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Kingdoms At War Beginners Guide

Kingdoms At War Beginners Guide by Brosepth

Bro's Newb's Guide: The Basics

*UPDATE! 3.0*

Update includes:
•Typo fixes
•Guide Links

Howdy forums, I wanted to make this guide because I have not seen one that covers nearly all the BASICS of KaW. (Except for my old dead thread) So I took the liberty of doing so. Please know that I will edit this tomorrow on my PC. Now this thread will contain things like: What is KaW, What Is The Aim and What should I expect. If you encounter any new players you can suggest they read this, since they probably wouldn't know about forums... Now lets get started...
Contents Table
•What is KaW?
•What is The Aim?
•What are The Forums?
•What are Stats?
•What are Ally's?
•What are Pots?
•What are Clans
•What are EB's
What Is KaW

Kingdoms at War, or KaW as its commonly called, is an Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) made by AThinkingApe (ATA). It is a flash game based in a medieval fantasy age, mixed with Epic Battles that are fought out by Giant monster Vs Our human race, War between Human vs Human, but in a flash type way... This is a highly social game where you can Write a status on your banner, write in World Chat (WC) Clan Chat (CC) Or Ally Chat (AC)

We shall get onto that later though. ATA has made several games including Party In My Dorm (PimD) and Gangs at War (GaW). All I just like this game just with different times phrases and themes.
What Is The Aim

The aim of KaW: To get on the LeaderBoards mainly... But KaW isn't just about complete domination above all others... It's about having fun. This game integrates a brilliant LeaderBoard (LB) system that does its job magnificently. Being #1 is the main aim yes, and having fun too... But this game is unique as you can set many goals along the way... For completely different reasons.

See that #1 player Chongo Hombre, 'tis your goal.
What are The Forums
The Forums (my favorite part of the game) is the place many gather for peace and refuge... Naaa what am I kidding... It the biggest war zone of all, the amount of trash talk that goes on is huge but don't fear to come here, just stay low until you know what you are doing.

Forums is the main source of information in KaW showing things like, new updates, new clans, clan recruitment threads, tactics and more... Whats more is that you can find way better guides than this on it!

*For BBCode Help and Information Look for CoS_DillyBar's stickied thread under the 'Other KaW Discussion' Tab*
What Are Stats

Statistics (stats) are your way to the LB, the better stats, the closer you are to LB... You don't say?....

Stats are usually measured by CS (combined stats) which are the stats you give to allies combined... Which you can find in your profile. There are four types of stats Attack, Defense, Spy Attack, Spy Defense.

That was just some random I found on WC, a pic of what stats 'are'... not the word I'm looking for...

*If a person's stats are higher by a large margin it will say 'Defender Too Strong' (DTS) or if the opposite 'Defender Too Weak' (DTW)*

Warning: Finding CS usually involves maths 
What Are Ally's

Ally's are a main plunder factor in the game. The more 'Max Plunder To Ally's' your ally has means the more ally bonus you get off each attack. They also add to your stats. You can hire ally's and drop them. Beware that all this can happen to you also.

An ally in the ally market, showing his stats he would give to you and cost.

*Dropping an ally will only give you a small percent of their cost back*
What are Pots

Potion's (pots) are items you can buy, Pots add to your stats if your going to do an action (fight/steal/assassinate/scout) to give you a boost to your chance of success. These pots are taken away from you as you use them.
Player 1-buys 7 defense pots
Player 2-Hits player 1, 5times failing all 5
Player 1-Sad because he has been farmed and lost 5 out of 7 pots

So as you can see for every one use, one pot is burned.

This is a Pot, the first pot in the attack tab. For more information on pots click the thread link below.
What are Clans

A clan is something players make to 'group' with other players to do Epic Battles (see 'What are EBs'), war or occasionally Role Play. Players apply to join a clan a clan by tapping on the 'Apply' button on the clan wall.

A clan has Three types of people/s w/o special abilities:
•Clan Owner: Can promote/demote members to Admin, Disband Clan, Kick Players (including admins), write titles (includes his and admins) and write clan info.
•Clan Admin: Kick Players (excluding admins), write titles (Members only) and write clan info.
•Clan Member: No special ability

A randomly selected clan... As you can see they have no clan description do it was a fairly bad pick.
What are EB's
EB's (Epic Battles) are events that clans always hold to gain money to grow and have fun. Participating is easy, just hit it  But don't worry little ones... It won't hit back like in a war  There are Epic Battle guides so I won't go too into detail.

•Speakers: Speakers are used for WC. To speak in WC you must use a speaker. Speakers cost nobility points so be wary of how many you have at all times.

*iPod users gets 5 speakers each day, PC and android do not*
Other Important Guides:
The KaW, Color, Font and Picture Guide by CoS_Dillybar

The KaW Dictionary by CoS_DillyBar

The KaW HandBook by CoS_DillyBar

Toasts Guide To Quests by Toast

Ally Trading Game by -Seniorita-

Potions For Dummies by P0TI0NM4ST3R

EpicBattles (PvE) <<Spoiler Alert, Fair Warning>> by Wulf

Well I guess that wraps it up  Please if you have any questions regarding this feel free to post them.
Oh and remember there is a help Button if you need it!

P.S sorry if I didn't get pics for all topics. And links may not work. If not then just use manual labour.

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