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Hawken Items Guide

As of CBE3, Items are now just Offensive or Support items. Defensive and Functional items have now been combined into a single, Support Item Class.
You can charge any throwable item by holding your use item key. You can launch shields, jammers, etc. a decent distance. Some items are even capable of sticking onto surfaces and ingame objects (shield) [ArnieF4440]
Don't place items on top of the AA (the part that shoots the missiles), it will eat the item [ArnieF4440]
Items can be deployed while repairing [ArnieF4440]

H.E. Charge
Recharge Time: 0:45
looks exactly the same, and deals the same damage as the grenade launcher's mines, 150 damage [ArnieF4440 and h0B0]
Detonator [not available yet in OB, so not updated]
Recharge Time: 1:00
Does about 160 damage [ArnieF4440]

MG & R Turrets
With both types of turrets available you can know when a placed turret is HITTING an enemy by a sound made that resembles a 'tick' sound. MG turrets are easier to recognize due the almost constant ticking. These can be used as a form of early warning proximity sensor by placing the turret at a critical point in the map. [EMEUTIER]
Along with the audio 'tick' cue, an accompanying visual cue in the form of a yellow ring will flash around your reticule / cross-hair area to indicate your turret is getting hits on an enemy mech.[Gagzila]
I like to place my turrets in a spot that will camouflage them- not directly on the ground where they stand out, unless it's an emergency.  (this is particularly true in Sahara.)  IE: Right next to a building or a visually "noisy" area with lots of details, where it'll blend in.  During siege mode, I like placing them near the AA before the ships launch, while everyone else is busy gathering EU. [Rainier]

MG Turret
Recharge Time: 1:10
I've had a lot of success with turrets by jamming them at the intersection of two walls; especially useful in Siege Mode on Titan when there is usually at least one mech occupying a silo.[Roundlay]

R Turret
Recharge Time: 1:10 [Lithium03]
Rocket turrets tend to deal out more damage but are also far less accurate at distance than the MG Turret. Due to the rockets relatively slow fire rate and particularly quiet fire sound they are much harder for the enemy to notice where they are located and can be used as a distraction in high-action areas of a map.[EMEUTIER]
Does 50 damage per hit [h0B0, *To be updated*]

Recharge Time: 1:15
It's pretty difficult to direct hit an enemy with the EMP. This is especially due to the slow speed of the EMP projectile and the movement speed of enemies. Better alternatives are to compensate for their movement and the EMPs travel time, or aim at the ground near enemies and let the "splash" effect of the EMP take care of the enemy [ArnieF4440]
EMPs also work on turrets [ArnieF4440]
EMP effect time is ~7 seconds [ArnieF4440]

Repair Charge
Recharge Time: 1:00
A dropped repair charge will heal any mech that is close to it. If you've played DM or TDM, its the little yellow things that players drop when their mech has been destroyed [ArnieF4440]
Health available in a repair orb is 250 [ArnieF4440]

Recharge Time: 0:50
Firing explosive weapons at nearby shield is not a good idea. Projectiles will impact the shield and explosive projectiles will ... you know ... explode (you can kill yourself). On the flip-side, you can move so your weapon is just inside of a shield and fire upon anyone inside [ArnieF4440]
Shields will stick onto anything they are fired onto. You can charge up and fire the shield onto walls, mechs, and most in-game objects [ArnieF4440]
Sticking shields are useful for retreating with EU. Just get a friendly to sticky you on your retreat (example vid). [ArnieF4440]
Shields can be used defensively to block off longer chock points; useful if you close to capturing a silo.[Roundlay]
You can shoot enemies within the shield, (its a one way shield) [D20Face]
No attacks can land within the sphere from outside but explosive weapons can get their slash damage within it by hitting the shield itself or a nearby object. [D20Face]

Recharge Time: 0:25
Good for distracting other players, but the charade won't last long. The hologram is like a non-moving doppelganger that copies everything you do, excluding shooting, but including repairing (that could be a giveaway of what you are currently doing) [ArnieF4440]
Radar and Radar Scrambler
I also like putting my radar scanner/scrambler high on the scenery, out of sight. [Rainier] Note with OB changes, they keep falling until they hit the ground, or more specifically, something flat [ArnieF4440, Amend]
Can stick onto walls, but for some reason you can kill your own scrambler [ArnieF4440, OB updated]

Recharge Time: 2:30
These are portable radar arrays that can stick to any surface. They DO NOT counter the Radar Scrambler only provide a larger scope where enemies will be spotted on the scope and highlighted on the HUD. [EMEUTIER, OB updated]
These are best used with a sniper class or to assist a sniper on your team by placing the radar close to the enemy base (in siege or TDM) which will allow your sniper to notice enemy units from further away with ease. [EMEUTIER]
Due to their small size the radar can be thrown onto a wall and be practically unnoticeable. [EMEUTIER]

Radar Scrambler
Recharge Time: 2:30
Spams enemy radars with lots of fake mech radar signatures. Its really good as a distraction, especially when defending/attacking the AA site on Siege mode. But once you see that, you can catch onto it pretty quickly [ArnieF4440]
Scrambler has been tweaked to be a little more confusing now, but if you know you're scrambled, you can use a countermeasure, or just don't rely on the radar and use your HUD [ArnieF4440]

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