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Hawken Mechs List

Never underestimate the firepower of any mech,including light/A.  Even a heavy/C class should keep moving as much as possible.  Due to prejudice reasons and experience in other mech games, I used to stand still in my games if I ran into a light mech just to make aiming easier thinking (Hah, puny light mech what could you possibly OH GOD!!!) [DDwarrior]
Refer to the notes section above for units, etc
Common Stats
Heal Rate: 35 health per second [DarkPulse]
Heal Startup Delay: 2 seconds [DarkPulse]
Side Dodge Distance: 900 UU [DarkPulse]
Air Speed: 700 UU [DarkPulse]
Max Thruster Energy: 9 Units [DarkPulse]
Thruster Jump Energy: 1 Unit/use [DarkPulse]
Thruster Side Boost Energy: 2.25 Units/use [DarkPulse]
Class Specs
Armor: 500
Energy Unit Capacity: 150
Walking Speed: 600 UU [DarkPulse]
Running Speed: 850 UU
Walk to Run Time: 1.5 Seconds [DarkPulse]
Acceleration Rate: 800 UU [DarkPulse]
Side Dodge Speed: 2300 UU [DarkPulse]
Side Dodge Delay: 1.25 Seconds [DarkPulse]
Forward Boost Speed: 1800 UU/second [DarkPulse]
Landing Delay: 0.55 seconds [DarkPulse]
Thruster Regen: 0.9 units/second [DarkPulse]
Thruster Hovering Rate: 1.6 Units/second [DarkPulse]
Thruster Forward Boost Rate: 1.8 Units/second [DarkPulse]
Bump Damage Factor: 80% of Normal [DarkPulse]
Falling Damage Multiplier: 120% of Normal [DarkPulse]
Eye Height: 95 UU [DarkPulse]
IMO, this is your fast attack class, kinda like a scout. Since A-class mechs are faster than the others, they are good at hit and run attacks, but the low armor means that you have to repair a lot. Regardless, you can run rings around heavier, less mobile mechs (C-Class) [ArnieF4440]

I'm a fan of the Heat Cannon, Grenade launcher combo. When fully charged, the heat cannon packs a huge punch, but when you use it in combo with the grenade launcher it is really effective. My preferred way of using this is to fully charge the heat cannon, and fire both simultaneously. This works especially well with side boosting between cover when attacking/defending the AA site in Siege mode. [ArnieF4440]

Class Specs
Armor: 675
Energy Unit Capacity: 225
Walking Speed: 525 UU [DarkPulse]
Running Speed: 750 UU
Walk to Run Time: 1.8 Seconds [DarkPulse]
Acceleration Rate: 600 UU [DarkPulse]
Side Dodge Speed: 2100 UU [DarkPulse]
Side Dodge Delay: 1.5 Seconds [DarkPulse]
Forward Boost Speed: 1600 UU/second [DarkPulse]
Landing Delay: 0.75 seconds [DarkPulse]
Thruster Regen: 0.85 units/second [DarkPulse]
Thruster Hovering Rate: 1.675 Units/second [DarkPulse]
Thruster Forward Boost Rate: 1.6 Units/second [DarkPulse]
Bump Damage Factor: 100% of Normal [DarkPulse]
Falling Damage Multiplier: 150% of Normal [DarkPulse]
Eye Height: 105 UU [DarkPulse]

Recruit Assault
Similar to the assault, it just has rookie internals + Fred skin and different weapon loadouts. Does get a health advantage over the Assault though [ArnieF4440]


Class Specs
Armor: 850
Energy  Capacity: 300
Walking Speed: 450 UU [DarkPulse]
Running Speed: 650 UU
Walk to Run Time: 2 Seconds [DarkPulse]
Acceleration Rate: 550 UU [DarkPulse]
Side Dodge Speed: 1900 UU [DarkPulse]
Side Dodge Delay: 1.75 Seconds [DarkPulse]
Forward Boost Speed: 1500 UU [DarkPulse]
Landing Delay: 0.95 seconds [DarkPulse]
Thruster Regen: 0.8 units/second [DarkPulse]
Thruster Hovering Rate: 1.75 Units/second [DarkPulse]
Thruster Forward Boost Rate: 1.4 Units/second [DarkPulse]
Bump Damage Factor: 120% of Normal [DarkPulse]
Falling Damage Multiplier: 200% of Normal [DarkPulse]
Eye Height: 110 UU [DarkPulse]

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