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Crystal Legacy Runes Guide

The Runes System
The Runes system is a rather complicated system that is made up of Symbols, Runes and the Runic Tablet. (Note: This system will only be made accessible to 1st Incarnation players.)

I. Symbols

Symbols are the building blocks of the whole Runes system as they are the essential materials for composing Runes, which are to be fitted into the Runic Slots on the Runic Tablet. The picture below shows a Runic Tablet with all 13 Runic Slots.

Symbols are neutral items and they do not enhance attributes. When combined, they constitute Runes, whose nature depends on the combination of the Symbols involved. Symbols can also be combined to more advanced levels. In the picture shown below, Basic Symbols are in green, the Intermediate ones in blue and the advanced ones in purple.

Symbols are available for sale in the Mall, yet elite boss monsters drop the basic types when killed, and the more advanced ones are to be composed.

II. Runes

Runes grant various attributes based on the combination of the constituent Symbols and they can be fitted into the Runic Tablet. When fitted into the Runic Tablet, Runes grant extremely powerful attributes.

III. Runic Tablet

The vessel to carry Runes, the Runic Tablet shows slots into which Runes are to be fitted. The number of Runic Slots displayed on the Tablet is determined by how advanced the Runic Tablet is. An advanced Runic Tablet has more Runic Slots for equipping Runes. The following picture shows the Ultimate Runic Tablet.

Runic Tablet is graded into Levels 1 to 13. An additional Slot will be added to the Tablet when it is advanced to the next higher level. A maximum of 13 Slots can be carved into the Tablet.

Three types of Runic Slots are to be found on the Tablet for fitting of Attribute Runes Skill Runes and Special Runes. Runic Slots are type-specific and thus cannot be fitted with all types of Runes. See the screenshot below for details:

The name of the Runic Tablet also changes upon upgrade. 
Note: It costs a set amount of Energy, Gold and Amulet to upgrade Runes to the next higher level.

IV. How to Compose & Upgrade

A. How to Compose Runes

Click open the ‘Runes’ interface and then click on the ‘Compose’ tab.

Drop the Symbol, The Medium and Protection Stone(s) into the respective slots on the left as shown in the picture below:

Success is NOT guaranteed and thus, players are advised to use Symbol Protection Stone for the composition; if protected by the Protection Stone, the Symbol will only go one level down when the process fails. Both the Protection Stone and The Medium will be deleted whether the composition succeeds or not. The Medium is available for sale in the Mall.

B. How to Compose Attribute Runes

There are a total of eight types of Attribute Runes , each requiring a different set of materials for composition.

Yet, success is guaranteed if all required materials are present. Please refer to the table below for the various attributes each type confers:

C. How to Compose Skill Runes

There are a total of four types of Attribute Runes, each requiring a different set of materials for composition. Success is guaranteed.

The table below shows the various skills each type of Skill Runes grants:

D. How to Compose Special Runes

It takes all four types of Skill Runes and The Sprit to compose the Special Runes, which grants all powerful attributes and the destructive skill of ‘Judgment’!

The ‘Judgment’ : When the castor’s Health drops lower than 50%, Health regenerates by 10% every second for 3 seconds, during which Health regenerates by 1% when the castor is attacked; cooldown takes 20 seconds.

V.The Mall

Please refer to the picture below for what materials are available for sale in the Mall:


1. It costs no Gold or Energy to compose Symbols.

2. Runes used for composing more advanced Runes will be deleted after the composition.

3. Each Runic Slot can only be fitted with Runes of a fitting type and level.

4. Attribute details posted here are for reference only.

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