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Clash of Olympus Skills Guide

Skills include unique skills and ultimate spell. Unique skills are available when the anger figure reaches 100.
You have chances to release final skills if you use unique skills.

Unique Skills
1.You can learn several unique skills, but can use only one at a time. Unique skills are switchable.

2.You can learn new unique skills using Skill Card dropped in instances. To use newly learned skills, you should change the skill set in Skill Interface.

3.Each hero has only one unique skill, not switchable, changeable, or forgettable.

4.Their additional effect is better after unique skills are upgraded.

5.The upgrade of unique skills costs silver while the success rate is different for each upgrade.

Ultimate Spell
1.Each character has fixed ultimate spell.
2.Characters have opportunities to release ultimate spells when they use unique skills.
3.The higher you level is, the larger the chance of releasing ultimate spell is.
4.The better quality the heroes have, the larger the chance of releasing ultimate spell is.

Note: This feature unlocks at level 46. And it costs tons of silver even at the first rank upgrade. Cheapest upgrade i saw was like 1.1 million silver of the heroes I have.

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