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Crystal Legacy Ancient Trees & Mythical Fruits

Ancient Trees & Mythical Fruits
The knotty ancient Trees yield various kinds of edible Fruits, which are terrific attribute boosters. Yet, only those lucky ones will be able to gather the sacred Fruits themselves; the less fortunate ones get to pick only Dried Fruits, which need to be prepared with other items as described in the Fruit Recipe.

I. Types of Fruit

There are a total of 15 types of Fruit, 11 of which can be further classified into five levels, from Level 1 (Superior), Level 2 (Rare), Level 3 (Legendary), Level 4 (Epic) to Level 5 (Mythical).

**These four types of Fruits are NOT graded.

II. How to Obtain Fruit

A. Compose Fruit

1. Spend Gold to gather Dried Fruits at the Tree; Limit to a maximum of 10 times per day;

2. Kill Boss monsters in the instances for relevant Fruit Recipes;

3. Slay Elite and regular monsters in the field for other supplementary items.

4. Compose Fruit with the relevant Dried Fruit, Fruit Recipe and supplementary items.

B. Gather Fruit

1. Spend Magic Crystals to gather Fruits at the Tree; Limit to a maximum of 50 times per day;

2. Fruit can be immediately used on the character to boosts the relevant attributes.

III. How to Summon Ancient Trees

There are five kinds of ancient trees: Tree of Vigor, Tree of Animosity, Tree of Vitality, Tree of Antiquity and Tree of Eternity, arranged in the order of advancement.

Initially all Trees except for the Tree of Vigor are grayed out and do NOT respond to click. 

You enjoy a chance to activate the ancient Tree of the next higher level when clicking on an activated one.

Yet, a player may consider spending 90 Magic Crystals to activate the Tree of Antiquity, which drops more advanced Dried Fruit and/or Fruit. (Please note that the same Tree may drop both Dried Fruit and Fruit, depending on whether the player spends Gold or Magic Crystals on this gathering quest.)

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