which contain nukes. (Deva, Daddy-o etc)
Less damage than Sculptor.
Weak against unstoppable cards (Of which there are plenty now)

Sculptor    These are without the doubt the bigger and meanest hitters in the game. They can deal lots of damage which is critical in some of the brawls . Most of the sculpting cards focus around raw damage and increasing your damage output by reflecting damage when they attack you. However, on the defence they will have issues, the whole point of a Sculptor is to win before the opponent has a chance to pull out deadly cards.

Later on they will branch into Sculpting cards where they will enjoy an increase chance to score critical hits with them and eventually, a small chance to cause cards to hit through shields and to play random allies from their decks.

Best damage output in game.
Some of the best cards in the game are flame badged.
Reflex cards let them play more threats .

Weak shield , they take a lot of damage.
Their x2 damage can work against the player. (Such as nuking into fire wall , depleting too many cards etc)
Weak start, powerful later on.

Non-Stop    Non-Stops are a curious class indeed, their first abilities causing the opponent to deplete cards even if their attacks deal no damage. Later on they'll play extra cards per turn. Their cards include willpower counter abusers, cards that have even better effects should you have enough counters, cards that debuff the enemy's attack and some cards that negate shield altogether. Whereas shield is a Strongharm and Sculptor's weakness, for a Non-Stop it's less of a worry. You'll find your constant damage appreciated in brawls .

Later on they'll branch out into Acolyte cards, these cards having a chance of unstoppable damage. Far later they'll branch into Sculptor, allowing them to clone those cards and still later, deal additional damage with Strongharm cards.

Constant damage, think of them as poison, slowly eating opponent's HP.
Very good at playing more cards per round, far better than any other class.
Good debuffers.

Bad defence.
Worst start of any class, is better later.
Playing so many extra threats can wear their own deck down fast. Especially in brawls .
Acolyte    Possibly the most skilled and unusual class in the game. An Acolyte's main focus is recovery and ally cards. At the time of writing they have one of the best recovery cards in the game, with a chance to make these even better still as their skill improves, they like Non-Stop are also willpower counter abusers, using them to gain added effects on cards. Acolytes are the masters of the unusual, a good amount of their cards having unique effects not found in any other card. Their chance to banish and effectively remove ally cards from the game means that they are a valuable asset in brawls , most of which have extremely potent ally cards.

Later on they'll have a chance to make Non-Stop cards damage through shield and eventually they'll branch out into the other two classes gaining additional shield and the chance to copy their own ally cards.

Their primary badge is very good.
Able to banish allies at a high chance. Great in some brawls .
Good defence and recovery.

Half their badges only work on ally cards.
Their primary badge 's recovery ability interferes with psych badged survivor cards, particularly Last Ditch Effort .
Arguably requires more skill to play than other classes.

Improving yourself
As you progress even further you may level up a few times. This will give you skill points used to further your abilities and your deck. This game is unlike most other card games in that both your deck and yourself can improve, which allows a lot of combinations for spending your skill points.

When you unlock new badges you'll be able to use the badge effect on those cards too. So if you are a Sculptor and you have the Endure card, if you were to get 1 rank in the power badge you would gain the recovery 3 ability from it. Remember this, for it is important. Morat and Kalevra has some good threads that focuses more on the badges , so if you're confused then you can read them here and here.

Increasing your deck size and primary badge is a good idea for now. Later on you must be frugal when spending skill points, because the higher levels are when you'll have to make tough choices. Remember to visit this screen often as you level up, since you require different levels to unlock different things.

Currency and the shop
You may have noticed that you have been getting coins and bucks as you've been going through issue 1. Bucks are the free currency in the game, should you win a fight , you'll get ten times the amount of energy spent in bucks. Legacy Coins are the premium currency, a free player has the ability to get these, while people supporting this game with real money can obtain these through that method. You will gain these from daily rewards and levelling up as well.

In the shop you'll see various things you can buy, on the first screen at the top, your progress through the various daily rewards which you must log in consecutive days to progress to the next. The front page also has the weekly deals and the news feed.

The booster page has allows you to buy more booster packs, you'll be using this feature often. You can either use premium currency or bucks to purchase the glory and honor packs, though I recommend you do not use premium currency on these.

For now buy some honor packs, you'll need them in the upcoming issue. You can open these cards on the same page once you have purchased them. There are also the services page with miscellaneous things and the equipment page. A page where you can tart your avatar up in some fancy new threads. (Or should that be Spandex?)

When you open the cards, find some that either fit your class or looks like they will gain you some sort of advantage. Weed out the weak cards, your deck will have plenty of them and do this often! There is nothing worse than a level 25 playing Recess in a Deva brawl . (Soon enough readers, soon enough)

Good cards to consider for your deck early on
Any 2/2 card that fits your class.
Phantom Blow. Let's you shield and buff up your next attack , good for any class.
Take a Break , is a weak heal but will serve you well for now.

Any 4/0 card that fits your class.
Any 3/1 card that fits your class.
Slow Burn - For sculptors
In Plain Sight - For sculptors/non-stop, chance to break through shield . (The text on the card is wrong)
Meditate - 3 shield , 3 MCs, will be useful later...
Brain Drain - Meditate is better, but this at least has 1 attack .
Kiss the Sky - The version that fits your primary and secondary.
Missed Me - For Non-stops, nice debuff.
Have a Nice Trip - Non-stops, always breaks through shield .
Follow Through - Awesome for Strongharm and later Sculptor.
Endure - Strongharm heal 3 with 3 shield , nice.
The Bigger They Are - Acolyte card that deals 4 damage if you shield 4 damage from them. Very useful in breaking combo chains.
Back on Your Feet - Yet another nice strongharm heal.
Mind's Eye - Acolyte card that guarantees a critical on the next hit, one of the best uncommon cards in my opinion.
Lucky Rabbit's Foot - 10% critical chance while in your deck. You can see how good this is.
That Felt Good - 3 recovery. Shame about the lack of shield though.

Pump The Fist /Well Read/Find the Spark /Step for Step - These boost your badged card's damage, use ones for your primary badge first, then branch out into secondary ones. For example, as a Fire Sculptor you will have alot of duel Sculptor/Power cards, so you can put your shields up with Pump Your Fist and still buff yourself.
Word on the Street /Lay of the Land - Damage boosting events , very useful for particular cards (Lay of the Land from Notch brawl )
Dragon Punch - Large damage for Fire Sculptor/Strongharm, the cards above will scale the damage up by a bunch. (Pesticide brawl )
Always Be Prepared - It's a 0/0 card that scale's it's damage up by a huge amount. Playing this after a damage bonus event has been depleted is a huge draft strategy at the moment.
Break Beat - Unstoppable , good for Non Stops.
Endure /Calm Before the Storm/Healing Flames - Great healing cards and very useful in the beginning.
Irrepressible Optimism - A card with a huge amount of effects, great for the newer player and almost autowin in drafts.
Aerial Assault - Expend 3 will counters and it's a 8 base damage card!
Icy Resolve - Damage and moderate heal for the budding Fire Sculptor and Strongharm. (Deva brawl )
Firewall - Reflects damage at opponent, this is a must have for brawls !
Quick Hit - Once depleted it'll shuffle Painful Reminder into your deck, a very useful memento .
Dimetrodon - One of the most powerful rare allies in the game, it's stat's are amazing.
The Form /The Function - Pretty mediocre on their own but if you got one in your hand and the other in your deck then it's a devastatingly good combo, even for beginner pvp.
Feral Rage - Strongharm, this one is for you.
...the Hand - The rare card that's all the rage at the moment, even in high level pvp. Can't deplete your Quick Hit? Use this card to do it for you and it has every badge !!
Alley Oops ! - Here's a nice card for you Non Stops out there.
Immolate /Thousand Deaths - Banish is amazing, even more so if you're an Acolyte or Fire Sculptor.
Neighbourhood Watch - Almost necessary in high level pvp. (Issue 3 brawls )
Recon Mission - Struggling to do something with those WCs? How about double damage or +2 WCs and the card shuffles a copy into your deck?
Channel - This will be your first nuke should you like to amass great amounts of WCs.
Too Fast - Useful for people with scoreboard and against a particular issue 5 boss...
Unholstered - Think of this as a luck based Brake Beat , it may deal far beyond Break beat's damage or it may be slightly less powerful.
Tag Team Up - Want x2 damage on your next hit, or what to give another player this ability in a brawl ? This is the card for you.
Any 2/4, 3/3 or 4/2 cards.

Seen It All before - Having trouble generating WCs? Here's your answer.
Time Out ! - An event that heals 3 on deplete . Most players use these.
Fire and Ice - Pair it up with the card below.
Blast Radius - x2 damage, this brings new meaning to the term 'WC abuser'
Scoreboard - Probably the best memento in the game right now and autowin if you draft one.
On The Bubble - Every high level PvPer uses multiple copies of these to take multiple turns.
Sibling Rivalry - Sexy damage.
Painful Memories - The king of nukes.
Last Ditch Effort - Another nuke. Pair it up with Blast Radius to up the hurt by a huge amount.
Night Music - Spam an opponent's deck up.

Wrapping up Issue 1
Eventually as you reach the end of issue 1 you will duel Pyrotechnique , his deck is a bit more tricky than the others you have faced, but if you've been tending your deck and badges , a push over. Once he is defeated you will unlock him as a brawl .

Post-Issue 1
So with issue 1 completed you now open up a lot of choices. You can now brawl with other players for a chance to gain nice cards and crafts to gain even nicer cards, (seriously, they are worth it) you could could do issue 2, (Remember to keep buying the 1k packs until you have some nice uncommons) or you can do issue 1 on crisis. (If you're absolutely suicidal)

Once you have a fine deck that can stand against the stuff you are facing, that is the time to then buy glory packs, which give you a chance of obtaining rare cards. Please do not use Recess or any recovery 1 card if you're level 20 and over, because I will laugh at you. (You're basically swapping that card for a potentially worse card, not a good deal at all)

This tutorial will assume you head straight to issue 2, which is not a bad idea at all!

Issue 2 - Preamble
Issue 2 is where things start to get more difficult. The game introduces you to focused enemy decks, decks which actually require some amount of skill and deck design to defeat. You can consider this a test to see if you followed the tutorial. If you haven't then you better start reading the issue 1 tutorial again.

Issue 2 has some card drops, basic fillers mostly but some of the fights will also drop very powerful ally cards. You may not get these on your first try, in fact this game does require some grind . Doing issue 2 over and over is not a bad idea, for you will get cards such as Dimetroden, to smash your enemies and The Form and The Function , a couple of combo ally cards whose attacks are unstoppable if both can be played from your deck. Make sure you watch to see the loot drops at the bottom of the screen, it appears you only get the card drops after a 'node' or a group of fights is fully completed.

Issue 2 - Grizzly Bear Tips
This fight seems to get plenty of rage in the Kongregate chat, but it is not as difficult as people make out. For example, he doesn't shield often and when he does, it's a small amount. Therefore the correct tactic is to deal a lot of damage quickly. Sculptors, Strongharms, you'll have no problems here. But if you do then you haven't been buying the 1k packs and trusting your luck to the 10k packs. Remember, you can buy 10 honor packs for the price of 1 glory pack and that 10 uncommons is better than 1 rare in the early game, since you must draw the rare card for it to be of use.

For the other classes, use your debuff cards to cut the bear's attack down, Non-Stop's constant stream of damage will be enough to carry them through, just make sure most of your attacks use the reflex badge , which is your primary. For Acolytes, I recommend using some higher power cards of other classes, I'm talking about the 4/0s and 3/1s here. They should be pretty good here. Your innate ability to banish the bears from the deck is useful, since he'll be forced to use his 5/0 2 deplete attack , which arguably hurts him more than you, gaining shield is not difficult for Acolyte so consider this strategy too.

Issue 2 - Tag Team Fights

After the bears you'll be fighting with a computer ally at your side, they mostly run good decks which is great, you'll need them in a particular fight coming up later. If you have Bathe in the Light and can draw that card, then you'll find these fights considerably easier, for you will heal your AI ally too and keep them going. Even better, if you have Aerial Assault , which is a common drop from most brawls , you'll be able to use Bathe in the Light and then combo it with Aerial Assault for some serious damage!

As you get down to the lowest fight in each of these nodes, they'll use their enemy ally cards on you, these are all pretty powerful. So try and keep yourself healed. Even if you deal no damage your ally should be. Remember to pay attention to the loot, you can get the allies the enemies are using against you and they're extremely good!

Issue 2 - Deva
The final fight in this node is Deva, a true beast of the arena. Pretty much all her cards are very powerful. The first two rounds will require you to put in as much damage as possible along with your AI ally , this should carry you through, even if you die Bantam should be able to take her down. The bottom fight is the exception for she'll use her own ally card on you, which is particularly devastating!

I won't lie, some luck is required here and this is a fight Sculptor/Strongharm will have issues with, for these classes make sure you pack your most powerful hitters, defending with these classes won't work, though Strongharm has Endure , which they may find useful.

Non-Stops should debuff the enemy and make them deplete as much as possible, there are some decent shielding cards in this class that will still trigger the deplete ability, which you should abuse.

Acolytes will perhaps have an easy time with this. For they can heal (And heal better) than other classes and have plenty of cards to defend with. Consider using Meditate and pairing that up with Aerial Attack for a defensive combo that works particularly well.

Post-Issue 2
After the fight with Deva you'll unlock her as a brawl , I would advise avoiding this now unless you can find 2 level 30-40 players to carry you. Doing Pyro on Crisis should be easy at this point, Bathe in the Light is a card you'll want to have 2 of regardless of class. They really help in any brawl and for quests they'll provide you with WCs to launch aerial attacks from.

I recommend you at least do issue 2 again before trying issue 3, which will put you against enemy decks which are strange and unusual, having an ally card from issue 2 will help very greatly for it, as well as being a higher level.

Make friends, find people to carry you through higher brawls , this is a good way to get powerful quickly, the brawl cards are all pretty powerful, especially the uniques, but these will be put in another section.

10 Beginner Tips
Bathe in the Light is life. Before attempting any brawl other than Pyrotechnique , gather at least 2 and preferably 3 Bathe in the Lights and place them in your deck. Not only are they a group heal but it resurrects dead players. If you do not run at least 3 of these then expect people to point and laugh at you.
Know Your Limits. Use the brawl list in [TUTA_3] to work out if you should be hosting that brawl that you're thinking about and ensure you're hosting it on the right difficulty. This is not Clash of the Dragons, Crisis is not doable at the start in most cases. If you host a Little Susie Crisis and you're level 30, except to die really bad.
Only Fools Refresh Once. When hosting a brawl , refresh at least three times when you're full. People have a habit of leaving the brawl just before it starts. If you see you're full and refresh only once, then it's possible that someone left before you launch into the game. Meaning your brawl will probably fail.

Expecting a Carry is rude. If you are not hosting the brawl , do not expect people to carry you unless they explicitly state that they will. Most of the time they will not launch and you're just blocking a spot.

Stronger Together. Follow people on this game, make friends with them, do not be anti social. If you are a capable player then people will invite you to more brawls . This will happen faster if you don't scream and yell down everyone in chat.

Maintain Your Deck. If you are a level 40 and you're still using Recess , STOP and sort your deck out. You should constantly be adding and removing cards from your deck and making it bigger. If you're not using skill points then you're as weak as someone that is 10s of levels behind you.

Play Your Strengths and Avoid Your Weaknesses. The class table in this same guide will give you a good idea of how to play. A Sculpture playing high shield cards all the time does not work. An
Acolyte using Dragon Punch is weak. Remember these things and organise your deck to concentrate on your strengths.

A Private Brawl Is a No Drama Brawl. Consider running high level, difficult brawls in private with people you know and trust. There is nothing worse than an inexperienced player causing drama in a brawl by playing slowly or playing silly cards.

Close Your Browser Often. This game is memory intensive, you will start to lag even on high end computers if you leave the game open too long. At the first sign of serious lag, close the browser and reopen it. If you disconnect from the server then close your browser and reopen it, unless you enjoy freezing and gaining no xp/bucks

Unique Cards Are NOT Crisis Exclusive. Unique cards from brawls can be found on any difficulty. On Crisis this is much more often.

Leagues are like clans, a group of players fighting special brawls together, they come complete with a chat and moderator tools for the founder and officers to use. I recommend you join a league as soon as you can. League Brawls are not easy but grab some high level league buddies and normal difficulty brawls are a pushover. You want Shimmerstorm from the league brawls , a very powerful ally card that clones herself. Some other good cards include Lay of the Land , Mug Shots and Diamonoid .

You may make your own league , which will require 4 players to sign a charter to found the league . This is a great way to keep track of friends because each clan member will automatically be added to a separate tab in the friend's list, you can also use this list to invite them into your brawls , you simply click on the red arrow that appears.

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